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Matched Betting

How does Matched Betting Work?

All that stands in your way of earning money is 3 simple steps. 

This Process is to be repeated with every single bookmaker.

If you weren’t making life changing money, you’d probably get bored! Follow our guides for No Risk Matched Betting.

Why Matched Betting?

Increase Your Income

You can earn £500 every single month, placing a few bets online. It’s a fantastic source of extra income, which is always a bonus!

Community Spirit

Joining a Matched Betting community will help you to increase your profits, as members work together to complete promotional offers.

Software Specialists

Matched Betting Services are specialists, providing various Software & other Tools to help you make more money than ever.

Advantages of Oddsmonkey

Specialist Tools

The specialist tools tell you exactly what to bet on. They also find you the best matches, which will save you money by maximising your profits long term.

Offers Found for you

The hardest thing about Matched Betting is finding sustainable promotions to complete. Oddsmonkey do this for you.

Guidance & Assistance

You can have a free 1 to 1 training session with their staff, who will help you. Alternatively, there’s lots of Staff Members around to help with any queries.

Matched Betting Offers

Oddsmonkey offer 60 sign up offers with their full membership. The best thing you can do though, is sign up for a Free Trial, where you will learn how Matched Betting works.
You will also earn £40 from the Free Trial. It's a win win!

What Matched Betting Offers are there?

You can get the information about Free Bets from various Matched Betting Sites, but they don’t offer the Service Levels, Support OR Tools which a Paid for Service would.

Here are the types of Offers available. No Risk Matched Betting is the easiest way to make money online.

These are the Typical offers you’ll see. Bet £10 and get £10, Bet £20 and if it loses get a refund. These are the main stay of Matched Betting and are available for NEW and Existing Customers.

Bookmakers also try and tempt you into the Casino, with special offers. Not everybody likes these types of offers, as you can’t ‘lock in’ a profit. However they are are still extremely profitable.

  • The next stage would be to complete the Bingo offers, whilst Arbing your accounts. Most people will then move onto Football Index, which is a Trading Platform for Football.

Our Thoughts on Matched Betting with Oddsmonkey