Should I Back or Lay First?

Should I Back or Lay First? – Today is just a short and simple blog write up, as it’s a very busy day with a great amount of reload offers on.

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It’s vital when you are matched betting to always place your back bet with the bookmaker, before you place the lay bet with the betting exchange.

If you Lay before hand you can face multiple issues. Lets say you are placing a simple back and lay on England.

If you lay England, example odds of 2.0. England score, before you can place the back bet.

The back odds now will have dropped between 1.20-1.35, meaning you will have huge losses.


Obviously, it does have the potential to work in your favour, but this is then entering the realms of GAMBLING, which is not what we are about at matched betting forums!

The small profits that you would get from laying and then backing, aren’t worth it when compared to backing then laying.


Always back before laying, as it avoids any unnecessary mistakes & problems.

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