Best Ways to Mug Bet

Today I am discussing the best method available to act like a true Mug punter. It’s essential for matched betting and it also means that you will be able to keep accounts open, and healthy. Accumulator bets are fantastic for mug betting purposes, as they are low stake high odds bets (which hardly ever actually win!)

Any normal punter would know all about these, placing many £1-£2 bets in hope of finally winning back thousands.

These are effective for mug purposes as they are unlayable, meaning the bookmakers know there is no way you can be making any sort of returns off these. Obviously if your first few legs win, there is also the chance to lock in profit!

Ensure you are placing a few accumulator bets with the main bookies and they will keep you sweet with reload offers! You never know, you may hit a winner on your Acca too!

Low Odds Favourites

As opposed to betting on the underdog, hoping it loses to keep a bookmaker happy, do the opposite.

Bookmakers expect all true punters to bet on the favourites, so they offer odds which look more appealing for you to bet on. If you do the opposite and take Norwich for £100 at 9/1, you stand to win far more than if you were to put that £100 on man city to win at 1/6!

Not only that, you also use much less liability, meaning you have maximum money in betfair exchange for doing your offers!

A Mug Challenge Fund

The final option (probably the most entertaining) would be to budget yourself a ‘mug bet fund’. For example if you have won £500 that week, I use around £35-£50 as my mug fund for qualifying losses on my mug bet. A mug bet can cost anywhere from £0.30 to £0.70, so it’s a decent kitty!

However, this method is complete alternative, you are using that mug fund as a challenge bet. Your aim here is to start with the £35 and try and build that up to £100, or cash out for a profit before hand! The tip for this one is to alternate between bookies, start with £5 stakes so you can hit a bet with each bookie and see how far you can get.

It is more beneficial method as you would be ‘gambling’ (although strictly controlled) so you would be betting on markets such as over 0.5 goals, which bookies would love.

Obviously, the key for this method is to accept you probably will use your mug fund doing this, so it’s best not to get too disheartened. Do not chase your losses! I see the mug fund as already lost money, but if I manage to be in profit at any stage I tend to cash out my starting stake and play using profits.

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