Bet365 In-Play: Risk Free £50 Bet

Bet365 £50 In-Play Offer:
A Matched Betting Favourite

Updated December 11th 2019

BET365 £100 Free Bet Sign Up Offer


The Bet365 £50 In-Play offer is a favourite amongst many, even normal punters! What makes this offer fantastic is that it’s an easy £35 profit, but there’s so many ways you can make money from this offer.

  • £100 In BET365
  • £400 in Betting Exchange
  • Expected Profit: £28-40
  • UK Only
  • No Skrill or Neteller

To be eligible for the £50 Risk Free, you simply need to place a £50 Pre match bet. There aren’t any odds on this, so many traders actually put £50 on over 0.5 goals, as they can lay it for pennies, literally.

Many traders actually gamble the £50 risk free, in an attempt to land a massive payout. This isn’t a bad idea, as there’s no risk attached. For those that want to lock in a profit, we cover that too. At the end of the day, £30 is £30!

Locking In a Profit

Locking in a profit is straightforward. If you are at the level where you are receiving these offers from Bet365, you probably won’t be reading too much of this guide, it’ll most likely be natural to you by now. However, there’s no harm in brushing up your knowledge.

Claim the Offer

  • Login to Bet365
  • Place a £50 Pre Match bet on any market of the qualifying fixture.
  • Lay this off using the betting exchange of your choice.
  • Set a reminder for this offer, you’ll need to log into your Bet365 when the game has kicked off.
  • You’ve currently made a loss, but you are waiting to use the £50 bet token.

Time Taken: 60 Seconds.

Qualifying losses: £1.50

Free Bet Unlocked: £50

Using the Free Bet

  • Once the game has kicked off, you need to place an in-play bet.
  • This has to be used from your cash balance, there’s no bet token. Use this as SNR on the calculator.
  • The odds stabilise at Half Time, so consider waiting until then to place the back and lay bets. If you bet in-play there’s always the chance a team could score a goal. This could end up fantastic, or really bad!

Time Taken: 2 minutes & 30 Seconds.

Profit Made from Free Bet: £39

Offer Completed. Risk Free Profit. 

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Punting Your Free Bet

Another option is to punt your free bet. It’s not very risk averse, as you’re potentially going to lose some money, but if your qualifying losses are low enough, why not?

I’ve had some success using my free bets in this way, predicting correct scores. In the last 2 years, I’ve correctly predicted around 5 correct scores, which has earnt me more money than locking in profit on every one. However, it’s pure luck. I used to gamble quite often, so I use these free bets as a way to feed the part of me that wants to place a bet!

Back Your Original

I am in favour of punting the free bet, however, please ensure you lay your qualifying bet. I am happy to risk £1.50-£3.00, but to throw £50 away on your qualifier isn’t very risk free at all!

 I have found a bet that’s 1.33 to back, with 1.36 to lay. As you can see, I have entered this into the calculator, including the 5% Lay Commission (which Betfair charge). Smarkets only charge 2%, or 0% if you have a special promotion.
Place your £100 back bet with Bet365. 

Consider Cashout

Bet365 always cancel the cashout option on the Risk Free bets. However, it’s always worth considering locking in the profit on your punts. Especially if you’ve backed the underdog. Remember, profit is profit! 

Locking In a Profit

  • No risk at all.
  • Guaranteed profit every time.
  • Helps you lose the gambling mindset.

Guaranteed Profit every time. 

This will help you reach your final goal.

Not very exciting.

Low Risk Gambling

  • More exciting than locking in
  • Be prepared to lose
  • Can you afford to eat up qualifying losses?
  • A chance of winning a high odds bet with small risk.

You may not win your bet at all.

However, a win could eclipse 10 lock ins.

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