Betfred Sign Up Offer

Betfred Sign Up Offer:

£30 in Free Bets

Betfred Matched Betting Offer

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The Betfred Sign up offer is quite good for Matched Bettors. It will take you around 10 minutes to complete, but it will earn you around £24 profit.

The guidelines that we set for this offer are the following:

  • First deposit at Betfred must be £10 (minimum)
  • You will need around £180 in your Betting Exchange
  • Your first bet at Betfred must also be £10 minimum
  • You will receive a £30 Free Bet.
  • You should expect £20-£24 Profit from this offer

We try to update these instructions to contain the most recent offer information, but it’s important to triple check that the offer you receive is the same as this guide.

Betfred Qualifying Bet

There’s some rules which you need to know before you place a bet:

  • Minimum Odds required is Evens (2.0)
  • You must stake at least £10

To place your qualifying bet, simply open up the Oddsmatcher & find the closest match from the software. This will provide you the lowest qualifying loss overall.

Remember, the odds must be 2.0 or above.

Once you’ve found a match, open up the Matched Betting Calculator. Input the Stake, which is £10, then input the odds too. I’ve filled this in below.

Betfred Matched Betting Sign up Offer

I have opened the Oddsmatcher myself and added these odds, so don’t use these odds yourself.

I have inputted a £10 stake, back odds 2, with lay odds of 2.04. 

I have also added the Smarkets 2% commission rate. 

We need £10.30 in our betting exchange, to cover the lay bet.

This will leave us at a loss of £0.30. Regardless of the actual outcome.

It’s compeltely fine to lose money in the qualifying bet, you certainly shouldn’t try and make money on a qualifier.

Now it’s time to wait until our match finishes.

Betfred Free Bet Method

You will be given a £30 Free Bet, which can be redeemed at any odds.

However, to maximise the profits, I look for odds between 6.0 and 10. It all depends on what sports I use. 

Once your bet has been credited, we can use it. 

Open up the calculator once more, but before we input any odds, we must change the calculator setting to represent a Free Bet.

This is really easy, as I will show you below.

Changing Matched Betting Calculator to SNR

Use the Free Bet SNR method.

Find a good match with high odds and enter this into the Matched Betting Calculator.

I have entered the figures below.

Betfred Matched Betting Free Bets

As you can see, we have set the Bet type correctly.

The next step is to enter the back stake, back odds and lay odds.

We are using odds of 8.0, laying at 8.4 which is perfectly acceptable. This time, our liability has shot up to £185.44, which is the balance that we need in our betting exchange to cover the bet.

Our profit from this free bet works out to £24.56.

If you have a lower bankroll, you’ll have to take lower odds, which is completely fine.

You made a £0.30 loss previously, but still walk away with £24.26 profit.

Helpful Tips for Using Betfred

The easiest thing to do when using Betfred is to change the odds to decimal. In fact, I advise this for all bookmakers. 

You can change the odds from fractional to decimal by logging in, then navigating to your account settings and selecting your preference.

Betfred run one of the best promotional offers, called Double Delight, Hat Trick Heaven. They are a bookmaker which are definitely worth keeping, although they aren’t as generous with free bets as they used to be.

It’s also worth noting that Betfred also run ToteSport, so make sure that you don’t complete that offer directly after this one.

Going forward, the promotions for Betfred are quite good. They regularly post price boosts, aswell as sending a few Casino offers to you via email.

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