Bonus Accumulator Review

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This software is focused on Exploiting Casino Bonuses, with no focus towards Traditional Matched Betting. It’s Profitable.

This review is all about Bonus Accumulator, which is the newest release by the guys who own Profit Accumulator. The products they make are brilliant, which is why we had to get our hands on Bonus Accumulator.

We aren’t fake reviewers either, our reviews come after hours of testing the product. If we make money or lose money, we post our results.

Bonus Accumulator is solely for Casino Bonuses, but it’s changed the game once again.

Bonus Accumulator is the next step on your path towards freedom, after Profit Accumulator will have made you comfy with the sportsbook offers.

The biggest question about Bonus Accumulator at the moment is how it works with Profit Accumulator & if you should have a membership at both sites. We give you our honest thoughts. Let’s get into this Bonus Accumulator review.

What is Bonus Accumulator?

Bonus Accumulator is an exciting new product, which focuses on Casino & Bingo promotions only. There are no sportsbook offers available on Bonus Accumulator.

Bonus Accumulator was created to exploit the offers that Casinos advertise. Just like bookmakers, Casinos are desperate for you to use them. This opens up a great opportunity, for those willing to exploit said offers.

As the casinos are desperate for your custom, they will offer as much as possible to persuade you. Free Spins, Deposit Bonuses & Cashback are a few examples of their typical offers.

The offers can seem quite tricky, containing specific Terms and Conditions to try and lock you in. However, Bonus Accumulator have you covered.

Their software identifies the offers which are going to be profitable, providing guides and tools to help you complete the offer.

If you’ve been a member of Profit Accumulator, you’ll know that this software is fantastic.

Bonus Accumulator is your personal assistant, explaining which offers you need to get done & it even tells you how much profit you should make!

Ready to Join?

If you’re ready to join Bonus Accumulator, hit the link below. Join Bonus Accumulator & Exploit Casino Offers

Your Bonus Accumulator Account

Once you’ve registered at Bonus Accumulator, you will have full access to your account. You can login without a membership, but there’s nothing to see. You will need a Premium membership to access the services. Due to the nature of the casino offers, there’s no trial period at present.

  • Calculators & Extra Tools
  • Casino
  • Expert Community
  • Profit Tracker
  • Promotion Simulation
  • Slots Database
  • Support & Assistance

My Dashboard Area

When you have registered at Bonus Accumulator you can access your account. You’ll be met with a great looking dashboard, which offers everything you’ll need going forward.

You have one-click access to sign up offers, you can even add the list of casinos where you aren’t entitled to offers, or gubbed from. This will save you time, you won’t be scrolling through offers that you can’t complete.

Bonus Accumulator Review

Tools Included with Bonus Accumulator

The tools are one of the biggest selling points of Bonus Accumulator, we think they’re phenomenal.

When Matched Betting, or Casino bonus exploiting, you need to ensure that the Maths is on your side.

The tools provided at Bonus Accumulator ensure that your edge is as big as possible, which is vital for your long term profitability.

The Promotion Simulator

I haven’t seen a product like the simulator before. This estimates how much profit you should make from specific casino offers. It’s very accurate, too.

Enter the details such as deposit amount, bonus amount & wagering and the simulator will run a test. 

The results of the test will show you your Estimated Value, Bust Rate etc. 

You can also fine tune the simulator for Cashback offers, free spins & Bet and Get offers.

Bonus Accumulator Simulator Example

Slots Database

The Slot Database will allow you to research every single slot machine game out there. This is a good tool, as it allows you to plan your attack.

You can search by RTP, Variance or the Slot Provider. This also provides information for you to add into the simulator, so you can test run an offer, before completing it.

The Blackjack Calculator

Previously, we’ve only been used to seeing a Blackjack chart, which wasn’t necessarily easy to read.

Bonus Accumulator have adjusted this, offering a brilliant application which makes it so much faster.

This will help you when playing blackjack as it advises you whether you should Hit, Double or Stand.

Maths are a huge part of gambling, knowing this tool is available to help you out will help increase your long term profitability.

Bonus Accumulator Forum

The Forum is already picking up serious momentum. Bonus Accumulator is already being referred to as ‘The Place’ for Casino offers.

There’s very helpful members in there, which are happy to take questions from new members and guide them through the process.

Going forward, it will also be viral for Casino Loophole offers. When a loophole is found, Bonus Accumulator is the Forum where you would expect this to be announced.

Loopholes are extremely profitable situations.

Bonus Accumulator Profits

Bonus Accumulator Training & Tutorials

Each guide is well written, offering good guidance. What I like about these guides though, is the video that’s placed at the top of the page.

I learn better watching video tutorials, so they were great when I started out. Once the guide has been completed, you can mark it as complete.

Similarly, you can also mark as ‘In Progress’, so you know that you must return to it. Finally, there’s a button for each tutorial which links you straight to the forum discussion. There, you can talk with the Admins & other members, getting advice from those who have already completed the guide.

Bonus Accumulator Training Guides

Reload Offers

Once you’ve completed all of the sign ups, you’ll move across to reloads.
Reload Offers are for existing customers & Casinos send out various promotions in order to maintain your custom.

Tournaments can be won with any player on the platform. You definitely have to be in it, to win it.

When you view the reload offers list, you’ll see the above screen. Each offer contains two buttons, telling you the estimated value of the offer & what the offer would be worth as an hourly wage.

Quite a bit more than the normal day job!

Customer Service

Profit Accumulator had fantastic customer service, Bonus Accumulator is no different.

They can be reached by telephone, email & on the Forums. The wait times are really low, and they know what they’re talking about.

If you have to get in touch with their customer service you’ll immediately realise they know their stuff. They aren’t reading from a script.

However, the onboarding for Bonus Accumulator is a guided process, so don’t be shocked if you can complete the offers without any further assistance.

Bonus Accumulator Review

Comparisons Against Profit Accumulator

Profit Accumulator will be for Matched Betting sportsbook offers going forward.

This will allow Bonus Accumulator to become a full-fledged Casino exploitation site.

In a Matched Betting Journey, there comes a time where sportsbook offers dry out, due to becoming Gubbed from offers.

Fortunately, you can now move over to Bonus Accumulator with ease, starting to take profit from Casino offers.

Bonus Accumulator Review – Conclusion

We think that the crossover between Matched Betting (Sportsbook offers) and Casino Exploit Offers are inevitable.

There will come a time in most Matched Betting journies that the Sportsbook offers aren’t available anymore.
This happened to me during the Start of 2019. I made the switchover to Casino Offers.

Bonus Accumulator tools have enabled me to upskill my game. I can now research specific slots, checking the success rates using the simulator.

What’s most impressive for me is the community. A Community can make or break a product.

The Bonus Accumulator Forum is fantastic, full of support.

I’d highly encourage you to sign up at Bonus Accumulator. I’ll most likely see you, over on the forum shortly!Join Bonus Accumulator Today

Bonus Accumulator FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Bonus Accumulator cost?

Bonus Accumulator has two packages, a monthly oe an annual plan.

The annual plan works out slightly cheaper, but it’s a bigger outlay which can be put towards your monthly bankroll for offers.

Monthly, it costs £17.99. The Annual plan is Get Started at Bonus Accumulator

Bonus Accumulator Updates: Progression & Changes

This are is reserved for changes on Bonus Accumulator, which can be easily found below.Get Started at Bonus Accumulator

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