Football Index Review : How does it work?

Updated December 4th 2019
Football index Review
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Football Index has gained some serious traction over the last 18 months, it’s a fantastic platform which does deserve recognition within the betting world.

In this Football Index Review, I’ll be covering every aspect of the Football Stockmarket, including how to use the website, depositing money and buying players. I will also include a few trader favourite strategies & explain how to make a profit from this football stockmarket.

What Is Football Index?

Football index is a stock market for Football Players. Instead of buying shares in various companies, you buy shares in football players. 

It’s not run like bookmakers, where they set the odds. Player prices are controlled by demand. If there’s a lot of demand for a player, he will be more expensive on the platform. I explain more in detail below, but currently buying 300 shares in a player will increase his price by £0.01, so players which perform well, will be higher priced, as traders want to maximise their holding.

This also means that selling 300 shares would drop his price by £0.01, so if the player isn’t in form, his price could decrease as traders sell.

If your player does perform well, you will be given a Dividend Return based on this. There are multiple payouts which you can earn, on a per share basis. This means that the dividend amount you can earn is unlimited. The more shares owned equals a higher dividend received.

“There are currently 3,279 players to purchase on the Football Stock Market. Exchange your knowledge, for profit!”

How to Play Football Index

Once you’ve created an account, you will need to deposit money into your account. There’s no ‘demo money’ environment currently, but Football Index do run a promotion for new members which is a similar offer. Any losses upto £500 will be refunded, as cash, to your account. 

Once you’ve added funds, it’s time to go shopping! Buying players is simple, but there’s a few ways to find the player you want.

The majority of the biggest names in football will be in the Top 200. This is the area for the 200 highest priced players on the platform. Every other player will be found on the squad list. There’s no difference between the Top200 and the Squad list, it’s just an additional filter to make searching for players a little easier. Players can drop into the squad list, or enter the Top 200 if their price increases, but I must stress this has no real impact.

Football Index have added the OPTA data sources to the player statistics screen, which can be found by clicking on any player. In addition to player stats such as height, country & age, you can now see in depth performance stats which is a great addition. On the right side, you can also see the Media Mentions, which is important. We will be discussing this later, in full.

The most important thing on the above are the red and blue boxes, the Sell & Buy prices! The sell price is £4.33 but the buy price is £4.49, meaning there is a £0.16 spread there. This spread is the ‘earner’ for Football Index, which is how stock markets will make money. 

If you want to buy shares in Marcus Rashford, simply hit the blue box and press buy. You aren’t finished yet though, as the below screen will pop up.

Enter how many shares you want to buy, in my case I have entered 50 shares. It then advises me that the cost to buy these will be £224.50. There’s also a Buy Max button, which is handy for in play trading, as you can quickly snap up more shares. It’s as easy as that! There are two ways to sell shares currently, so that will need a little more explaining.

Selling a Player

There are two ways to sell a player on Football Index. The best way is to list the player for sale, adding him to a queue for other traders to purchase from. The alternative way, is to sell these shares directly back to Football Index. Let’s show you the effects of both below. 

Market Sell

The market sell option is great if you want to sell a player for the best possible price, but aren’t in a huge rush to get rid of the player. The player will add to the market queue, selling only when another trader decides to buy shares in that footballer.

 Instant Sell

Instant Sell is a great tool, although often misinterpreted. There are many occasions when Instant Sell is very useful, such as if your player has suffered a bad injury. There wouldn’t be many traders wanting to buy a player which is out injured for months, so instant sell is sometimes the best option. 

The Difference

If you Market Sell 300 Rashford shares, you would be listing them up for sale at £4.49 each. If another trader purchased the shares in Rashford, you would receive £1,349 (once the shares had been sold, this could take a few days, it all depends on the demand)
If you were to Instant Sell these shares, Football Index promise you an instant value of £4.33 per share, meaning you would receive £1,299.
There’s £50 difference in the Market Sell & Instant Sell price, but that’s the price you pay for Instant Cashout vs queuing the sale.

Earning Dividends on Football Index

Buying low and selling high isn’t the only way to make a profit on Football Index. Any player that you own is eligible for Dividends. There are multiple dividends that are on offer, every single day on the platform. Let’s take a look into those now.

Match Day Dividends

 On a match day in an eligible league, your players will rack up points from the below scoring system. Once all the games have finished, the highest scoring defender, midfielder and forward will all win a dividend for being the best players. An additional payout is given to the overall top point scorer on that day.

The eligible leagues are; English Premier League, French Ligue 1, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A & the Spanish La Liga. The Champions League & Europa League has also been added to the mix & Special events such as the World Cup & European Championships will be covered also.

Media Dividends 

Media Buzz is another fantastic way for you to earn money on Football Index. This rewards players for gaining media interest, paying out dividends every single day on the best players. 
Every article that is found online is assigned a score using positive sentiment analysis, the winner at the end of the day is the player to earn the dividend payout. 
Football Index use an automated algorithm, they have no control over who can earn dividends on Football Index.


In-Play Dividends 

In-play dividends are similar to Match Day dividends, but instead of being given a Match Day Ranking, your player will receive a payout for the following actions:

– 1p per Goal for a Forward or Midfielder

– 2p per Goal by a Defender or Goalkeeper

– 1p per Assist by any position

– 1p for a Starting Goalkeeper Clean Sheet over the full game

The In-Play Dividends are valid for the first 30 days of Share Ownership, but the Match Day & Media Day Dividends are paid out for the lifetime of the share ownership, which is currently capped at 3 years maximum.

How much dividends do I earn?

Football Index have set days, labelled Bronze Day, Silver Day, Gold Day or Media Day. Payouts differ depending on which day is active. On every Match Day, a defender, midfielder and forward is guaranteed to earn a payout. An extra payout for Star Player is then given to the highest overall scoring player.

  • Media Day = 0 Matches
  • Bronze Match Day = 1 – 4 matches
  • Silver Match Day = 5 – 14 matches
  • Gold Match Day = 15+ matches


New Additions to the Platform

New talents are always emerging, so Football Index have to be alert and add these players whenever possible. They send out an alert before adding these players & they do announce a time range when they should be available. If you see a player you like, it’s probably best to ensure you’re free during that time range, as it’s usually a 2 hour time slot! They also give you a price range, so you know roughly how much he should cost.

Buying Trackers

When browsing the Football Index website, you may see the option to buy trackers on the corner of the screen. There are four options, Tracker10, 25, 50 & 100.

Trackers are an easy way to buy the most expensive players on the platform. 

Buying a Tracker10 would cost you £62.74 and would give you one share in the top 10 players on the platform. I don’t use them myself as I like to focus my picks, but it’s a good option for investors to be able to quickly snap up the best players. 

Trading Strategies

You should be familiar now with the basics of how Football Index works. I will be actively replying to the comments if you have any further queries though & I enjoy helping people out! The final step of my work here, is to discuss various trading strategies you can adopt.

If you’re coming from a Matched Betting or gambling mindset, the first thing you may need to do, is alter your mindset. Football Index does require patience, as you won’t be doubling your money in a single day. 

Many of the successful traders try to make around 3-5% per month, from trading, earning dividends or riding player price increases. I’ve had a few lucky ones where a player has risen 30% overnight, but that’s not a typical result.

One strategy would be to predict which players could be the stars of the future, investing into youth prospects and players with heaps of potential. Whilst this isn’t a guarantee that your players will become stars, if you were to hold a player who could become the next Lionel Messi, you would be miles ahead of the game.

Another strategy, which I have used in the past is to buy shares in players which are injured. I don’t buy any player which gets a bad injury, instead I will look for a player who is currently in form, or has a good career ahead of him. I’d probably avoid Mark Noble!

Many successful traders purchase shares in players which earn regular dividends, re-investing the dividends to compound and build with the profits. 

Some traders also pile their portfolio full of players which mainly feature in the media. As the Media Buzz can be won every single day, this isn’t a bad idea and it can lead to lots of dividends.

You will find the strategy which suits you best, I now combine most of the above and spread myself out across various strategies. This means that I am actually spreading the risk out.

What are the risks?

Football Index is certainly a safer bet than using a bookmaker, as your bets don’t expire after your player has a poor performance.

The only time that you lose your stake on Football Index is if a footballer retires or passes away. However, we found out with the Emiliano Sala incident that Football Index acted generously, voiding bets as a gesture of goodwill. It’s not to say they’ll do this again, but it’s a good feeling that the ‘house’ is on our side for once!

Football Index is still classed as a gambling product & it’s possible to lose money. Fortunately, they do have a special promotion for new customers, allowing them to test the platform with £500 Risk Free. You can register for that here.

Football Index Review – Conclusion

Football Index has made betting enjoyable again for me. After years of Matched Betting, grinding through various bookmakers becomes a little tiring!

If you enjoy Football Manager, I think you will really enjoy this platform. You will spend quite a few evenings scouting potential additions, but it’s worth it in the end. 

It’s also safer than placing accumulator bets, as they either win or lose after the final whistle ends. Not with Football Index. 

Once you’ve registered at Football index, it would be beneficial to head to their academy section. If you aren’t fully convinced on Football Index yet, Football Index Analysis have an interesting article which would give you extra information about the football stock market.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this Football Index review & that it was helpful. If you need any assistance, I am pretty responsive in the comments section! 

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    1. I have friends who put in £20 a week from their wages. There are people who have hundreds of thousands in the platform, but I think they’re proper investors instead of recreational.

      There are players available to buy from all ranges, which makes Football Index good fun.
      Any more questions, feel free to ask!

  1. Football Index have just started their Christmas 2019 Promotional period. There’s a prize to be won every day, simply buy £10 worth of shares to enter the draw!

    The best prize is a brand new car!

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