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Community Spirit

Joining a Matched Betting community will help you to increase your profits, as members work together to complete promotional offers.

Increase Your Income

You can earn £500 every single month, placing a few bets online. It's a fantastic source of extra income, which is always a bonus!

Software Specialists

Matched Betting Services are specialists, providing various Software & other Tools to help you make more money than ever.

The OddsMatcher

The Tool which will save you money AND time...

The OddsMatcher tells you exactly which bets to place. What’s even better is that it finds results which will earn you the most money. It saves you time and increases your profits, what’s not to like?






Does Matched Betting still work?

The popularity has increased in the last few years, meaning it can be harder to make profits.

This only increases the need for a Matched Betting Service such as OddsMonkey, as they’re always coming up with new ways to earn from bookmaker offers.

How does Matched Betting work?

All that stands in your way of earning money is 3 simple steps

This Process is to be repeated with every single bookmaker. If you weren’t making life changing money, you’d probably get bored!


Register & Place Your Bets

Using Specialist Tools & Software


Cover All Outcomes

You cannot lose.


Withdraw Your Profit

This part gets addictive!

What Happens if I've signed up everywhere?

The chances are, there are a few bookmakers that you've missed. However, it doesn't mean you can't Bet, it just means you skip straight to Stage 2!

Now you’re an existing member with the bookmakers, you will be repeating the process, but with ‘Existing Customer Promotions’. 


More Offers...

Offers, Offers, Offers...

Are you still confused?

Have a Quick Watch of our Cartoon Explainer, which should provide all the information you require. If you’re still stuck, please leave a comment and I can try to help! 

Let's Start Matched Betting

You’ve decided you want to make some extra income. Brilliant. I’d reccommend you start out with Oddsmonkey, who provide all the Assistance, Support & Tools you will require.

Types of Matched Betting Offers

You can get the information about Free Bets from various Matched Betting Sites, but they don’t offer the Service Levels, Support OR Tools which a Paid for Service would. Here are the types of Offers available.

These are the Typical offers you’ll see. Bet £10 and get £10, Bet £20 and if it loses get a refund. These are the main stay of Matched Betting and are available for NEW and Existing Customers.

Bookmakers also try and tempt you into the Casino, with special offers. Not everybody likes these types of offers, as you can’t ‘lock in’ a profit. However they are are still extremely profitable.

The next stage would be to complete the Bingo offers, whilst Arbing your accounts. Most people will then move onto Football Index, which is a Trading Platform for Football.

Our Thoughts on Matched Betting

Matched Betting allows you to make profit as a side income. It’s very profitable and has helped so many people become less financially worried. 


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