How much Can You Make from Matched Betting?

Is Matched Betting Actually profitable?

How Much Profit have you made?

These are definitely the most common questions that we see asked about Matched Betting. We aren’t Matched Betting anymore, but earnt a great amount of money over a 5 and a half year period.

The good news is, it’s never too late to start Matched Betting, as the profits are always available in the form of Free Bets.

The truth is, as soon as you realise how much profit can be made, you’ll be signing up in no time and placing your risk free bets for profit.

You’re right to be excited by the prospect of having more money, who wouldn’t be? Most people that have been gubbed always wish one thing, that they could start matched betting again from scratch!

Starting Matched Betting

I’ll be as honest as I can be, the more money you have… the more you can make.

This saying goes with absolutely everything, Matched Betting is no different.

However, Matched Betting is easily accessible with a £100 starting pot. I started with £400, which meant I could do the bets a little faster than you’d be able to with a £100 limit.

After completing your first two offers, you will have around £140 to £145, but then the profits will continue adding up.

Remember, you can earn £45 from the Oddsmonkey Trial Account which will help your profits soar.

The greatest thing about Matched Betting, is the fact that you can make money from placing bets. You need to place a back and lay bet, but all this is covered in the Oddsmonkey Tutorials.

After completing around 7-8 sign ups, you will have a pot of around £400-£500. It’s important not to stop now, although we understand if you are happy with the £400 profit.

As you have more money, you can now complete more and more offers at once, which will lead you to a 4 figure bankroll after completing all sign ups.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t have between £3,000 and £7,000 after a year of Matched Betting, but it’s not irregular to see matched bettors with even more profit than this.

Where do I begin? I have more than £100 to invest…

As I mentioned, I began with £400. My partner wasn’t too pleased, as she thought I was gambling… I’ll be honest that even to this day she calls Matched Betting my ‘silly betting thing’.

Anyway, with a budget similar, or more than mine, you’ll be able to complete multiple offers at once. 

This means that you can clear hundreds of pounds worth of profit every single day, instead of waiting on your liability on the previous matches.

The truth is though; we don’t recommend beginners to do too many offers at once. 

It can get a little overwhelming, so make sure you’re using a Profit Tracker, or at least writing your bets down. (You need to know where your winning bets are going to be paid out!).

I still have my profit tracking spreadsheet, it took me just 17 days to earn £1,032 profit. 

I can’t remember what bookmakers I used etc, but I remember it went from being overwhelming… to very easy indeed!

It’s the reason why I recommend Oddsmonkey to so many people, as they offer all of the tools to save you from having a headache. 

Believe me, £17.99 per month is much cheaper than the stress of having to do manual accounting, that’s before we even mention the fact that they’ll find all of the offers for you!

I will never forget questioning my friend who advised me to start Matched Betting… within weeks I was questioning how I ever lived without it.

Will my Betting History affect this?

I’ll admit, I missed out on around £240 worth of Sign up offers, due to already having gambled in the past. 

Bet365, PaddyPower & Sky Bet were completely off the books, in addition to Betfair Sportsbook and a few more obscure ones I found with no deposit offers.

It’s no shock that I was signed up to the bookies, I used to be a punter myself. I still have the occasional accumulator bet, although I must say the entertainment factor is slowly dwindling.

The only thing that you’ll lose, if you’re already signed up to a bookmaker, is the sign up offer. That’s it.

However, I’m going to let you in on a huge secret… there’s a fantastic chance that you’ll be in a better position than a Matched Bettor who signs up and extracts profit from his free bet.

Why? How?

When a new account is made, it’s monitored a little more intensely than an existing account. 

Matched Betting is pretty mainstream now, so bookies have to be on the lookout for blatant bonus abusers.

However, you will have already passed the checks that they do, and there’s a great chance that the bookmaker has already marked you off as low risk, in other words a great customer (for them).

They may be more likely to send you promotional offers, and less likely to restrict you.

So what I’m trying to say is; although you miss out on the short term money, you’ll get long term benefits.

There’s always more bookmakers, but I’d urge you not to get disappointed if you think you’ve exhausted any potential sign up profit.

My advice here would be to consider a Matched Betting Service, where you’ll find access to around 75 bookmakers.

There’s very little chance you’ve signed up at all of those.

Time is Money

How much time can dedicate to Matched Betting?

When I say dedicate, it’s a bit of a tough word. It implies that there’s hard work involved… but I must inform you that it’s not.

Matched Betting is one of the easiest ways to make money, with profits of around £200 a week easily achievable from just 30 mins per day.

I’d hardly call it working either, you’ll be sat at your desk… following instructions and placing bets.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to break the £1,000 barrier every single month, but it relies on promotional offers going your way.

My average over a 5 year period was £2,105 per month. I can’t really say I was ‘stressed’ at any point either!

If you want to earn a full-time living, working just a few hours per day, you really can’t look past matched betting.

As I said, time is money… so don’t waste it looking for offers to complete. Get yourself an Oddsmonkey Membership and reap the benefits… in addition to an online community who will help you gain further profits. 

How much Can you make from Matched Betting?

There are quite a few factors which we’ve discussed, such as Time, your initial starting budget & how many bookmakers you can exploit the sign up offers from.

However, the defining factor is how much you want to earn.

You need to stay focused and determined, because Matched Betting is a serious game.

It’s easy to load up YouTube whilst you’re supposed to be placing your bets, but that’s just a way to get distracted. 

Set yourself a goal, NOTa profit goal, but and End goal.

You need to vision that you need Matched Betting to help you achieve that goal, then you can start earning the maximum amount.

Don’t think of Matched Betting as a full time job, or a tiring task. It’s easy to forget how much profit you’re making, but when you work it out, you can earn upto £20 in the time it takes to place a bet.

That works out at something mad like £140 per hour… completely tax free!

I highly recommend that you start Matched Betting, if you want to earn some easy money on the side, it’s definitely for you.

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