Mug Betting | What Is A Mug Bet?

Mug Betting is the action of placing a bet with a bookmaker that has no offer attached. They help us to blend in with other punters, to stop us being recognised as Bonus Abusers.

Bookmakers restrict, ban & close down accounts which are successful or damage their profits in general.

You need to maintain a betting profile on your accounts if you want to be successful long term.

Bookmakers have risk management tools, if they say a user consistently completing promotions and nothing else, they wouldn’t think twice about limiting you.

Another benefit of Mug Betting is being invited into VIP Schemes, I was invited to the Coral betting lounge for a major horse racing festival… I didn’t go as I didn’t want to miss out on a week of Matched Betting!

All bookies have the ability to exclude customers from promotions, but some are more tolerant than others.

During your Matched betting career, you may find that the smaller bookmakers may be quicker to gub you, which is fair enough… their profit levels will be much lower so they will be more active with their risk management.

Some of the better bookmakers are BET365, SkyBet, PaddyPower and William Hill. They are the most popular bookmakers, offer the most promotions and best odds, so they must expect their promotions to be used.

What leads to being Gubbed by Bookmakers when Matched Betting?

Mug Betting isn’t an exact science, but we use it to break up the use of Promotions on our account. Take a look at the below to see what can get you gubbed.

Promotions are fantastic, they’re the sole reason we place bets… so we can make our profit!

However, there comes a point where we need to give something back, that is today!
Placing a mug bet allows the bookmaker to take some value back, it also breaks up the betting activity in your account, separating the promotions you have bet on.

You don’t have to start mug betting, but I have had this conversation with a few of my friends at the pub.

They have opened accounts under my guidance, and lost these in under 2 years, whilst I have been plodding along whilst placing mug bets.

Think of it as a Matched Betting Tax, you don’t like paying it, but if you had no income, you wouldn’t have to!

If you mug bet appropriately, Matched Betting can be a second income for years to come… apart from there is no tax to be paid

It’s great to have a set plan, but Organisation can be our downfall.

With Weekly bet club offers for example, how many users bet exactly £25 for the Sky Bet £5 to be granted? Not a penny more, not a penny less.

They will be able to tell this is bonus abuse, as week after week you’ve only bet £25.

Mix it up, bet £30, £40 etc!

Also, avoid betting the night before.

Of all the bets happening, what are the chances of you coincidentally logging in, placing a bet for the promo, then logging off, if you were a punter?

A punter would be doing a couple of weekend accumulators, spending a few pound on a slot with a large jackpot etc.

Playing the Odds

Try not to play to the odds too much.

By this, I mean to take a low odds qualifying bet which minimises losses, then go to huge odds to maximise profits.

You should be building a profile where you are betting on different events etc, but to put a £10 bet on Arsenal to win at nailed on odds, then shifting it to putting £10 on Accrington Stanley to beat Man City shows you are playing the odds to your advantage.

90% of punters bet on the favourites to win, it’s good to diversify and sometimes bet on the underdog, but mix it up with your qualifying & free bets to ensure your profile is set as a ‘crazy punter’.

If you mix it up dramatically, the chances are bookmakers will actually like this, although betting on favourites is what most punters do, built up into an acca

Placing Obscure Bets

Avoid placing bets on lesser known leagues, especially when there is ‘normal leagues’ to bet on.

If it’s the end of season, there is very little to bet on so it’s ok, but to place your bet on an obscure match which turns out is a close match is too suspicious.

Try to build a profile where you stick to the same leagues, maybe even the same teams!

If you go from betting on EPL Football, to Nordic Rugby, it will show you either have some ‘inside info’, or you’re using software which has shown you what to bet on

Behaviour monitoring software

Bookmakers have upped their technology in the last few years, they can now tell when a user is logging in from a restricted country, when users have multiple accounts at the same address etc.

More recently, they have been handed the technology of analytics software.

This software enables them to see how long a certain customer has been on their website, what markets they have browsed, and more!

This causes a problem for Matched Betting, as we like to log in, place our bets and log straight out!

Bookmakers may become suspicious of this, as if a punter was to log in, placing one bet probably wouldn’t be enough for them, punters tend to like to have multiple Accas on at one time!

Try to keep the tab open for a short while after placing the bets, make it look like you are watching a live stream etc.

Unfortunately… Winning too much.

Winning too much can be a big issue, as this will draw attention to our accounts.

With attention, eventually comes a trading review.

Experiencing a Gub for winning too much is a tough one to take, as this is never our intention. If we all had the choice, every bet would lose so our exchanges were full up!

If you win lots into your account, you will want to withdraw your money, this is also a leading factor into losing accounts as bookmakers see a withdrawal as a loss in earnings.

The reason for this is that most punters have a set amount in their bookmaker accounts, they are happy to use this as their betting bankroll & don’t mind if they lose it all over a long period of time.

How to Rollover the winnings

You only have to rollover winnings, meaning if the Free Bet loses, you skip this part.

As you can see with these terms, the rollover requirement is Three Times the winnings.

If you were to win £10, this would be locked into your ‘bonus funds’ area of your wallet until you wagered Three Times that amount, £30.

You may find that you place a £10 bet and it loses (wins in the exchange), in this instance your bonus funds are reduced to £0.00 and the offer is completed. The two ways to rollover your bets are to either complete the requirements, in this example bet £30 worth, or reduce your account balance to £0. These bets are to be placed as Normal on the calculator.

The ideal situation is for the Back Bets to lose & the lay bets win. This is because the more bets you place, the more qualifying losses you incur.

Mug Betting Timeline

  • Offer Qualifying Bet
  • Mug Bet #2
  • Place your second mug bet
  • Place another mug bet
  • Place The Free Bet
  • Place the Free Bet, earning your profit
  • Place an accumulator bet, even if only £1 stake.
  • Place your first mug bet
  • Place the next free bet, earning more profit

Bet Club Offer

Having placed a few mug bets in the week, you qualify for bet club. I would put this on another acca.

As you can see, I have fully mixed up my betting patterns, placing various types of mug bets in between completing some bonuses.

There are various types of mug bets, which I have explained below.

The Bank Building Challenge

It’s called the bank builder, but very rarely is completed!
Start with a small amount, say £5, continue betting this on low odds selections, lower than 1.2, until you have reached a suitable figure where you would like to bank your profit. This figure is usually around £75. The punter then cashes out the profit and starts again with the original £5


Everybody dreams of retiring early, living the dream with supercars & expensive holidays.

This is where accumulators come in, you can build a mega selection & with just a £5 stake, you can earn a lot of money!

There’s a reason punters refer to them as ‘This weekends betting lottery ticket’, they rarely come off but when they do, you are set for life.

Cashing Out is seen as a great way to mug bet.

If you decide to cash out a bet, the bookmakers would then know you haven’t laid the bet, as there’s no need to Cash Out if you have laid.

Not only this, but if you select cash out, it lets the bookmakers earn some extra cash, as they offer you less cash out than the bet is worth, so their traders take the value.

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