How to Profit from Kwiff Odds Boosts

How to Profit from Kwiff

Odds Boosts& Supercharged Bets

Kwiff Supercharge

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If you’ve been watching televised sports recently, you’ll have most likely seen an advertisement for Kwiff.

It’s the latest betting app, offering you a new way to place bets. While we admit, they don’t sound like a traditional bookie, they’re pretty unique in the way they operate.

The Kwiff slogan is ‘Supercharge Your Bets’, but what does it mean?

Our objective of this post, is to fully explain what Kwiff is. More importantly, we offer our opinion on whether Kwiff can increase your matched betting profits.

What is Kwiff?

On the surface, Kwiff is just a bookmaker. They offer a sportsbook platform, where you can place bets, in addition to having a Casino area with Slots etc

In this aspect, they aren’t any different from SkyBet, Paddypower or Bet365.

The way that Kwiff make themself appeal to punters, is the aspect of having your bet Supercharged.

Kwiff Supercharge

In terms of matched betting, you’re only going to want to use Kwiff to try and get supercharged odds.

When you receive a supercharged odds from Kwiff, you’re essentially being given an enhanced odds offer, or an odds boost. 

In the above example, a £10 bet on Man Utd was boosted to 50/1, which could be laid off at around 3.0 decimal odds. They are potential profit opportunities, but they’re competely random.

The largest boost that we’ve heard of, seen on Twitter, was a 1500/1 odds boost.

You can lay off these odds boost for a profit.

How to Use Kwiff

Kwiff is available mainly via the Google App Store or Apple Store. They target mobile users. However, they have been putting effort into their web browser sites recently, but we prefer the mobile app.

As with all Bookmakers, signing up is a smooth process. You need to deposit a minimum of £5, but that’s actually less than most bookmakers who have a £10 minimum.

I’m in no way affiliated to Kwiff, but you don’t need to worry about the legitimacy of Kwiff. It’s a bookmaker which has become well established in the United Kingdom, plus it’s regulated by the gambling authorities.

Matched Betting Kwiff Offers

As is the case with all bookmakers, where there’s an offer, there’s a profit opportunity.

The way to make a profit from the Kwiff supercharge is simple, yet very effective and profitable.

The only variable that we cannot control is the fact that you can get supercharged bets, this is completely random.

To make profit from this offer, we will need to utilise a betting exchange, to lay our bets with.

How Often do Kwiff Bets get supercharged?

When I first started out using Kwiff, there was a bit of a conspiracy on the Oddsmonkey forums.

Users were mentioning that if they placed 3-4 bets, they would be getting at least one kwiff. I had my first and third Kwiffed, but then didn’t receive another Kwiff until bet number 7.

Overall, I made around £45 locking in my bets, but I would have made £65 had I not chased another Supercharged bet.

My advice would be to place around 3-4 bets, but don’t go chasing another odds boost. They aren’t guaranteed.

Although Kwiff are revolutionary, allowing any bet to be Kwiffed, the reality is that they’re a bookmaker and still hold the edge.

It’s a great marketing ploy, as it gives the punters another thing to gamble on, before the event even kicks off.

It’s like a mini bet, you place £20 on Wolves, but before Wolves win or lose, you have to wait and see if your odds get boosted.

Are Kwiff Odds good enough?

Across the board, the odds are low on Kwiff, in comparison to the big bookmakers. 

Part of this reason is most likely because they have to fund the Supercharged odds that they provide. Also, they aren’t going to have as many customers as Bet365 etc do, so they need to be a little less generous with the margins.

You aren’t going to be getting the best odds, but you will have the opportunity to get your odds boosted. 

Who knows, you could be the lucky one that hits a 1000/1 odds boost!

Kwiff Matched Betting Offers

If you’re looking for a new bookmaker to exploit, Kwiff aren’t going to offer you much Matched Betting satisfaction.

They rarely run promotional offers, meaning they don’t provide us matched bettors much value at all.

They do offer a referral scheme, but we don’t advise merging this with Matched betting members! 

In recent weeks, we’ve seen surprised bets being offered out. For example, bet £25 and receive a £10 surprise bet.

The only issue with the surprise bets, is that we can’t pick what to spend them on. It could be greyhounds, with no liquidity to lay the bet.

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