Three ways to sustain this long term.

Today I will be discussing exactly how your accounts can get put into the ‘review process’ by the traders at a specific bookmaker.

Arbitrage (arbs)

If you are using odds-finding software such as oddsmonkey or profit accumulator to find the best bets to take, ensure at all times you don’t make the mistake of making profit on your qualifying bets, this is an Arb and means that you have acted on the markets faster than professional traders have managed to.

A few arbs mixed into an account which has built a decent profile (see below) could potentially go under the radar with a big enough bookmaker, but hit an Arb early on with a company like betbright or betvictor and they will close your account.

There are safer ways to Arb, this is known as Each-Way arbing. LOOK at systems like Each Way Sniper, or Oddsmonkey as they have just added Each way odds matcher to their package.

This is an example ‘Arb’. The back price is far greater than the lay, meaning it’s a guaranteed profit. As you can see the rating is 105.55%, meaning a £100 stake would guarantee £5.55

Taking all the offers too soon

I have read up on bookmaker review processes, trying to get information from traders myself. I have seen some great articles which mention that your bookmaker account is monitored largely in the first six months of you opening the account.  Now I am not saying don’t do any offers for six months, as that doesn’t make sense!

If you can mix up your Mug bets, building a great profile for the bookmakers to monitor it could lead to increased stakes, entry into their V.I.P CLUBS, meaning you actually make more profit long term.  I am a member of only 3 VIP clubs, 888Sport, Coral & Betfred.

With 888Sport, I get a big special offer every month, I have to spin a wheel of fortune to see what reward I receive, but the prizes range from £25-£250.

CORAL give extra refunds, deposit bonuses and Bet £100 get £100, depending on what I’ve bet on that month.

Betfred work slightly different, they give Price boosts and ‘if you lose get your money back as a free bet’, Easy money! Betfred also offer you out to special events, which is a nice touch!

All in all, it’s worth noting that these offers aren’t going anywhere. If I expire 5 offers a day, I can guarantee that I am adding at least 5!

Mug Bets

It’s necessary that you place mug bets consistently, as this will help you stay in the matched betting game. This is kind of linked in with point 2, as you will find the more you bet, the more the bookmakers want you to bet. You’ll be emailed offers and price boosts daily.

If a bookmaker looks at your profile and sees that all you that’s visible is; offer,offer,offer,offer,offer,offer, It’s not going to be long until they say right, he’s not a gambler.

You are taking value with free bets, meaning the bookmaker is not on the winning side (they hate this) and will try and find any way possible to stop you taking offers.

However, if you mix up offer,mug,mug,mug,offer,offer,mug,offer,mug,mug,mug,offer

This gives across the impression you are a gambler, you’ve been hooked by the promotions they have Ran and subsequently lost a few hundred pound betting. (We know this isn’t the case, but that’s why we want to appear a MUG!)

There are many different types of mug bets to place. Personally, I use a percentage of my months profits, and give this back to the bookmaker. After all, it’s free money, and if this is the best way to consistently be given more, so be it.

You can place Accumulator bets, which is 1 bet, where you need all results to win. These don’t win often, and represent poor value for the punter. However, a bookmaker loves to be taking the value, it means they can profit.

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