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From the dawn of mankind, he has walked parallel to the concept of chance. He took chances when he hunted. He took chances when he experimented. In fact, some of the greatest technological marvels were achieved by some act of taking chance.

With the advent of civilization man discovered that the concept of chance could be monetized.

An individual could make a wager on the probability of a certain result based on a certain action.

The person who is hosting the wager accepts it, then the action is performed. Money is paid based on the result of the action. Simple concept? This is because it is. Let us look at the flipping of a coin for example. A coin landing on heads or tails has a probability of 50%. Therefore if a person places a wager on heads against another person who defaults to tails, then there is a 50% chance of reward.

When we strip away the bells and whistles from what is considered gambling today, it is the same simple concept. What is the probability of a particular result based on a particular action? 

Simply probability.

If we hold this mindset of simplicity, then the rewards that we desire seem easier to achieve.

Sports betting, particularly football offers many different options as it relates to wagers. It is not riveted to the paradigm of one team winning over the other. Football is a very technical sport with many facets. Therefore, there are many avenues to betting.

  • You can bet on the probability that a match will end in over three goals.
  • You can bet on the odds that a particular player will score a particular number of goals.
  • You can wager on the number of corner kicks that a match will have.

As we explore the idea of challenge betting, you will learn many different ways of making it work for you. The premise is that you can make a profit just by understanding. After all, is that not the reason for betting?

What is Challenge Betting?

Whether we call them cumulative betting systems, compound interest betting or rolling accumulators we are in fact talking about challenge betting. The term challenge betting refers to the concept of simply taking a small stake and turning it into some measure of profit through meticulous wagering on different aspects of a game. 

It usually sees the bettor taking a small amount and turning it into a pre-specified payout goal by committing to a particular betting strategy. In order for challenge betting to work one requires discipline, commitment and consistency. To some extent, challenge betting can be quite Machiavelian in nature, as not all wagers may yield singular profit. However the end result should be the profit specified in the overall plan. 

There are many different types of challenge betting. The initial bet, method used and ultimate payout of course varies based on which method is employed. Each bettor will find a method that suits him or her. 

The Most Popular Types of Football Challenge Bets


  • 10 to 1000 Challenge

This is one of the most popular options and can even be considered entry level based on the nature of it. This is because $10 is not considered to be a high wager. Most bettors are easily able to find the $10 with minimum risk. However for the more seasoned or experienced bettor, you can consider higher stakes. Higher stakes yield higher rewards. We caution you however about getting carried away. 


The 10 to 1000 challenge can be approached in two ways.


  1. You can choose bets with odds of around ½ or even 1 ½. With this, you have to win twelve consecutive times.
  2. You place your wager on bets of approximately ⅓. With this option, your aim is to win 17 consecutive times.

While not set in stone, these are the standards when it comes to the 10 to 1000 challenge. As stated before, higher odds yield higher rewards. If one sees a wager with higher odds than those listed in the method and the wager looks sound, then do not hesitate. There have been rare instances where persons have completed the 10 to 1000 challenge in just about four bets with tactics and of course luck. However you should be patient. No matter how it may seem, do not be daunted. With consistency and luck, this simple option almost always yields a profit.

20 to 2000 Challenge


Here, the concept is pretty much similar to that of the 10 to 1000 challenge. The difference of course is the larger wager. It is important to protect your initial wager at all times with consistency and strategy. Wagers should not be made without proper assessment of the risks and rewards.


The aim with this is to use the method to turn $20 into $2000. The rewards are acceptable in the context. It should only be attempted if you trust your betting instincts.


The 300 Bet Challenge


The 300 bet challenge is for those who are meticulous and patient. With this method, it is possible to win a sizable amount. We cannot stress patience enough when attempting this one.


The 300 bet challenge requires the better to win 300 consecutive bets. With odds similar to those of the previously mentioned (⅕ to 1/20,) this one can be completed – however daunting it may seem. 


In this case, one should target matches with the most likelihood of being high scoring. Therefore matches featuring teams such as Manchester United, Manchester City or Barcelona who are traditionally high scoring teams would be most ideal.


Typically, you start with about $50 and maintain your 300 consecutive wins with the challenge being to avoid matches that end in goalless draws. The 300 bet challenge can yield from £15,000.00 to as much as one million pounds!

This of course depends on the chosen odds.

Strategies, Tips and Tricks When Attempting Challenge Bets

The odds are in your favor!

It is quite astounding to look at, but the success rate when attempting low risk bets such as the 10 to 1000 challenge needs to only be 2%. This is one more reason why we say that this challenge bet is ideally an entry level challenge bet. While admittedly the payout is smaller, the odds are definitely in your favor.

You are not Limited to one challenge bet at a time.

The fact that the odds are in your favor leads us to this next concept. Some successful bettors employ strategies that encompass more than one challenge bets running consecutively. You are certainly not limited to one bet at a time. You can for example attempt the grueling 300 bet challenge, but this can be interspersed with several 10 to 1000 or even 20 to 2000 challenge bets.


Study match, team and player stats.

We would never avoid jumping into challenge betting without doing adequate research. This is especially important if you are planning to attempt the more high risk challenge bets. Therefore a love for the game of football is an asset. There are always statistics available to you in several forms. You should consider a team’s performance to therefore determine if the specified odds in a particular betting scenario are worth the risk.

Avoid goalless draws.

While we alluded to this before, it is an extension of the concept of knowing the statistics. Goalless draws are usually bad news for those who are attempting challenge bets. This is particularly negative for those who are attempting high stakes bets such as the 300 challenge bet. This is because matches typically do not end in goalless draws. Therefore while the stated odds for this may be high, they are almost considered dream scenarios. That is not to say that it is impossible. After all, we did encourage you to employ extensive research. Let us say that there are two teams with very high defensive stats. The goalless draw is indeed more likely to occur.

Other Tips and Tricks

  • Consider events that are highly likely. One example of this is to bet on a match to yield at least one goal, but is scoreless at half-time. These in play bet usually have moderately higher odds.
  • When considering more long term challenge bets, the odds are typically irrelevant. Remember, we are taking a Machiavellian approach to this. The value is much more important than the odds in the long term.
  • No matter what is happening you have to stay disciplined. You may not win every bet that you place. As frustrating as this may be, it is not a dealbreaker. For the lower stakes bets, the low risk makes these worries insignificant.


Some consider betting to be an art form, and rightly so. It is a dance, pitting you at the mercy of the law of averages. With the proper strategies, it is possible for you to reap significant rewards with challenge bets. However we caution you to be patient, disciplined and consistent. There may be hiccups. No strategy is foolproof. Things happen that may drastically change the paradimes of a probability.

Yet we would not be here offering advice on the subject if there was not the possibility of being successful. 

Lastly, always remember to have fun. Love what you are doing and send that positive energy into every bet and by extension, every challenge bet.

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