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Matched Betting For a Living

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Matched Betting is becoming increasingly popular, with a number of people looking at Matched Betting for a living. 

Whilst many people look at Matched Betting as a great way to earn an extra income, there’s an increasing amount of people that are starting to use Matched betting as their sole source of income.

These are the people which have started Matched betting, learnt all of the techniques to help them profit further and are in the position to make money online, working just a few hours per day.

Since around 2016, this has gained traction & is a very popular ambition for people all across the UK.

Work hard, not smart!

I have friends that started Matched betting whilst in employment, but left the employment due to being able to earn their monthly wage in just a few days of Matched betting.

Whilst I’ve always admired that, I don’t have the confidence to leave a safe, permanent income. 

There’s also many students who do Matched betting, it was actually mentioned at the Birmingham City University’s Students Fresher Fair in 2016 or 2017 (It was my friend who attended this).

It was classed as a great way for them to earn a side income, even if it would only be enough to fund their alcohol.

Now, the once-students are now graduated, but still Matched Betting for a living. 

It’s got to be hard to sign up for a 40 hour week of slaving away, when you can earn the same amount in 2-3 hours work per day.

Another demographic we’ve helped a lot is single parents, who are unable to balance a job around looking after their children.

Fortunately, Matched Betting never sleeps, so you can pick it up anytime & make your money.

Why does anyone do Matched Betting? Simple; the profit potential is far too good.

I didn’t believe it when I joined, but I’ve made over £60,000 of Matched Betting profit. 

I want you to earn money too, and in this post I’m going to try and show you, how you too can earn a living from matched betting.

Matched Betting Expectations

When you start Matched betting, you’re likely aiming to earn a specific amount of money each month. 

It’s important to set a high target so that you continue to work hard each day, but not too high that it’s unachievable.

You need to be realistic with the figures you aim to achieve, it’s always based upon the amount of time that you can dedicate to matched betting.

The rate which is achievable each month is around £1,000 profit, with £2,000-£2,000 on offer during the busier months, such as festivals etc.

It’s not to say you can’t earn more than £1,000 per month. My best month was actually £7,590. This isn’t a typical month though, I won a 32Red Casino bonus to the value of £3,200.

In saying that, I still cleared over £4,000 from sportsbook offers. Notably the 2UP offers.

It’s also worth noting that I have never tried Matched Betting full time, although I do book the week off work for Cheltenham!

A point to note:

Matched Betting is completely risk free, and you’ll never be taxed on your profit.

This makes Matched Betting a viable option for a full time income, with many benefits such as only having to be at your computer for 2-3 hours per day.

Matched Betting Bankroll Requirements

The most vital part about Matched Betting is money.

Your money will be spread quite thin every day, moving between bookmakers and betting exchanges. 

The more money you have, means the more bets that you can place. You should be able to earn more from matched betting, if you start with more money.

There’s a few vital tips such as separating your life savings from your matched betting bankroll. Open a different bank account, so that the Matched betting funds don’t get spent on a wild night out up the pub!

This is a step which will turn you from an amateur into a professional money manager. It will also stop you having to check all of your bank statements to see if your withdrawal has processed, you should see it instantly with your dedicated matched betting account.

Realistically, you’re going to need at least £5,000 in your matched betting accounts to earn a full time income, but that’s a fantastic return on investment, earning £1,000 each month. (The more you have, the better, and you should have at least £2,200 after completing the sign up offers).

You can start Matched Betting with as little as £80, but you are going to be limited with the number of bets that you can place.

Keeping Bookmaker Accounts Healthy

Mug Betting is an important technique, which can help you keep your accounts open. 

Naturally, as you start taking more and more bookmaker offers, specifically their profit margin, bookmakers will look at ways to stop you exploiting them.

They restrict our accounts, so that we can only place low stake bets, such as £4.50 maximum stake.

This can all be avoided.

You need to mix your bets up, placing some bets on events which have no offers attached. This gives the bookmaker the impression that you’re a mug punter, hence the term mug betting.

If you stand out as a Matched bettor, it’s only a matter of time until the bookies catch up with you. 

Matched Betting Schedule

Although Matched Betting from home isn’t an official job, you need to treat it like one.

The best thing that you can do, is set up a schedule so that you can get into the routine of smashing bookmaker offers. 

Note; I don’t matched bet full time, but I asked my friend for his input (a very advanced matched Bettor)

I don’t think that you should follow this guide if you’re starting out, but it’s something that you could aim for.

I would also state you should always merge matched betting around your life, not the other way around. Although Matched betting is an integral part of my life, there are things which must come before it.

Here’s my friends routine:

  • Early Morning. Checks the Daily Offer Calendar, notes down which offers need to be completed today. 

Noting the offers down gives him a to-do list, which means this is his target to complete.

  • Afternoon. Place your bets for the day, hunting for some Horse Racing & Accumulator Refunds. 

Once the bets have been placed, he then heads out to town (a very short walk) and performs Sharbing. This is taking offers from in-store, he’s very lucky as he has around 15 bookmakers within a small radius.

  • Evenings. Places bets for the night matches, such as 2up offers & also spends his Refund free bets. Once these are completed, he takes a percentage of his profit to the casino.

Don’t worry, he’s not gambling! He will now complete a few Casino Offers, trying to make a profit there. He uses a percentage of his profit, so that he can guarantee he’s got profit at the end of the day.

In total, there’s about 3 and a half hours worth of betting. It’s spread throughout the day, as he needs to wait for his refunds etc. 

In between this, he goes to the Gym, then plays Call of Duty!

There will be days which are busier, such as Horse Racing festivals and weekends.

It’s normal on a weekend to earn hundreds in profits, I used to focus moreso on the weekend hustle, as I could earn between £300 and £700 on Horse Racing refund offers.

If you can make a schedule, do it. It turns Matched Betting into a more professional hustle.

Survive the First Few weeks

When you open up your matched betting account, don’t get too excited and start smashing the offers. It’s much more effective to start building up your profile early on, so that the bookies immediately classify you as a punter.

It’s probably the most important time for your account, as it’s the bookmakers first chance to work out your betting patterns. Ultimately, they want to judge if you’ll be a good customer for them.

Complete the sign up offer, then completely mix things up. If you go from sign up offer straight to price boosts and other offers, you might experience the sour taste of a gubbing early doors.

 If you do win a bet with the bookmaker, don’t just immediately withdraw your money. How many gamblers are happy with their winnings? They usually want to ride their luck and continue to bet, until they lose.

We would be laying these bets off though, so we never lose!

I really wouldn’t be surprised to learn that bookmakers have tracking in place, so they know which customers are only there for the offers. 

Consistent Staking Patterns

This is another mistake I’ve unfortunately seen, very often.

A Matched Bettor will throw £25 in for a £25 offer, claiming the absolute maximum profit that’s on offer.

However, when it comes to mugging, they’re only placing £1 stakes. This isn’t enough.

You need to remain consistent, whilst at times also being unpredictable. The best way to achieve this woul d be to not take the maximum from every offer. 

If the max offer is £25, maybe just take £20. You’re missing out on about £3, once it’s converted to profit. 

However, if your account lasts just one week longer from doing this, you’ll be able to make £17 again next week. This works the same with all bookmakers.

Accumulator Bets are great mug bets

Accas are the most popular bet in the world for punters to place. It’s a perfect dreamland for the punter, who can place a £5 bet and hope to win tens, if not hundreds of thousands.

Bookies also love accas, as they don’t offer the customer much value. Even if a bookie pays out £15,000 for a £5 acca, you can ensure they’ve received about £50,000 of profit from other bets. It’s probably even higher than this.

Placing an accumulator bet is the perfect mug bet, as they’ll think you’re one of these punters. I personally would give back between 5 to 15% of my profits in the form of accumulators, but only giving the better bookmakers more. 

You can also employ personal challenge bets, such as £5 to £100 in 5 bets. 

However, ensure that you aren’t placing Accumulator Mug bets with bookies that have Accumulator refunds. This would actually be you trying to claim the acca refund, which counts as you taking their offer. 

You can use the Oddsmonkey Acca matcher to find which bookies offer Accumulator Refunds.


We’ve offered you the best tips to avoid your accounts getting closed, but unfortunately it does seem that being restricted by bookmakers is a fatal countdown, right from the moment you opened your account.

I was first gubbed by Betfred, which was quite frustrating at the time as I would often give them some back in terms of mug bets. 

At the end of the day, we are Matched Betting. It’s completely legal, but the bookmakers hate it.

You have two options, take the rockstar road and completely obliterate the offers, with a reduced life expectancy for your accounts. 

Alternatively, you can play cautious, taking offers, giving some back & trying to remain undetected.

It’s something that worked well for me for years, but you may not be looking at Matched Betting for a long term fix.

For us, it was quite fun to remain on the bookmakers side, whilst making a great monthly income from them.

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