Oddsmonkey Review & Tutorial: Does it still work in 2023?

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May 2023 Update: Oddsmonkey is still going strong 5 years after this original review, with over 40,000 members. Continue reading this review for more

Are you on the prowl for an Oddsmonkey review that doesn’t play games, holds no punches and tells it like it is? Congratulations, because you’ve hit the jackpot!

Recently, we’ve received quite a lot of emails asking us, “Is Oddsmonkey any good?” We couldn’t ignore these cries for truth, especially in a world where honest reviews are rarer than a winning lottery ticket.

We know you’ve got plenty of questions buzzing around your head. “Is Oddsmonkey really the bees-knees of matched betting?”, “Are they good at teaching beginners?” Well, you’re in the right place, and we’re about to provide everything that you need to know.

Why should you listen to us? Hi there, I’m Tom, the fearless leader at Matched Betting Forums. We’re the unapologetic truth-tellers of the betting world with no ties to bookmakers or casinos — they wouldn’t dare cross us (and the feeling is mutual).

We’ve been navigating the choppy waters of matched betting for years, teaching thousands how to sail smoothly via this very site and our bustling Beating Betting YouTube channel. And we’re about to serve up another dish of our signature, no-nonsense advice.

Strap in, folks. This Oddsmonkey review is going to be a wild ride. We’re about to dig deep, separate fact from fiction, and give it to you straight. No fluff, no distractions, just the raw, unadulterated truth you’ve been seeking.

So buckle up, it’s time to cut through the noise and dive head-first into the world of Oddsmonkey. You’re just a scroll away from finding out if they are indeed the unmatched kings of matched betting.

My First 12 Months on Oddmonkey: Reviewed

Free Trial Profit£33.50 Profit (2 Bets Placed)
Profit after 30 Days£1775 Profit
Profit after 12 Months£23,140 Profit
Time Spent1-2 Hours per day, 3-4 during festivals etc.
Overall ReviewMagnificent. I can’t believe it’s so easy!

What is Matched Betting?

Matched Betting hasn’t just been created. There are reports of older members having started out Matched Betting over 10 years ago.

It was a real ‘secret handshake club’, a goldmine of profits with very little people performing the dark art itself.

Now, it’s become more mainstream, Matched Betting is basically a household term. The reason for this is simple.

It’s so simple to earn a side income, without stress, without risk & without spending all of your time.

The reason for this is; services like Odds monkey. Specifically, the Premium service.

What is Oddsmonkey?

Initially, Oddsmonkey started out providing Matched Betting products to other ‘Services’, but in 2016 they decided to change the game.

The company started their own Matched Betting Platform, alongside the best matched betting academy we’ve seen. The Video tutorials are great, odds matcher is effective & we had a great user experience overall.

The reason for this was simple, they already had the expertise to create the very best software, which they rented to other platforms. Now, their goal was to become the #1 Matched Betting platform.

They wanted to do this without charging their members too much, so they decided to include all of the extra software and tools completely free alongside the Oddsmatcher subscription.

This is actually quite rare, but it’s still something Oddsmonkey stick to today. Whilst other sites charge £20 per month for Sportsbook & £15 extra for Casino Software, Oddsmonkey charge £19.99 for full access.

Full means full. Every tool they’ve ever created.

What’s even better, is that they offer a free trial to get you started.

They guide you towards your first £40 of profit, which enables you to pay for 2 months subscription.

We’ve compared Oddsmonkey with Profit Accumulator & Profit Maximiser, but at this time Oddsmonkey have the largest number of Sign up offers on their website.

Having the most sign up offers is absolutely critical to new users, who will be looking to build their pot as large as possible, before tackling reload offers.

Their Reload offers are also fantastic, with a huge variety of Sportsbook, Casino, Bingo & more added on a daily basis.

We can’t stress the emphasis on the fact that all offers are included, for one small price.

Any tool that you want to use on the site can be accessed, with the premium membership.

If £19.99 is too steep for you, you can get it for as low as £12.50 per month, by paying the £150 annual membership fee. Realistically, you’ll earn more than this in free bets from the trial alone.

Ready to Join Oddsmonkey?

Oddsmonkey is an absolute steal at £19.99. With all of their tools combines, you’d be paying £55 per month with competing Matched Betting sites.

How does Oddsmonkey work?

Oddsmonkey are the leading providers of Matched Betting services. They post Promotional offers from Bookmakers, Casino & Bingo websites every single day. The work they put in is tremendous, consistently checking over 95 bookmakers, looking for ways that you can make money. They also have to check the terms and conditions to ensure that profit is possible.

  • #1 Software for Matched Betting
  • Consistently Adding New Offers
  • Expert Community
  • Profit Tracker
  • Integrated Betting
  • Support & Assistance

Oddsmonkey don’t stop at publishing offers for you to complete. They provide some of the best guides that we’ve seen, with step by step instructions for how to complete the specific offer. 

The guides are actually so good that you could sit down without any knowledge of Matched Betting & make money. In addition to the guides, the software they produce is the best around. Let’s take a look at that.

Oddsmonkey Tutorial
Taking advantage of the Free Trial to earn over £50

The Oddsmatcher

When I mentioned that Oddsmonkey review 2019 previously used to offer their software out, it was this oddsmatcher. This is the best piece of software that exists even now in 2023, which was so good in 2016 that their competition used to pay them for it.

Their oddsmatcher is levels ahead, with so many advanced features that it’s now at the point where it can’t actually improve any further.

It can be difficult to find something to bet on, but with the Oddsmatcher, it’s anything but. It will literally find a match for you & advise you how much to stake, with the inbuilt calculator. Let’s look into the Oddsmatcher in-depth.

Accessing the Oddsmatcher

Your trial of Oddsmonkey will only contain the Trial bookmakers, which are Betfred, Coral & Sky Bet. We’ve added the trial pictures, to help you adjust to the oddsmatcher. The full version has over 90 bookmakers.

Oddsmatcher Review
The Oddsmatcher Software – The Holy Grail of Matched Betting

Finding a Bet

On the Oddsmatcher, all of the bets have a rating system. The rating system shows how close of a match the bet is. The closer the bet, the higher the total overall profit.

There’s lots of features on the Oddsmatcher, such as an in-built calculator, which will advise you on the exact figures needed. This means you don’t have to waste time with your calculations.

There’s also been an update so that you can now log bets that you’ve made. This logs directly into a Profit Tracker, which is another famous Oddsmonkey tool.

Oddsmatcher Review
Automated Bet Logging making things even easier

Betfair Exchange Integration

Oddsmonkey have found a way to make Matched Betting even easier. 

Now, the Oddsmatcher software has an additional script, where it can automatically place your lay bets. It works with Smarkets too. 

If you’re a new member, Oddsmonkey are aware that laying bets can be confusing. It’s probably the hardest thing to learn when Matched Betting.

Now, you don’t need to learn it. Their software works for you.

Even if you’re not confused, the addition of the automatically placed lay bets mean that you can save significant time. Simply Click Lay the bet and it automatically lays this, at your Betting Exchange.

Automated Lay Betting

Each Way Matcher

Oddsmonkey have created a separate tool for exploiting the Extra Places which bookmakers offer.

This is the main reason that I’m subscribed to their services, as the money that you can lock in with these offers is quite frankly ridiculous.

Extra Place races aren’t on daily, they tend to pop up on a weekend. 

They’re very special. They occur when a Bookmaker decided to pay out 5 places, instead of 4. In some instances, they also offer 5,6 or even 7 places!

What makes this special, is that the Exchange still only ‘lays’ the original places, in this example 4.

You can back a horse each way & lay it. If your horse finishes in one of the extra places, you’ve just made hundreds of pounds.

Extra Places

Horse Racing Matcher

That’s not all for horses. There’s even more software for you to use & profit from Horse Racing.

Horse Racing bets are up there with the most common matched betting reload offers. Especially on a weekend, you could find yourself placing upto 50 bets. 

There’s always Horse Racing, which means there’s always some form of Matched Betting offer!

The Horse Racing Matcher is designed to only show races with Offers attached, so any offer-less race doesn’t show. You can even filter when you’ve completed an offer to save more time. 

Oddsmonkey Each Way Matcher
The Each Way Matcher is Perfect for Horse Racing Promotions

Extra Place Matcher

The Extra Place Matcher has been launched to simplify the extra place promotions. 

This piece of software is included in the Premium membership, just like any other new additions will be. 

You’re able to see the exact amount of profit you’ll earn from the Extra Places with this tool, which is very valuable for me, as I spend the majority of my time now with Extra Place offers.

You can select when you’ve backed a horse, so it won’t keep showing on the matcher. 

It sits alongside the Each Way Matcher, but they’re both still valuable for me, like they will be for you.

Oddsmonkey Extra Place Matcher

Accumulator Matcher

I was completely knocked back when this launched.

It seems that for any type of offer that exists, Oddsmonkey will create software to help us profit from them.

The Accumulator software allows you to make a profit from every single accumulator bet. At first, I rubbished it. Then, I tried it.

Accumulator Offers aren’t to be tried by newcomers to matched betting, as there’s heavily advanced techniques included. You’ll get there eventually though, starting off with the £1 trial with Oddsmonkey.

There are multiple ways to use the Accumulator Matcher. 

My favourite method is to risk a small loss, hoping to lock in a massive profit near the end. If you’re risk averse, you can lock in the profit immediately.

There’s also No Lay methods, where you’ll be given odds that are profitable long term. This means without laying you would make a profit long term, as you’re beating the odds.

The software picks up the best bets, which can’t overlap with one another, helping you to plan your day ahead.

The Accumulator Matcher consists of the Acca Finder & Acca Builder.

Acca Finder is much more automated, finding absolutely everything for you to place a bet on. You just have to press place bet, basically!

Acca Builder is a manual version of the tool, but allows you to decide upon your preferences. It’s probably a better idea to add some of your own bets into the accumulator, so that it looks unique!

Oddsmonkey Review Acca Matcher
An overview of the Acca Matcher Software

Dutching Matcher Software

When I place mug bets, I really like using the Dutching Software. 

Dutching isn’t like normal matched betting where you place a Back and a Lay bet. 

Instead, you’ll be placing 3 bets (if it’s a football match). A bet on the Home team, a bet on the draw & a bet on the Away team).

Yes, you know how this works! The software will automatically find the bets, advise you how much to stake according to the odds that it found.

It’s really effective as it allows 3 bookmaker bets at once, which can work for Mug bets & staying under the Bonus Abuse radar.

It’s also a good way to qualify for extra offers with bookmakers too, with little cost.

You can filter the bookmakers to your preference, but you’ll soon notice that it’s the same bookmakers popping up. It’s crazy how you’ll notice a trend, for example Sky Bet are usually good with ‘Home Team’ odds, whereas Bet365 usually dominate the Draw market with the best odds.

Oddsmonkey Dutching Software
The Oddsmonkey Dutching Software – A Great way to Mug Bet

Tennis Matcher

The Tennis matcher is another recent update, I’ll be honest that I haven’t used this too much.

It’s software which focuses solely on Tennis, but it’s part of the membership & why I included this.

It has been useful to me on two or three occasions, allowing me to find a 2UP Match. In peak season, it will prove to be a very useful tool.

The Profit Tracker

This tool is a saviour, & it was a warm welcome when Oddsmonkey announced the release.

The truth is, you’ll be placing lots of bets using the above software, so it could get easy to miss a bet. I’ve done it in the past, many times. 

If you place a £50 bet at odds of 4.0, forgetting where you placed it, that’s £200 missing. 

Not if you use the Profit Tracker. 

Every time you use the Tools above, you can press Log Bet. This will send the data directly to the profit tracker. If I could go back and give myself some tips, Money Management would definitely be up there.

Why bother with manual input on a spreadsheet, which will add hours to your weekly input, when you can click log bet and view it instantly?

You can then mark your bets as settled, it will even tell you how much balance you have with each bookmaker. 

It’s not an amateur profit tracker, it looks like it’s been developed by an accountant. 

If you’ve started Matched Betting years ago, you can even input your current profit, so that you don’t have to start a number from £0.

In 18 months, I’ve gone from spending 10 hours a week, finding the bets and logging them on paper, to spending 30 minutes a week ensuring the Profit Tracker is as pretty as my bank balance.

Oddsmonkey Profit Tracker
Always Remember to Log Your Bets! A Look at the Profit Tracker

Casino Promotions & Bingo Offers

Oddsmonkey found that there was a new form of offer, hitting existing customers inbox every week. 

They weren’t the traditional sportsbook offers.

Casino & Bingo offers were becoming more and more popular, but Oddsmonkey had a plan to turn them into profit.

They introduced a wide variety of Calculators to help users with the Casino aspect.

The Estimated Value calculator is still a major tool for Casino offers. It allows you to see exactly how much profit you should end up with, after using a specific slot machine.

Knowing you’re playing on the correct Slot Machine will increase your chances of profit dramatically, it’s why the EV Calculator is highly regarded.

A Brief Overview of the Typical Casino Offers you can complete

Matched Betting Calculators

There are more calculators on Oddsmonkey anywhere else, believe me when I say they’re the Kings of Software.

The Calculators that you’ll receive are:

  • Standard Matched Betting Calculator
  • Dead Head Calculator
  • Dutching Calculator
  • Each Way Calculator
  • Each Way Reverse Calculator
  • Each Way Extra Places Calculator
  • Early Payout Calculator
  • Estimated Value Calculator
  • Risk Free Equal Profit Calculator
  • Rule 4 Calculator
  • Sporting Index Calculator
  • Trigger Bet Calculator
  • Unwanted Lay Calculator
  • Win Bonus Calculator
  • Sequential Lay Calculator

Matched Betting Spreadsheets

If you like to keep things stored local, you’ll love the Oddsmonkey Matched Betting Spreadsheets too. They have everything.

The Spreadsheet included are:

  • Accumulator Lay All
  • Accumulator Lay Sequential
  • Accumulator No Lay
  • Dutching 4 places
  • Dutching 5 places
  • Dutching 40 Horses Max
  • Profit Tracker Manual
  • Ultimatcher 3
  • Ultimatcher 4
  • Trigger Bets
  • Rule 4 Calculator
  • SuzyBeth Acca Spreadsheet
  • SuzyBeth Dutching Each Way
  • SuzyBeth Dutching Extra Places
  • Lay Multiple Outcomes

Oddsmonkey Customer Support

Odds monkey have some of the best staff that we’ve crossed ways with. 

Profit Accumulator have increased their Service & Support levels recently, but they fall just short of Oddsmonkey’s knowledge & support.

I haven’t had to contact them personally for around 2 years, but there’s nothing but positive stories about members experiences. From offering assistance with bets, to offering 1 to 1 training, they really do exceed expectations.

They’re the only Matched Betting service offering mentoring sessions via Remote Screen sharing. The difference is, they are here for you to make money.

It’s not just a company that send Emails out. Phone calls, Webinars, they will do anything to help you out.

I highly advise you take advantage of that mentoring, it’s so useful & enables you to learn more about Matched Betting.

Oddsmonkey Forum Community

The Forum is a great resource, as it’s got lots of members who have great expertise.

The staff are also active too, they’re completing the matched betting offers alongside us, in addition to Moderators and others who provide tips for active members.

You need an active membership to access the Forum, as you’ll find all the posts in their in addition to the Offers Area Hub, renamed the Daily Offer Calendar.

The Forums are really useful for strategy discussion, but on a few occassions it’s presented me with loopholes. These loopholes are ways to make huge amounts of money. They don’t suffice often.

Make sure you enter the monthly competitions too, you can win a huge variation of prizes.

Oddsmonkey Review: My Conclusion

We have to give Oddsmonkey full marks on their service. They’re our highest rated Matched Betting service.

If you need a Service for your Matched Betting needs, there’s no reason to look elsewhere. You have all of the tools that’s required (and more), but in addition to receiving more… you’ll be paying less. 

That’s right, Oddsmonkey are significantly cheaper than all competitors & offer the best package, it’s like going All-Inclusive instead of self-catering.

Fortunately, you don’t have to take my word for it. Instead, you can sign up for the Free Trial using the link below & see Oddsmonkey in action.

Honestly, joining Oddsmonkey will be the best decision you ever made. I hope to see you on the forums.

Oddsmonkey Updates & Changes

This area is reserved for any changes to the Oddsmonkey Service, which have changed since the Review was written. 

We have updated the Oddsmonkey Review to contain all of the Matcher software, which are all inclusive of the £19.99 Oddsmonkey fee.

Oddsmonkey Casino Hub

The Gurus have been hard at once once more, this time updating their Platform to cater for Casino Offers. 

Profit Accumulator did something similar, creating Bonus Accumulator… but this come with a monthly fee. Oddsmonkey’s new Casino Hub is completely inclusive of the current subscription fee, which only adds more value to the service.

Oddsmonkey Casino Hub Review
A Look at the Oddsmonkey Casino Hub – A Dedicated section

It’s a dedicated area, where you’ll find Casino Offers, Training Guides & other tools such as the Slots Database and the EV Calculator.

We really rate the Casino Hub, as we don’t feel that customers should be paying twice for subscription fees. 

I’ve written a piece on both services, but I can’t look past using Oddsmonkey at the moment. The price is cheaper & the tools are significantly more advanced. Both websites offer easy to follow guides though, so i’m sure you’ll earn money at either site, with ease. The Profit Accumulator vs Oddsmonkey debate will probably always exist!

We have seen more favourable Oddsmonkey Reviews in 2023, though. We will leave you with some Frequently Asked Questions about our Oddsmonkey Review. For anything else, please leave a comment!

Oddsmonkey is fantastic. It’s so simple, yet effective. I recommend Matched Betting to everyone that I know who would like to increase their income, but Oddsmonkey is my favourite service.

There is a Free Trial for Oddsmonkey, which will earn you £45 completely free. After this, you will need to pay £19.99 per month for a membership, but the profits that you will earn are definitely worth the investment.

Gnoming is a grey area. This is where you are placing bets on behalf of another person. It’s really hard to get caught, and it’s not an illegal action. It’s not an ethical way of matched betting though, and is generally not allowed to be discussed on Profit Accumulator or Oddsmonkey.

Matched Betting only takes up a few hours every week, but the rewards are financially mindblowing. On my first month of Matched betting, I was averaging around £55 per hour. Not bad for spare time! 

If you don’t have lots of spare time, I fully understand that you may not wish to start placing bets. However, you really must consider the amount of profit that’s on offer here. We are talking thousands of pounds, every month.

Oddsmonkey isn’t a scam at all.  In fact, Wales 247 has even posted an article explaining to it’s readers how it works!

It’s a 100% legitimate way to earn hundres of pounds every month, following their easy to follow guides. In addition to this, it’s also tax free, which is an extra bonus.

They’ve just celebrated their 40,000th sign up, but if that’s not enough to convince you to get involved, their website shows their 4.5/5.0 rated from Reviews website.

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