Profit Accumulator Review for 2020:

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Profit Accumulator Review

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Welcome to My Profit Accumulator Review.

Profit Accumulator is a membership service that teaches people how to make up to and beyond £2000 a month from ‘Matched Betting’.

I have tried out their Premium membership & reviewed every aspect in full.

Quick Summary: Profit Accumulator is amazing, helping me to consistently make large profits.

Profit Accumulator is a matched betting service based in Covent Garden, London.

They are a recognised site in the Matched Betting world, where they teach members the concept of Matched Betting, providing them with tools, software, support and a large community which help them make Risk Free money.

Profit Accumulator close to 20,000 active members on the forums.

The staff at Profit Accumulator also matched bet full time, able to support you, via email, on the forums or even a phone call.

A premium membership with Profit Accumulator comes with many benefits, from Step by Step Training guides, access to every offer available by a bookmaker, all the way to their dedicated support team who will help you with any & every query you may have.

Profit Accumulator also have a loyalty scheme for members, so if you have been a member for over 12 months you will get discounts on your monthly fees.

I signed up for Profit Accumulator on the 10th March 2015 & have been a contributing member ever since.

The main reason for this is that the PA community is by far the best, there are very experienced members who can help you make profit in ways which other websites cannot.»

Before Profit Accumulator, I had never placed a bet. I couldn’t think of anything worse than gambling hard earned money away.

I was doing a YouTube marathon the one night and I saw an advertisement for Profit Accumulator, promising that I could earn guaranteed sums of money, I recall Sam quoting £2,000 a month!

I was fairly poorly paid at the time, after my outgoings I didn’t have any money for luxuries, the weekend Takeaway was a struggle! With this in mind, I thought I’d give it a go.
They offer a free trial so I’m not committing to anything.

I soon completed this trial, earning £44 which I reinvested into another months subscription. I thought I would have completed all available offers In this time, but to my amazement there were around 10-15 to complete every day!
How wrong I was, almost 18 months later and I’m still finding new offers & ways to make make money!
My average profit per month is £1880, which just falls short of the £2,000 I was told. However, I don’t have lots of time to complete these offers & miss quite a lot of them.

What Sets Profit Accumulator apart from the rest?

With Profit Accumulators help, you will Never Worry About Money Again.

Oddsmatching Software

The hardest thing when Matched Betting is Time.

Whether it be finding time to complete the offers, or being able to complete the offer as fast as possible so you can move onto your next one. The Odds Matching software that Profit Accumulator provide is fantastic, enabling you to find something to bet on in seconds.

You simply select the bookmaker you require & it will show you the best matches to bet on. Each result has it’s own rating column, on this example there is a result showing 111.76, meaning that if you place this bet you will actually make 11.76% Profit on your bet stake.

The results that show 99.x% are the best to take, as these aren’t arb bets but they are the Lowest qualifying loss bets possible.

This Oddsmatcher is fantastic for 3 main reasons:

  1. Save time ( No need to manually search for your bets)
  2. Save money (Results are filtered using the rating system to save your qualifying losses)
  3. Find the best matches possible

In Depth Training

Profit Accumulator is accessible for all to join, there are no barriers. I have introduced some friends who are poor at Maths, some who didn’t think it would work and some who had never even placed a bet before.

This is where Profit Accumulator really show their expertise, they will guide new members entirely through the Matched betting process, slowly but efficiently.

They have beginner guides & tutorials which are well documented, talking you through step-by-step exactly what you need to do.

With the video tutorials, I would say it’s close to impossible to make a mistake, as your hand is being held through every aspect such as:

  • Signing Up to Bookmaker & inputting your details
  • Depositing & finding your bet
  • Backing and laying your bet
  • Getting the free bet
  • Finally, extracting the profit from the free bet.

It’s not just a one off tutorial either, there is a full in depth guide like this, For every offer they put on their website.

Even down to the basics, you get a video on how to use the Forum!

Superior Matched Betting Calculators

Profit Accumulator give access to some of the most advanced calculators available to the Matched Betting Community.

These calculators can help users guarantee profit from situations that haven’t been profitable before hand.

Each calculator is purpose built for a specific task, enabling you to lock in profit RISK FREE.

Should you Start Matched Betting?

This ones simple… yes!

How Does Matched Betting Work?

Matched Betting is a legitimate way of earning cash. Profit Accumulator make this as simple as possible by creating a service which is accessible to anybody & everybody.

Profit Accumulator involves using a bookmakers promotional offers & guaranteeing a Risk Free approach to make money. However, it does not there, you can now profit from Casino, Bingo, Cashback & Spreadex!

Once you are logged in you are directed to the ‘Daily Offer Calendar’, which gives you a complete list of Offers and Promotions available for that day. It shows the difficulty level and the amount of Profit available, which is fantastic for those with less time.

You will never be outside of your comfort zone, as the guides have video tutorials and instructions down to the specifics such as how to alter the odds format!

What are the risks?

There is no risk attached to Matched Betting. You are 100% certainly not gambling.
Matched Betting is where you cover all potential outcomes of a game. If either team win, or it’s a draw You still win!
There is no risk attached, as there cannot possibly be any other results.
Gone are the days where you will be throwing your TV through the window, as The full time result doesn’t matter, we win regardless.

Matched betting has been around for years now, but it’s recently became more popular as its been researched more, and with Profit Accumulator offering a free trial, you can earn £50 immediately!
It’s also completely legal, all you are doing is taking advantage of a bookmakers promotion, it’s not illegal to guarantee a profit.[/panel][panel title=”Is this a Scam? Or Illegal?”]There’s no scam here, although I would guess there are many bookmakers who definitely dislike what Profit Accumulator are doing here, as it’s enabled the Punters to re-gain an edge.

Profit Accumulator are legitimate. With near to 20,000 members paying every month, it must work! With a free trial, you are able to see for yourself too.

So now you can make money, while making money!

Signing Up to Your Free Trial

The Free Trial of Profit Accumulator allows you access to 2 Bookmaker offers.

Coral & SkyBet.

These are simple offers (guides are also available on my forum section) and have been added into the ‘trial’ area to earn you around £40-50, which should pay for around 4 months of your premium membership.

You need a minimum of £35 to start Matched Betting, the beginner sign up offers are so profitable, that in around 10 days you should be sitting at around £350-£400.

The two trial offers have been included to teach you the basics of Matched Betting. This method will be used to place bets for every matched bet you do, so it’s important to let you find your feet & get inside the comfort zone with the smaller bets initially!

What are Reload Offers Matched Betting?

A Reload offer is something which Bookmakers/Casino sites use to attract the customers back to them, they want you to deposit (and lose!) money.

The Range of offers that are available are almost never-ending! Ranging from the Sportsbook, to Casino Games & even spreading to the Bingo Lobbies!

Here is a famous example of a Reload offer, from the great Ladbrokes:

This offer is worth around £21 profit, and will take around 8 minutes to complete.

People ask if there is money to be made after all the easy sign up money has been taken. This email above shows that Yes, there is plenty to be made. Aswell as the invite only promotions, bookmakers promote lots of offers for all customers to complete.

As soon as an offer is made available by a bookmaker, it will be on the PA guide page, Forum & Daily Offer Calendar.

Frequently Asked Questions about Matched Betting

How much money do I need to start with Profit Accumulator?

You can start Matched Betting with as little as £50. It will take a little longer to complete offers, as you will have to wait for money to transfer around if it won into the bookmakers. £250 is the recommended minimum start, as it enables you to complete multiple offers at once, enabling you to earn £40 a day with ease.

How do I complete the offers?

It couldn’t be easier, there is a step by step guide (and videos in most cases) detailing exactly how you complete these offers. You simply log in to your members area, find the offer you wish to complete and take it from there.

Can I join if I have already completed the sign-ups?

Sign up offers are a big factor to boosting your bankroll, but going forward you will be taking advantage of ‘Existing Customer’ offers in order to make your risk free profit. I highly doubt you will have accounts with most of these bookmakers, as they are obscure and most punters won’t have heard of these before!

Do I need a High Performance PC?

Nope, you don’t need to purchase a high-spec PC in order to place a few bets. In fact you can use your mobile or tablet devices. As long as you can connect to the internet and browse, you will be able to participate.

Note, it is much easier to have a ‘decent’ PC, as you can have multiple screen setups. This was my first purchase with my profits!

I don’t have much time, what can I earn?

It can vary from month to month, depending on what offers are available, but I would estimate you can earn £250 a month with little time available for completing offers. The daily offer calendar would be of fantastic use, as it outlines difficulty of an offer, estimated profit and how long this should take. This is fantastic if you’re limited for time as it enables you to pick off the most worthwhile offers

Will this damage my Credit Score Rating?

Matched Betting will not affect your credit score, it operates in the same way as buying anything online. It WILL show on your bank statement as a transaction, but that’s as far as it goes in terms of any ‘reports’. I have recently got a mortgage, and questions weren’t asked of my statements which show around £15,000 a month going in and out of bookmakers!

Is it Easy to learn?

It’s easy as ABC! You are only following guides, so as long as you can precisely copy the videos, you will be able to begin immediately. For the first few bets I placed, I didn’t really understand the methodology, but it soon sank in when I saw the profit hitting my bank account!

If at any point you are stuck, I’m available to help or the Oddsmonkey forum can help too!

Is it worth the Fee?

Without a doubt. Oddsmonkey are the best subscription based service provider on the Matched Betting scene, and they’re also the cheapest!

You get advanced software which isn’t available anywhere else, as well as a personalised offer calendar & supportive, around-the-clock staff which help with any requests you may have. »


You can make a LOT of money with Profit Accumulator. The type of money that can and has changed lives. Personally, I paid off a £17,000 house deposit using a years matched betting income.

This money is literally waiting to be snatched up, by the next ‘punter’. It can be yours, if you take the correct steps today to sign up to Profit Accumulator, you won’t look back.

What is £15 a month when it allows you to bring in £1000+ a month?

Answer: It’s a damn good investment.

I hope this review has helped you to make a decision regarding your future & I hope to see you on the Forums!

Profit Accumulator Review Summary

Profit Accumulator Premium Membership Review
Profit Accumulator is a membership service that claims to teach people how to make up to £2000 a month from matched betting. I’ve tried it out and have written my thoughts.
Written by: Tom P
Profit Accumulator Membership
Date published: 08/26/2019
Must Have Product, Read my Review for Full Detail