Reasons I Matched Bet

There are quite a few reasons that I start matched betting!
I work full time, but it’s not the greatest salary as I am a trainee. I have goals that are far higher than my wage allows me to live.

Fortunately, I found matched betting and this allows me to earn anywhere between £1000-£2000 extra every month, meaning I can save extra to the pot!

I always get told that I have huge expectations of myself, in reality I am only 21 years old and I’ve already got my own home. But my mindset leads me to wonder why I haven’t already ‘made it’, driving the latest Prestige car! I don’t think there is anything wrong with having great ambitions, it’s something which really keeps me on track all of the time as I consistently aim to better myself!


I have purchased my own house, so now all that’s left is for me to save up for the car I want! I have a company car at work, but it’s an estate and it’s not something I enjoy driving so, we will see what the future holds! It wont be a ‘this time next week’ kind of thing, as this car is around £38,000!


To conclude, the reason I matched bet is for Financial security. I know if I put the work in, I am more or less guaranteed £800-£1000 per month.

This is perfect for me, I have one friend who doesn’t need the extra money, but the reason he does it, is because if he isn’t matched betting he is gambling. So that is a great moral reason for it.

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