What does Gubbed mean? How to avoid being gubbed

What does Gubbed mean
& how to Avoid being Gubbed?

Updated December 4th 2019

What does Gubbed Mean?


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It’s a sad day to lose one of your Bookmaker Accounts when Matched Betting, as it’s most likely been a good source of profit for the last few years. 

I remember receiving my first gubbing email, it’s something that I always accepted was a possibility, but not something I should expect.

If I had one tip to give you, it’s to protect your accounts when Matched Betting, you need to avoid being gubbed.

What does it mean to get Gubbed?

You’ve most likely received an email from the bookmaker, they won’t email to say ‘Hi Tom, just to let you know you’re gubbed’.

Instead, you’ll receive a long email stating that due to a Trading Decision, promotions won’t apply to your account. 

It’s a very fancy way to say you’re banned, but you can still use our casino if you fancy gambling?

Gubbed is the word that’s used frequently on most forums. It’s not an official term.

You may also find that your stakes are limited in some instances, to the point where you can’t put a bet on.

Carry on reading this post to find out why bookmakers do this & how you can avoid it.

Why have the Bookmakers Gubbed me?

You’ll most likely be quite frustrated now, I know I was when I received my first gubbing, from PaddyPower.
They’re one of the big bookies, who have good offers all throughout the year. 

If you’ve been gubbed, you’ve most likely done one (or more) of the following

You’ve taken too much value

The only downside to using Automated software for Matched Betting, is that it looks for the best value bets. 

If you’re taking consistent value from your bets, or even arbing some bets, you will stick out like a sore thumb. When you take all the value, you are stopping the bookmaker from profiting.

You need to ensure the bookmaker can still profit, so leave them some value. I would also avoid placing Mug Bets which are close matches, as that’s just building the case that you’re using automated tools.

The key thing is that bookmakers don’t rate you on how good a gambler you are. For example, if you’ve won 100 of your last 105 bets. 

Instead, they often lay your bets themselves, but they can’t do this is when you’re taking all the profit.

You only log in for the Free bets

If the bookmaker monitors your account and finds out that you’re only placing bets when there’s promotions available, they will exclude you from the list.

This would be the same even if you weren’t matched betting. 

The only reason that bookmakers offer promotions, is to get you on their site. Once you’re in, you’d be enticed into the casino etc.

If they aren’t persuading you to continue betting without free bets, they won’t give you any.

Can I get ungubbed?

I have first hand experience of this, but it didn’t end up as the dream fairytale you might have hoped for.

I thought I was one of the lucky ones, when I managed to regain access to PaddyPower promotions. It didn’t last. Around 6 months after being gubbed by PaddyPower, I was sent an email offer.  Something along the lines of Bet £10 get £5 free bet for every goal scored. I was then continuing to place my bets with PaddyPower, when I won three 2up offers in one weekend. 
The profit was fantastic, but I immediately knew something wasn’t right. I tried to stake £500 on Man Utd, but it kept failing to place the bet.  I had been stake restricted.  The maximum I could bet was £4.66. I had lost my PaddyPower account forever now, there’s no way back from a full stake restriction. I have tried placing mug bets with other bookmakers, in a bid to get my account back. This hasn’t worked.  For any users looking at a way to get ungubbed, I think the safest bet is just to consider the account as closed. It will take you a lot of time to place mug bets, which are ultimately going to cost you money. Save that money & look for a new profit avenue!

Can I prevent Gubbings?

If you don’t want to be gubbed, you’ve got to be prepared to make a decision. 

Do you want to make less profit now, for a chance of the profit lasting longer?

There’s no guarantee that you will keep your accounts, there’s no guarantee that you will lose them. 

It’s a risk that you have to take, but I would rather take more profit now and see how long it lasts. If it doesn’t last very long, at least you’ve made some good money. 

I suspect it would be very frustrating to lose an account which you’ve taken time trying to protect.

Have a read of the Mug Bet guide, so you know roughly what to expect in order to prevent gubbings.


Although Matched Betting is risk free in terms of your finances, there is definite risk that your accounts could be closed. 

Ensure that you are placing mug bets & not taking too much value on every bet, this should see you keep your accounts active & receiving promotions.

If you build up a good profile, you won’t get gubbed.

If you have any tips that I’ve potentially missed out, let me know in the comments!


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