What is Underlay? What is Overlay?

Underlaying a bet means to lay LESS than what is advised by the calculator.
It is a very advanced tactic, almost gambling.


Below is an example of the Calculator (Set to Advanced Mode, so you can see Underlay and Overlay).

Underlay bet

I have created a false scenario, £25 Stake, 2.0/2.0 Back & Lay odds.

Note, how there are 3 boxes on advanced mode, the centre one, standard is the Ideal lay (Balanced for minimal losses either way). The losses here are 25p regardless of Bookie or Exchange winning.


  • With this method, you stand to lose more if the money goes into the exchange.
  • Underlaying means you are confident the bet should win, so underlay to try and Minimize all Qualifying losses. (See the Bookmaker bet wins £0.00, which means it won’t have cost you a penny to place the bet… As Long as it wins!


  • Completely opposite to Underlay, with this method you lose money if the bet wins with the bookmaker.
  • Overlaying means you are confident the bookmaker bet should lose, so overlay to minimize the qualifying losses.
  • You stand to lose more if the bet does win into the bookmaker.


Personally, for the day to day general betting, I stick to Normal on the calculator. Overall, there is less risk, plus your emotions don’t get in the way.

What I do advise, is for you to UNDERLAY your bets where there is a lot of ‘Rollover’ or ‘Wagering’ to complete.
This means, that if the bets keep winning in the bookmaker, it hasn’t cost you a thing.
When the bet loses, sure it costs you a little more in Qualifying Losses, but the offer is then completed.

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