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We don’t usually work with Betting Systems, but I’ll make an exception for the Z Code. It’s trialled and tested.

What is the ZCode System?

You’ve found this ZCode System Review today because you’ve most likely heard about it’s success rate.

I was very intrigued to hear about the ZCode, although when I starting using it I was a little overwhelmed. 

Just like I do with all things Betting, I like to write guides to help people who were in my position.

Today, we focus all upon this system, explaining what it is, how it works & also including a beginners guide type tutorial.

We are VERY dubious about any website trying to claim that they’ve ‘cracked’ a system, but we had to try the ZCode when they claimed to have multiple data-backed betting systems available.

I have attached my initial findings since starting using the Zcode System. Note, I started in July 2020, which meant there was limited sports to bet on.

I only really know UK sports like Football etc, so I was actually quite glad to be following their tips without letting my ‘mind’ get the better of me.

The sports we used was mainly Basketball, with HUGE results. Note, this isn’t a Matched Betting product.

Is the Zcode System Profitable

Total Staked£615.00
Total Returns£1,370
Total P&L£755 Profit
Sports UsedBasketball & Soccer
Would I Recommend?CERTAINLY!

Ready to Enter the ZCode?

As an avid user & ambassador of the ZCode System, I have a special offer which you can claim below too. It’s time to get the upper hand.

What is the ZCode System?

The ZCode System is a betting community, which contains a betting suite providing lots of information on sports bets. 

Paying members have complete access to all data, betting tips and winning systems. The Z Code focuses on American sports, such as NFL, NHL, NBA & Major League Baseball.

We aren’t reviewing a new product here, as the ZCode System has been active since 1999. It’s only caught my attention recently due to branching out to ‘value bets’, but it’s highly regarded.

The Community has really taken off, with members providing advice to eachother, in addition to betting tips. Due to the increasing popularity of Soccer in USA, that now has it’s own dedicated area (perfect for UK members).

This system is consistently being updated, offering more ways for active members to profit from their sports betting.

You’d be wrong mistaking this for a tipping service, as the Z Code only allows systems which have been tested extensively. Data is a huge part of the Z Code System, including the tracking of winning and losing bets.

Members are also encouraged to leave their feedback on betting systems, so you can take a look at those before you jump in.

We really like the Member Feedback option, as you can get a true understanding of what other members think.

What’s included with my membership?

VIP Picks

The Z code System is designed to be user friendly, able to cater for users which aren’t actually interested in sports. After all, you are here to make money, not to cheer on your favourite team.

At the core of the product is the VIP Picks that you can access on the Zcode. This operates similar to a forum, with a hub of daily bets for a wide range of sports.

It caters mainly for US sports, such as basketball etc. However, I have placed many bets on US sports now without any issues. 

Every single pick is provided by a tipster, who shares all essential information for deciding on the bets to place.

You are provided with the odds, staking structure & more detailed information such as previous form. 

Every tip is researched, with all of the information provided. You can even discuss each tip with other members, which adds to the community feel of the ZCode.

Every tip is given with clear instructions, which means that you will understand the bet and be less likely to make an error.

This is particularly good for those who don’t know their way around bookmaker sites, or have any previous experience.

I’ve only been around for a few months, but one thing that I’ve noticed is the community spirit. Every member seems to be on the same side, trying to help each other as much as possible.

For people that don’t have time to look around, ZCode system lists the Top 30 picks each day, so that you have fast access to all of the days best bets.

The bets come with a star rating, which makes it even easier for you to decide which bets you should jump into. If you don’t have a lot of time, you can simply stick to the 4/5 star bets, which would typically be the best bets to place. 

You can confirm this by taking a look at the comments, to see what members think.

Betting Systems

Z Code Systems other selling point is their huge range of betting systems.

This is a clever system which uses algorithms to predict the outcome of games. It’s actually quite scary how good this is.

There’s no ‘one system wins all’, Z Code give you access to many different systems.

Each betting system will show real-time data, showing betting history and previous stats. It uses all of this to make it’s decision.

Every betting system has it’s profitability checked, and you can check this yourself. Obviously, the best systems are the ones that make profit over a long period of time.

The data driven systems are a fantastic piece of software for any professional gambler, as it does all of the hard work for us.

You don’t have to place every single bet which the machine advises you to, you can look into the stats yourself and make an informed decision.

Bookmaker Integration

ZCode have integrated some bookmakers into their software, showing you which the best bookmakers are to use for each market.

We need bookmakers that offer the market we need, but with this software we don’t even need to check. It does all of the hard work for us.


Communities thrive on forums and this is no different for ZCode System. Members get together to help eachother out, discuss what’s currently working and how to improve even further.

It’s the place to be for more insights, tips and tricks. 

Video Tutorials

The ZCode Sytem is packed full of resources. Naturally, this could make onboarding quite hard (as there’s so much to do). However, this is simplified with the Video Tutorials that ZCode offer it’s members. 

Learning the ropes and starting to place profitable bets is simplified with their fantastic support videos. They explain exactly how to use their software, step by step.

Every betting system is unique, but there’s a video tutorial for every single one. These are perfect for beginners, as they provide invaluable information about the software.

You will be guided through the entire process, which means that experience isn’t necessary. Providing you can copy what the video explained, you can start making profitable bets.

ZCode also understand that videos aren’t enough for some people, which is where they’ve gone one step further. They update their FAQ’s regularly, contribute via their support forums and provide a support desk for direct assistance.

ZCode Sports Investing Bible

The Investing Bible will most likely be your starting point. This will be sent to you, once you’ve registered. 

This is a great little cheat sheet, providing all of the information you need to know about sports betting.

It’s not focused around the ZCode System, instead it gives you general advice about placing bets for a profit. It’s directed towards people that haven’t placed a bet before, but it’s also worth a skim-read if you’re an experienced gambler.

I needed to read this before I started the Zcode, and I’ve been gambling for almost 7 years now.

Is the ZCode System a Scam?

The Zcode Sytem is not a scam. It’s a legit website which has been active since 1999, with thousands of profitable members.

The Betting resources are fantastic, helping members to make long term profits from their sports bets.

We have seen a few reports about the ZCode System being a scam, which is why I initially looked into this. After looking into some of the negative reviews, it became apparant that the users had requested a refund due to not understanding the platform.

It’s unfortunate, but this does happen. We can’t accept that a product is a scam, because a user hasn’t understood it. I had to write a Zcode Sytem Review myself, to offer my thoughts on this exceptional service.

That could qualify as a drawback for the ZCode Review. There’s lots of information, which can make it difficult.

However, we know that knowledge is power. Providing that you have the time to read the resources, watch the videos & familiarise yourself with the system… you will make money using this tool.

ZCode System Review: Final Thoughts

We like the betting suite that ZCode System provides. It has no competitors when you look at the depth of resources this provides, as nothing can compete.

It’s had a few updates in it’s lifetime, providing members with extra content for no extra charges. That’s enough to get our seal of approval.

The betting community is also worth becoming a part of, as every member helps eachother become a success.

Combine the above with their fantastic onboarding training material, wide range of betting systems & exceptional support team, ZCode is well worth the investment. It’s not the cheapest product available online, but remember, this is a professional product. 

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  1. I have marked this as 2* for Matched Betting software… simply because this isn’t a Matched Betting product. It doesn’t rely on Bonuses & Promotions. It’s a great product overall… but it’s NOT Matched Betting.

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