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Bookmaker VIP Clubs: The Secret Matched Betting Club

Bookmaker VIP Clubs Matched Betting

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Today we discuss the highest echelon of Matched Betting, which is the prospect of becoming a VIP customer.

I’m not going to lie and state that it’s easy to get into a bookmakers VIP scheme, because it’s not. It’s actually rather difficult and from our experiment, it’s totally dependent on total betting stakes.

They’re absolute goldmines in terms of offers, making them a great prospect for advanced matched bettors.

For non matched bettors, there probably isn’t much benefit of being in a VIP club. This is because you’re probably losing money with the bookmakers, which is why they invited you into their members only club.

I’ve been a member of Coral, PaddyPower & NetBet VIP Clubs, although it ultimately ended with me losing my accounts completely.

I was also invited into Ladbrokes VIP scheme, but they wanted to welcome me in with a formal day out at Chester races, in a private box! I didn’t respond to this though, which strangely led to my stakes being restricted!

In this post, I’m going to share some information for how you can also try and become part of a VIP club.

They’re very lucrative, but you’ll need to start increasing your stakes, if you hope to receive the golden email.

What are Bookmaker VIP Clubs?

Bookmaker VIP Clubs are the new in-thing, which you can gain access to from betting large amounts of money.

They are for elite individuals, and joining such clubs can earn you a fortune. 

They are for ‘serious’ customers, who bets anywhere from £250 on a bet upto £10,000!

Each bookmaker has individual requirements on what you need to gain access to these special clubs, but not all bookmakers tell you exactly how you can become eligible.

They are classed as Invite only.

However, today I will be focusing on Coral who openly advertise the criteria for becoming a VIP customer.

What Are the Benefits?

V.I.P clubs have the potential to be extremely profitable.

If you become a VIP with a bookmaker, you will receive an account manager in most cases who will give you deposit bonuses on all of your deposits, which we can turn to risk free money when matched betting!

Offer values tend to increase inside VIP clubs too.

Coral, for example, offer a £25 Beaten by A Length refund, which is increased to £250 when you are in the Gold VIP club!

If you can manage to get into a VIP club, you will definitely notice a sharp increase in profits.

My Coral VIP account earnt me £1300 per month alone.

Which is the best VIP Club to enter?

I personally believe Coral have the best VIP club, but I have struggled to gain access to many others so this view may well be biased!

Coral openly show you what you need to stake to gain access, meaning you have a goal to achieve, whereas with other bookmakers you may have put thousands pounds worth of bets on and still not be considered for any priority programmes.

Coral have 4 tiers for their VIP scheme.

These are listed from Bronze to Platinum, with platinum being the most difficult to gain access to ( It’s definitely the most rewarding!)

You are given special enhancements for each vip tier, giving you an incentive to climb to the best tier possible.

At the time of writing this, I was a Silver Tier Coral VIP.

Why Are Bookmaker VIP Schemes so Profitable?

VIP schemes haven’t been designed for Matched Bettors. They have been created for the higher class, larger staking individual. 

More importantly, they’ve been created for losing players. The advantage of this, is that they offer better promotions.

As they’re of the understanding you’re not winning anyway, they can be a bit more adventurous with the offers they give the VIPs.

Coral would run a Win Win, Get In promotion which doubled any winnings where your team won both halves. The maxmimum payout for double winnings was £1,000 in the silver scheme. Gold was £2,500.

It’s going to be hard to maintain the staking requirement over a long period, plus you’ll have to take really close matches when betting £1000’s. This is why VIP schemes can sometimes be a fast way to getting gubbed.

However, you only need to hit a few promotions, and you’ll find out that it’s worth losing the account. 

I lost my coral account after earning over £10,000. Would I ever earn £10,000 from their typical offers? No.

How long will I last as a VIP when Matched Betting?

It’s probably going to be hard to keep your accounts long term. If you aren’t matched betting, but regularly stake £250+ per bet, you may be able to continue in the VIP scheme. However, I am advising Matched betting techniques only.

Your numbers are limited when Matched Betting, due to the nature of our game. We only want to take promotions we can profit on, plus we need to ensure that the qualifying losses are minimal.

When staking thousands, we could easily be throwing £75 away in qualifying losses… so we have to take relatively close matches. It’s a catch22, as a close match means that we are potentially putting our accounts under scrutiny.

You’ll have to take close matches when dealing with thousands of pounds worth of bets, it’s just not productive to take bad matches.

You will be given an account manager, that emails you quite regularly asking how you’re getting on. My Coral account manager just sent general emails offering me £500 deposit bonuses for the Casino, he didn’t want to get to know me. 

I’m fine by that, I don’t want the bookies knowing me! However, as I mentioned briefly, Ladbrokes did want to get to know me before finally allowing me into their club. 

Overall, your accounts aren’t going to last too long when Matched betting. I got around 8 months from mine, which was a great 8 months.

My friend only got 3 months from his, but he did proceed up to the Gold level tier, so you can only presume that the VIP’s have their accounts watched, in one way or another.

How Can I get in the Coral VIP Club?

We’ve actually struggled to find any VIP scheme information. Coral are a rare breed, actively posting how you can get into the VIP scheme they offer.

Coral VIP

As you can see from the above, Bronze is the initial tier for the Coral VIP club.

To Achieve this, you must deposit at least £1,000 in a month, but also achieve 1,500 priority points.

Coral VIP points

You can amass priority points from Single Sports Bets, which is definitely what I would advise.

However, bare in mind that 1,500 priority points is around £6,000 worth of bets. 

Realistically, £6000 worth of bets are going to cost you around £350-£500 in qualifying losses, depending on use of the automatcher.

I’d pay £350 to £500 to be back in that VIP scheme though. My Coral welcome package was worth over £750.

In regards to the priority points, I’d definitely look at smashing the targets, don’t just hit the bare minimum, this could be seen as completing the bare minimum on a qualifying offer.

Tips for becoming a VIP 

I’ve tried to add some valuable tips here, apart from the obvious try not to win with the bookmakers!

In all seriousness though, depositing often is a great way for the bookmakers to continue being excited at you. Long term, bookmakers win, so they’re happy to wait for you to hit a losing streak.

You need to hit at least £1,000 a month anyway for the bronze, so even if you win all of your bets, you need to deposit the minimum.

On the opposite side of depositing is withdrawing. Bookies don’t like when you do this. Why? They feel you might have decided to take your money and run. They can’t tell if you’re going to come back, which means you’ve beaten them.

Very few people actually beat the bookies… professional gamblers and matched bettors make up the tiny percentage that do win. Which is why they’ll happily shut the door to anyone they’re suspicious of.

In-play betting is also a fantastic technique, which can work fantastic as a mug bet, avoiding you from being detected.

You’ll also need to ensure you keep your stakes high, once your in the VIP club. If you reduce your stakes to the minimum required, it could harm your inner circle membership.

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