Double Delight Hat Trick Heaven Matched Betting Offer Guide

‘Double Delight, Hat Trick Heaven’ is a real dream for Matched Bettors that are looking to make a huge profit from one single bet.

In this guide, I will be explaining DDHH, aswell as providing my techniques for profiting from this offer. I’ll also give you some things that you should avoid, if you want to make money long term.

What is the DDHH Offer?

DDHH is an offer, which you will only find on Betfred or ToteSport. It’s a really simple offer, with the potential for huge profits.

It’s based completely around the First Goalscorer market, which is different to the types of bets you usually place.

This offer is profitable for the fact that the bookmaker will pay out enhanced odds, if your player scores multiple goals.

If he scores 2 goals, you get double the odds. If he adds a third, that’s 3x the odds. Do you see the potential this offer has?

Our strategy here would be to place a bet on the First Goalscorer, laying it at the exchange.

Next, we have to hope and pray that our player scores first. However, there’s no reason to cheer when he scores first, but now you’re in a good position.

You need your chosen player to add a second, or a third goal, in order to make money.

Hat Tricks are where the profits at, due to the odds trebling.

There will be periods of time where you don’t win a single bet, as it’s not super common for hat tricks to be scored. However, the truth is that you only need to ‘land’ this offer once, and you’ll be in profit.

Providing you take decent matches using the Oddsmatcher, of course!

How to Profit from DDHH

In order to protect your bankroll long term, you need to ensure that you find good matches. You can do this manually, but I do advise you to use Oddsmonkeys software, because it’s so good!

You know from Matched Betting that good matches are needed, but it’s even more important for the Double Delight, Hat Trick Heaven offer. The benefit of this offer is that it can also be completed in store, meaning arbs and extremely close matches are possible.

However, with this offer, you should expect to lose upto a maximum of 15% of your stake. That means if you place a £100 bet, don’t be alarmed if your losses hit £15. A Double, or Hat Trick from your player will completely eclipse any losses here.

We actually recommend this offer to users when they’ve completed the sign ups, because staking £100 and also losing 15% is something which is more pointed towards existing matched bettors with a large bankroll.

Tips for Success

As we mentioned above, there’s no immediate rush to jump into this promotion. It’s important that you have a bankroll which can handle any losses, without putting you on ’tilt’ mode.

We take larger losses on this offer because when it pays off, it pays out huge. This will eventually offset any losses that you’ve made.

One tip that we have for this offer, is to ensure that you’re completing other daily offers. For example, if you see a few price boosts that only pay £2-£3 each, get them completed.

This will give you the leverage to be able to treat Double Delight as a ‘risk free offer’, as you’ve made the qualifying losses earlier in the day.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to get a real ‘edge’ with this offer, as we require our player to score first and score multiple goals.

However, with a bit of research and sticking to a set strategy, you can improve your chances.

For example, if Arsenal play Norwich… would you rather take a 15% loss on Aubameyang, or Todd Cantwell?

Stick to the players which score for fun, which should be the aim long term. Yes, there may be a time where Cantwell scores, but overall, Norwich are the underdogs and that wouldn’t pay off.

You need to be active on the Oddsmonkey Forums for DD/HH, as they post when there’s a good match. If you’re in town, you can also hit multiple bookmaker shops, but this really is something that’s aimed towards the professional matched bettors (full time).

You should also study the football fixtures, noting down the most favourable games.

Again, Arsenal vs Norwich would be favourable in my eyes, over a Southampton vs Sheffield United clash.

In a game where there’s a clear favourite, history shows that players such as Aubameyang would have an easier chance at scoring first.

We also discussed underlaying a few weeks back. Now is the time where you can start using this strategy, as it can save you from any qualifying losses. Obviously, the sacrifice is a little bit of your profit, if this offer end up winning you money.

Double Delight, Hat Trick Offer – Matched Betting Example

It’s time for an example of this Double Delight Offer.

We’ve made a fixture up, which is going to be Matched Betting FC vs Bookmaker United.

Once lineups have been announced, you can take a look at who’s starting for each team.

Matched Betting FC are favourites, as they always seem to get one over on Bookmaker United.

Their striker is 5.0 (4/1) for first goalscorer, with the lay price a steady 5.6.

We are going to place a £50 bet on this offer. As we pay 0% commission with Oddsmonkey, we save a little bit.

We will lose £5.36 on this offer, with £205.34 liability required on the exchange.

That’s a decent qualfying loss, I’d be content with anything upto £7.50.

The striker we backed scores first. This will be a jubilant time for you, however, we haven’t made any money yet.

We still need him to score another goal, but the good news is that it can be any time. He doesn’t need to score next, he just needs to score.

He’s done it! Your player scores for a second time.

This will now trigger a Double Odds payout. You backed the striker at 5.0, but now you’re actually getting 10.0 decimal odds as he’s triggered the bonus.

Just like that, you’ve made £245.

But wait, it’s not finished yet! You need to cross your fingers though, hoping your player tops off his performance with one more goal.


In the last second, he’s tapped in a goal which means Bookmakers lose to Matched Betting once more…

The best thing about this offer, is that you now receive TREBLE your original odds.

Your 5.0 decimal odds bet will be paid out at 15.0’s. You will lose £205.34 from your betting exchange, alongside £5.36 in qualifying losses. However, you have won a cracking £750 into your Betfred account.

That’s quite simply, amazing. £539.30 of profit.

Now imagine if you’ve done this in 5 or 6 betting shops around the town? This is exactly why we are happy to lose upto 15%, this offer is a goldmine.

What if the DD/HH Bet Loses?

It’s not going to win everytime, that just isn’t possible. When your chosen player doesn’t score first, the money will return to your betting exchange, minus the qualifying losses.

If your player does score first, but fails to score again, the money will be in your Betfred account.

It’s a fantastic offer, which Betfred have shown no signs of stopping. We wish you luck in your selections & hope that you learnt from this Double Delight, Hat Trick Heaven Guide.

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