How to Block IESnare: The Bookmakers Gubbing Tool

How to Block IESnare: The Bookmaker

Secret Gubbing Tool


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Bookmakers have found a way to identify matched bettors… before they even place a bet. 

This is undoubtedly worrying for the future of Matched Betting, as it seems the bookmakers are finally trying to work out how to combat huge sites such as Oddsmonkey.

The tool which we are focusing on today is called IESNARE, which is a nasty tool that bookies are using to spy on customers activity.

Regardless of Matched Betting, it makes me feel a little uncomfortable to find out that bookies can actually spy on our data… highlighting the legality of it!

If you’re Matched Betting, IESnare is going to be a big issue for you. You need to continue below and find out how we can block this.

What is IESnare?

IESnare is an analytical tool which is used by companies to monitor device anomalies, detecting fraud risks.

It collates information such as your IP Address, Mac Address & Web Browser History to build a profile on you.

It’s not a new tool, it’s actually been around for over 5 years.

The issue we have with IESnare is the way it has access to our browsing habits. It’s going to be able to find a Matched Bettor from miles away, simply seeing it accessing multiple bookmakers, plus betting exchanges at any given time.

It has been designed by Iovation, who specialise in tackling fraud and money laundering issues.

IESnare works like a tracking cookie, finding information based on your search history etc.

It can be utilised for technical issues, to offer you a better experience when browsing. However, we are more concerned with why Bookmakers are using this.

How does IESnare affect Matched Betting?

IESnare allegedly helps the bookmakers risk department, when trying to prevent Identity Fraud.

However, whispers in the Matched Betting Community are advising members that Bookmakers are using this tool to find customers betting patterns, but also digging deeper into their browsing history.

We aren’t 100% sure if this is true, we also know that the data protection issues would arise and cause the bookmakers big issues, if they were found to have been exploiting this.

As there’s no definitive yes or no, it does still cause concern to matched bettors. I must admit, I’ve signed up at a bookmaker before and I was limited from promotions before I even made my first deposit.

If a bookmaker looks at this data and notices that you visit a betting exchange, it would give them half a reason to throw the ban hammer at you.

I think they would certainly ear-mark your account, as traditional punters don’t use betting exchanges.

What is also tells us, is that bookmakers are trying all they can, to find out who’s a matched bettor.

It’s another issue which Matched Bettors face, as being gubbed was always our biggest issue.

It seems that mug betting isn’t going to be enough to save us.

Should I Block IESnare?

I am quite shocked at the number of websites which advise you to block IESnare. 

On paper, it’s a brilliant idea… but it just won’t work, instead, it’s more likely to draw more attention to your account.

It’s better to hide in plain site, than to try and get one up on the bookmakers, who will undoubtedly have software which advises them that you’ve blocked IESnare. 

Let’s be honest, who else but a Matched Bettor would block it?

You’re far more likely to get away with keeping IESnare on your device, opposed to having blocked it.

If you do fear about IESnare causing you issues, a better option would be to separate your devices.

For example, you could only visit bookmaker sites on your mobile, which would completely take away the scent of matched betting, as your mobile device would show no betting exchange history.

Final Thoughts

I would personally just continue as normal. Be aware that IESnare exists, but we truly believe the bookmakers aren’t legally allowed to access your data to that extent.

They would be in for huge fines, which means it’s probably not worth their time.

I’d continue as normal. Yes, it’s a potential frustrating thing, but I wouldn’t let this scare you, just carry on earning your money from the bookmakers as normal.

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