Finding Matched Betting Offers Manually

Finding Matched Betting

Offers Manually

Finding Matched Betting Offers manually

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Finding Matched Betting Offers

You may be in a position where you don’t want to pay a monthly fee, to receive promotional offers to complete. We fully understand this, even myself at first scoffed and said “Well I can just look through bookmakers myself, there’s only a select few”. 

How wrong I was! Although I openly admit that a Subscription Service will make things so much easier, this post is for those where that’s not an option. Let’s discuss how we can find matched betting offers.

What are Matched Betting Offers?

Matched Betting offers are one of the most popular ways to make a side income, with very little effort. The typical members are Students, stay at home parents, or people that just love having more money!

A Matched Betting offer is a promotion which a bookmaker will create, in order to drum up interest in their website. These offers can be limited to New Customers only, or offered to their existing customers (so that they deposit and spend some money).

It’s important to understand that there will be some Matched Betting offers which aren’t worth your time, not profitable long term or just outright poor offers.

Fortunately, there are lots of bookmakers, which means there’s lots of competition too. Competition brings out the best offers for Matched Betting, as bookmakers need to find a way to secure our deposit. 

These offers come in many shapes and forms, from deposit bonuses to Free bets. You can find out more in our Ultimate Matched Betting Guide

Finding Matched Betting Offers Manually

The first method involves manual intervention, which is perfect for those that aren’t paying for a membership. Yes, it has it’s drawbacks, but you end up saving around £15 per month on membership fees. 

This method is a little more vintage, as there’s no software or other fancy tools available to help you out. 

To find an offer manually, you would have to navigate through the bookmakers offer sections every single day, or maybe even multiple times per day (if you wanted to catch a limited time price boost etc).

Scan the Bookmakers

I’ll admit, you’ll need to have a solid plan of action, if you’re going to be scouring the bookmakers on a daily basis. It’s also not very entertaining, but it makes it worthwhile when you find a great offer.

To Scan the bookmakers, you’ll need to log in, check their promotions tab and see if anything is worthwhile.

Note, if you don’t login, you’ll see offers which you may not be eligible for. By logging in, you save time.

Paddypower manual offers

Nothing from Paddypower today. Oh well, let’s check back tomorrow.

What to do when you’ve found an offer

Hold your horses! It’s not time to jump in just yet. If you’ve clicked on a bookmaker & spotted a nice looking offer, the next step is vital. It’s the difference between making a profit or giving the bookmakers your hard earned cash.

Introducing: Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions

This is my least favourite aspect of Matched Betting. Reading terms and conditions can make or break an offer, so be sure that there isn’t a sneaky term which could stop you making money.

For example, ‘Max Winnings £300’. If you deposit £50 for a Casino offer with max winnings £300, those odds aren’t profitable long term. 

Deposit & Claim the Offer

If the terms and conditions are favourable, it’s time to complete the offer.

Fingers crossed that luck is on your site & you hit a nice big win!

Drawbacks of Manual Matched Betting

The main real drawback of manual matched betting is the sheer amount of time it takes. 

You’re going to be spending hours, every day, searching through bookmakers in order to find an offer. In reality, you are also going to miss quite a few price boosts, as you won’t be able to fall on every website at the right time. Some price boosts only exist for 10 minutes, which makes it very hard.

Once you’ve spent your time trying to find an offer, you then need to dedicate more time to the Terms and Conditions of the offer. One read probably won’t be enough, as you’ll need to make sure there’s no sneaky terms written in there. 

Another potential drawback, is the extra losses that you would make from having to find manual matches. Whilst there is an argument that manually finding a match looks more ‘authentic’, there’s the counter argument that all bookmakers eventually gub you.

Benefits of a ‘Premium’ Service

When you look at a £15 per month subscription, it doesn’t sound cheap. My phone contract is only £10!

However, you need to assess the amount that’s included with the monthly fee. You don’t just get access to a forum, where people talk. (Although I’ll mention the importance of a specialist forum below).

You are getting software which tells you what to place your bet on. You’ll be told exactly how much to bet & how much to lay. It’s as close as it comes to being able to turn your brain off & profit in ‘cruise-control’.

Price Boosts will be pinged to your device, so that you’ll never miss them. 

You won’t have to read the T&C’s again, as the offers are vetted by the support team, before being added to the site.

The Forum can also be a goldmine. I’ve experienced this on three occassions, which doesn’t sound like a lot. However, Loopholes are rare and extremely profitable. The knowledge of the community is also great, as it helps you learn new profit avenues & strategies.

I feel a bit strange backing the premium services, as I initially tried to go it alone too. However, I think that it’s only when you try and Manually find offers, that you realise £15 is a bargain.

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