The Best Poker HUD: We Reveal our Most Profitable Picks

What is the best poker HUD for 2020?

Playing online poker can be a fun activity for most people, but you can also make a lot of money from it.

There are a number of skills and techniques that must be learned in order to be successful, but recent developments in technology are also helping players along.

A HUD is a great way to boost your winnings, and it also makes playing a lot less stressful. 

What is a poker HUD?

HUD stands for heads up display. This is essentially the main component of poker-tracking software.

What this does is it tracks the hands of all of your opponents, keeping the data up to date.

You don’t necessarily need to keep up with the maths and statistics yourself, the technology does it for you. You are free to use this information, and dedicate more of your focus on your winning strategy.

HUD’s can also show you what your statistics are looking like to others as well. 

When you first begin to use a HUD, it can appear totally confusing.

Data is displayed in numbers and will be identified by the players’ names. For first time users, it can take some getting used to, learning a new skill while still focusing enough on the game.

But with perseverance, you can easily pick up the skillset to help you transform your gameplays. 

Poker HUDs have been around for a while now – they were first introduced in 2003.

They have slowly gained popularity as more and more people switch to online gambling as opposed to in a physical casino. They have also steadily gained traction as more and more people begin to see their usefulness. 

What can poker HUDs do?

Poker HUDs can provider players with a number of different pieces of information.

They keep track of statistics easily, so that you don’t have to. Each one will be slightly different, but many offer the same key features. You can usually customize a lot of them, to provide the information that you find useful.

This includes how active a player is, what players are unlikely to win (often characterized as fish), how aggressive they, how often they check a bet, the list goes on. 

HUDs are not foolproof mechanisms to guarantee success.

However, 99% of all poker players that consistently win online games use some form of HUD.

That should indicate that they are definitely worth investing in. 

When you first come across the concept, they do sound like a piece of software that essentially helps you to cheat.

But the good news is that poker HUDs are completely legal in almost all online poker sites. 

That’s not to say that this software hasn’t previously caused any controversies.

In fact, the legality of HUD’s has been heavily debated in the past decade or so, when they really began to get popular with players.

At the moment, they are allowed, although many users predict that the online poker world will shift to make them illegal. 

If you are concerned about their use, you can always check the terms and conditions of the site that you are using.

Here it will state whether they are allowed, or whether they are legally prohibited.

It is important to note that if they are banned on the site and you are found to be using them, you can have all of your winnings revoked, get banned from the site, and other possible punishments determined by the company.

Which HUDs are the best?

There are a number of different HUDs on the market, and new ones are created all the time as technology develops.

It should be noted that there isn’t really a single one that stands out for everyone, there are a few that are all great, and work the best for different people according to different preferences.

Here is an up-to-date list of all of the best HUDs for 2020:

PokerTracker 4

This HUD is incredibly popular for both beginners and experienced players, and it is not hard to see why.

This software is compatible with both Mac and Windows devices, so everyone is covered.

All you need to do is download the software and start playing.

PokerTracker 4 has intentionally attempted to keep the interface as simple as possible, so as not to detract from the game as much as possible.

Almost everything is automatic, and there is very little need for manually inputting data.

Experienced players may find that this is actually too basic for what they need, but most people will find it useful. 

Once you have downloaded and opened the software, you can begin to import your hands.

The system keeps track of your playing so that you can learn more about your strengths and weaknesses, not just the opponents.

This software is customizable, and you need to be selective about what statistics you present, as you do have limited room on the screen.

Hovering your mouse also means that you can still view all of the stats that are not shown. 

If you are having trouble with a certain scenario, the HUD can save this information, and provide you with techniques to improve your game.

This is a great way to get better without having to learn through losing money. 

If you are new to HUDs and still trying to work out what you like, PokerTracker 4 offers a 30-day free trial.

This allows you to understand how it works, and decide whether this is the one that you want to invest in. 

Holdem Manager

This was one of the original HUDs to hit the market. Because of this, they gained a large section of the target market before competitors even existing.

Their ongoing quality and usability of their services have led to their ongoing customer loyalty and satisfaction. 

Unfortunately, Holdem Manager is only compatible with Windows devices, not Mac ones.

It is also very large, which can cause some weaker hardware to struggle.

If you have the right computer for this, then you should have no issues, but many people are left out. 

As the pioneer, Holdem Manager has created some of the most impressive HUD tools on the market.

They also have a second variation, Holdem Manager 2, that also offers slightly different tools to improve a player’s game.

One of the biggest benefits to Holdem Manager and Holdem Manager 2 is that they offer extensive guides and a FAQ section on their website. People who are new to this kind of software can easily go and look at how to operate everything to the best of its ability.

There is little point using the HUD if you are unable to understand all of its functions. 

This does end up being one of the most expensive options (if not the most expensive option), although many people can justify this high price point.

It may only be worth it if you are a serious poker player who plays enough to get your money’s worth.

Just like the other HUDs, this one is fully customizable, so you can look at the statistics you are interested in.

Depending on which version you are playing, you can automatically see which players are fish, and which ones you actually need to be worried about (version 2), and you can also import a friends’ HUD stats, to learn tips and tricks from their playing style. 


Just like Holdem Manager, this software is only available on Windows devices – it is not yet capable of working with Mac laptops or computers.

You can allegedly run it through a third-party compatibility program, but we do not recommend this. 

This software also comes with a free trial, so you can get a feel for it before you spend your money.

You are offered 30 days free, and after that point it costs. If you need more assistance after this point, you could look for some poker tips & assistance.

When you do purchase it, the key can be used on two separate computers, perfect for if you have a computer and a laptop or tablet that you also play on. 

This interface is one of the easiest to read options. Everything is very minimalist, and you don’t feel completely overwhelmed with information.

Because of this, everything is coded and abbreviated, so you need to understand what it all means.

This can take some getting used to for a novice but works well if you can persevere.

The drag and drop style is used when creating and personalizing HUDs, making the process easier as well.

The website has all of the information that you need, plus a 20-minute long introductory video to help you to understand where everything is. 

Drive HUD comes in a range of different prices, depending on a couple of factors.

Pick the option that is most affordable, or you can pick the one that directly relates to the type of poker that you are playing or the one that matches the amount that you are staking on hands.

Finding the right fit will ensure that it works so much better for you in the long run. 

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