How to Make £500 Matched Betting

How to make £500 Matched Betting (In 2 weeks!)

I’ve had a hectic week. I decided that I would really hit the Offers hard, but I knew I had to place quite a few mug bets to keep the bookmakers happy. I Had a goal, to show you how to make £500 matched betting, which I duly delivered on.

I decided that I’d not lay the Mug bets, which is a strategy that I’m starting to favour. Here is my summary from the last 2 weeks, including the two monster profits above.

I have to shout out the Oddsmonkey software here, as the Oddsmatcher gave me some really good results this week for the 2UP offers. 

The two above were massive earners for me. I completed the Bet365 Sign up with ease, and both of my bets lost. This gave me the Exchange balance to be able to do some 2UP offers.

I opted for PaddyPower’s Tennis 2UP promotion, which I locked in £112 from. I couldn’t risk not locking it in, as it was almost 20% of my target smashed, in 20 minutes! Unfortunately, I would’ve completed the whole challenge if I hadn’t locked in, as the bet would’ve made £470.

To keep my run going, I completed ToteSport, UniBet & Sky Bet sign-ups, as these were very easy offers. I checked my emails and had a £20 Risk Free from Ladbrokes, nice.

Ladbrokes Casino | £89

Ladbrokes were being generous, they sent me a £20 refund offer. Knowing I would get my money back, i did £4 stakes. 4 spins and 0 wins, i thought Meh, at least I get a refund. On my last spin, I hit a £90 bonus! I Spun once more as a wild locked, but then withdrew.

BET365 In play Offer | £104

I felt a bit bad, taking a lot of money from bet365 in a short period! Oh well! Now, I don’t lay these offers as I like to punt them, but I backed 2-1 correct score at 11.0, laying in play at 3.5.

No Lay Mug Bets | £19

I don’t like to be doing mug bets that are always close matches, so i dedicate a part of my profits to doing small stakes acca mug bets. Somehow I ended up making a profit from these too!

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