Matched Betting Gnoming & Multi Accounting: Explained

The Definitive Guide to Gnoming & Multi Accounting: Explained

Gnoming Matched Betting Multiple Accounting

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Gnoming, whilst it doesn’t sound something based upon Matched Betting, is a core aspect of keeping your profits alive.

Gnoming is the term used for a member which is operating many different accounts using the same bookmaker.

It’s also called Multi Accounting & it’s always in discussion as nobody is sure on the legal stance of gnoming.

Undoubtedly, the bookmakers will not allow you to operate many different accounts as it means that you’re accessing many different bonuses & ultimately, taking more money from them.

However, it’s also potentially fraudulent. Bookmakers have the technology in place now so that you can’t open many accounts up in your own name. 

Their software would trace your addresses and advise you that you already have an account.

Instead, Multi Accounting is where you’re actively using somebodies account to exploit specific bonuses.

Is Multi Accounting or Gnoming Legal?

Multi Accounting is actually a grey area when it comes to Matched Betting. 

There isn’t a single piece of information that tells us that it’s definitely illegal.

What becomes a very murky topic is when you’re actively placing bets on another users account, pretending to be that person.

In addition to this, is it fraudulent to open an email address in the name of someone else, including sending verification documents to bookmakers?

If you have the users permission (and presumably you’re splitting the profits) I don’t see anything wrong with this personally.


Help Friends & Family earn an income

I have tried to get my friends and family involved in Matched Betting, completing offers themselves. 

They just didn’t understand.

They thought they were putting money into a pyramid scheme, so I couldn’t persuade them further.

You may be in a similar position, as it’s hard to sell matched betting to someone that just doesn’t want to listen.

An alternative for you, it to offer family members a split of the profits, if you were to do it for them.

This seems to be the most popular method of Multi Accounting when Matched Betting.

  • Offer them a lump sum upfront
  • Or offer them a split of the profits going forward, on a monthly basis.

A lump sum upfront could prove costly, if their matched betting accounts are closed quickly.

Offering a split of the profits is often the best scenario, as you haven’t got to give them any of your own money, just a percentage of money that you’ve earnt.

Benefits of Multi Accounting Matched Betting

The benefits of Multi Accounting are quite clear to see on the surface. 

When I receive a Bet365 £100 Sign Up offer, I get a £100 Free bet.

If someone has access to a network of say 10 friends, they’re able to take advantage of many more sign up bonuses. 

In this instance, 10 x £100 bets!

Money is always going to be a positive of multi accounting, but the drawbacks cannot be ignored.


Consequences of Multi Accounting Matched Betting

I’m not sure if consequences is the right word to use here…

In reality, you aren’t going to have the Police knocking your door down over this matter.

However, if you are caught multi accounting, the bookmakers will certainly ban you from their website.

The worst case scenario is having the account closed and the funds in the account seized with it.

However, if you’re multi accounting you should already be aware of this, ensuring that money is rarely kept in bookmaker Balances.


Final Multi Accounting & Gnoming Tips

It’s possible to get very rich from multi accounting. 

It requires elite level planning & management, as you’ll be completing much more offers, over and over again.

I can’t personally advise you start multi accounting, due to the grey area that this topic sits.

I also wouldn’t recommend that you shout it from the rooftops, just to protect yourself.

You can get gubbed at any time.

Get a VPN as this will hide your I.P Address, making it look like you are in a different location.

Use a separate device.

Place your bets on a mobile device with mobile data, as mobile data is often Dynamic, meaning the I.P isn’t fixed. It also stores cookies which bookmakers can track.

Trust only those close to you, as you will require access to a bank account of theirs, plus identity documents, I would advise only doing this with trusted friends.

Ensure you have learnt the basics of Matched Betting before starting with Gnoming.

It’s not for beginners, but it’s very lucrative.

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2 thoughts on “Matched Betting Gnoming & Multi Accounting: Explained”

  1. It’s definitely a grey area, but easy to stop a bookmaker finding you out.

    I focus only on the Casino side of this, but I have earnt over £50,000 in 3 years. It’s high risk offers yeah, but that’s the way Matched Betting is heading.

    I only use my Wife & very close friends accounts. It’s vital that you are using a few accounts to maximise the most profit

  2. I’m having a hard enough time convincing even family members to sign up to bookies so I can start gnoming. It’s come to a point where the amount of time I’m willing to put into matched betting just isn’t that profitable or worth it. Another problem is once you do the more profitable high risk casino stuff it’s hard to go back to the sports offers.

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