Matched Betting Without Free Bets | We Found the Alternatives!

Is it possible to continue Matched Betting without Free Bets?

If you are looking for alternative ways to make money without relying on free bets and promotions, there is a great chance you unfortunately are in the below

Your Accounts are Restricted

Matched Betting is not a long term solution, I think that a ‘career’ of Matched Betting will last around 2 years. Bookmakers are aware us bonus hunters exist!
Your accounts have been restricted from promotions and your pathways are closing up.

You don’t live in the UK

I can only advise on Matched Betting in the U.K, so I am not aware of the promos available for overseas residents.

You’re completely new

It may be that you are a complete beginner to matched betting and not sure where to go!
In that instance, read our Oddsmonkey Review.

Matched Betting is typically earning your free bets and laying them off, but there is also another way to earn money, using the Matched Betting strategy.

You will need to alter your strategy

Although the Risk Free profit lies within completing ‘free bet offers’, the large profits are waiting in the Casino Promotions.

What are the Casino promotions?

Casino Promotions are NOT risk free, but they are very valuable!
They involve depositing money into a Casino and accepting a bonus.

This will then tie up your funds with the bonus funds, until you complete the wagering.
Using a special calculator, we can estimate the Expected Value of that promotion.
Long term, they are very profitable.

How much do I need for this?

Bankroll of around £750 is required, this is so that you can afford to use a ‘staking system’, meaning if you make a loss on a promo, you only lose a tiny percentage of your bankroll. Also, the larger the bankroll, the more you can invest on multiple promotions.

Will I benefit from this?

Simple, YES! Just like Matched betting, when the maths is on your side, you will prevail profitable! Although you aren’t guaranteed profit, they are far more profitable than doing Free bet offers, it’s easier to clear 4 figures a month doing casino offers, than relying on Free Bets!

What are the Risks?

Some of the promotions are risk free! However, some of the offers do contain a high amount of risk. It’s safe to play with around 2% of your bankroll per offer.
Although the risk is high, the maths is on our side, it’s profitable long term.

I recommend you take a look at Profit Maximiser Review as this will hold the key to most of your promotions.

I am hesitant in posting all the promotions, as I have a nice small community who I am focusing on building profits.

Each Way Sniper – Another Alternative

This applies to Horse Racing & Golf. Each way arbitrage is more intelligent than standard Arbitrage, as it involves locking in a guaranteed profit from the place market.

An Each Way Bet consists of 2 bets, one on the ‘Win’ market & one on the ‘place’ market. This is how we are able to extract Risk free profit.

The below image shows Horses, bookmakers, but more importantly a Rating bar. This rating bar is the ROI. For Example, the bottom one showing 112.67 means £12.67 Profit for every £100 Staked. RISK FREE.

This is a fantastic system, which takes advantage of the each way odds, something which bookmakers are not aware of!

Extra Places

 These offers take advantage of the bookmakers Extra Place Terms. Extra Places are available for gubbed accounts, enabling you to profit massively if you finish in one of the bookmakers ‘Extra Places’.

Take a look at the below screenshot. Bet365 are offering 4 places, compared to the exchange offering 3.

The breakdown of the calculator above means that you have taken a £2.79 qualifying loss for the chance of £44.09, if your Horse Finishes 4th.

Dutching uses a similar method to the above, but instead of laying the bets, you back every single horse in the field

A Quick Recap on Matched Betting

The main part of Matched Betting is taking advantage of Bookmakers promotional offers.

A bookmaker has a promotion running, Bet £20 & Get £20. We back and lay our selection, meaning we have made £0 Profit or Loss.

We now do the same with the Free Bet, but because it’s the bookmakers £20, we will make around £20!

Matched Betting is completely legal. You are not scamming anybody, we are just taking advantage of a promotional offer. Just like if you go to Tesco and have a Buy One, Get One Free deal!

Although there are no risks with Matched Betting, it is your funds that are at stake. ENsure that you don’t waste any of this money gambling & you will be fine.

Multi Accounting

If you Run Multiple accounts from the same home network, you do run some risks. I will be creating a blog on this one soon.


It is inevitable that some bookmakers will Gub you from their offers. Some bookmakers are incredibly stingy, they only seem to want silly punters.

What Bankroll do i need?

The more money you have, the more profit you will make. If you have been matched betting, chances are you will have built up a good bankroll, I would advise starting with between £500-£1000. You can start with £30 if you like, but the profits will build up so slowly that it may actually discourage you from continuing.

Instead, start with the recommended £500 & you will be able to earn upto £40 a race! This all depends on the odds and the rating system

What are the risks?

The risk is very low. The only damage is lost time, if your horse withdraws from the race, it means you have spent 2-3 minutes putting a bet on, but no profit to show for it! I suppose there are worse problems to have!

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