Most Common Matched Betting Mistakes

The Easiest Matched Betting Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Qualifiers Lose Money

Unless the Specific Guide says otherwise, qualifying bets will always lose you money. There’s also the added chance that you are Arbing if you’re making money.

Free Bets = Profit

Free Bets are the way that we unlock profit. If you’ve made a mistake on the calculator, this could show you as having another qualifying loss.

Matched Betting Mistakes: Leave Accidents Behind

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to gain a side income with no taxes included? 

What if you could do this from anywhere, on any device that has an internet connection?

Good news: there’s a way to pull this off. And it involves matched betting.

But there’s a huge risk involved with matched betting, right? Actually, there’s very little risk involved, if any at all. Does this sound too good to be true?

The reality is that you can easily make money with matched betting.

However, it involves knowing what you’re doing.

There are many common mistakes that are made in this game. And we’re here to cover the details of it all. That way, you can be well on your way to success.

We’re experienced in matched betting, and we’ve made our share of mistakes. We want you to avoid those same mistakes by reading our article carefully.

But what are some of the common mistakes made in matched betting? For starters, many people fail due to lack of commitment and tracking results.

Some place their bets in the wrong order. Often, the betting calculator is set up incorrectly.

Lay bet liability issues are also far too common in the world of matched betting.

And finally, unmatched bets seem to cause issues for beginners. Let’s jump right into the details that will set you up for success.

Stay Commited & Track Your Results

We’ve all heard of them. Schemes that claim you can get rich overnight.

But let’s face reality… making money takes a lot of hard work and commitment.

If you can implant this idea into your mind, then you’re well on your way to matched-betting success.

What happens when you stay committed and dedicate your valued time into learning the ins and outs of matched betting?

This is what happens: you start seeing consistent results. You start making tax-free money. You open the doors to even greater opportunities.

Commitment comes in many forms. One of the primary forms in matched betting involves tracking your results.

Matched betting is all about the money, so you’ll want to take note of where your money is going.

You’re going to save a lot of your valued time and effort by doing this. Otherwise, you’ll be scratching your head, devoting time to confusion for no reason.

So, what are the best ways to track your bets? Well… we have found that one of the best software tools is Oddsmonkey. It’s going to save you a lot of time when it comes to matching your odds. We use Oddsmonkey on a regular basis.

But what if you don’t want to use this software? Don’t worry, because you can easily set up a chart without using programs like Oddsmonkey.

You can literally open up a spreadsheet and immediately start tracking your results. Pretty easy, right?

And don’t worry, you won’t have to be tech-savvy to pull this off. You just need something in a table format.

You can find free spreadsheets online. And you can even find templates. The important thing is that you keep track of all your activity, so there will be no confusion later on down the line. Trust us, you’re going to save time, effort, and money in the long run.

See how important commitment and tracking results can be?

Now let’s look at some other common mistakes that beginners make in the world of matched betting.

Set Your Calculator Correctly

Many newbies use the wrong calculator setting when they are making bets.

It’s easy to get caught-up in the fast pace of the betting. We don’t want you to do this.

Always make sure that you are using the proper setting on your matched-betting calculator.

If you need to, always double-check what you are doing. You don’t want to make any vital mistakes with your money.

So, what are the settings on a lay calculator? There are 3 main settings.

The normal setting, free bet SNR, and free bet SR.

Typically, the default setting of a lay calculator will be placed on the normal setting. You’ll use this setting whenever you place qualifying bets, which are the ones you use for activating free bets.

It’s EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you switch your calculator out of the normal setting whenever you place your free bets.

You’ll want to change the setting to free bet SNR. If you’re placing your free bets into the normal setting, then you are just eating away at potential profits.

Matched betting works well due to the mathematics behind it all. This system is known for reaping solid rewards for people who actually pay attention to what they’re doing.

Try your best to use the proper calculator setting when you’re placing your bets.

 You wouldn’t cook your dinner by selecting “burn” on your oven. Using the correct settings is always vital.

Below is the way I personally remembered the difference between the Lay Calculators.

Check Lay Liability & Use the Correct lay order

What’s the opposite of order? It’s chaos.

Chaos is what you will get if you place your bets in the improper order.


Many people think it will save time to place the lay bet first.

Let us tell you from firsthand experience that you should never do this.

Don’t make the same mistakes that we made in the beginning.

The odds of the back bet is what everything is based from. You don’t want to shorten your back odds. And this is the rule of thumb.

Liability is a word that you’re going to become very familiar with, and it’s for good reason.

You always need to check your liability before you place your lay bets.

If you’re a beginner, then we recommend staying away from bets with high odds.

Otherwise, just be sure that your balance is high enough to place your bets. You don’t want a last minute scramble, adding money into your account as it can lead to a mistake.

Dangerous Unmatched Bets

It’s important to realize that matched betting is not gambling.

And gambling is exactly what you are doing whenever you leave unmatched back bets in the market.

Matching a bet requires getting a bet on the opposing viewpoint of whatever event you’ve bet on.

Unfortunately, you can’t be 100% in control of this. However, there are ways of maximizing your chances of success while minimizing the risks involved.

First, look at the liquidity of the market.

Is there going to be enough money in this event to maximize your odds of getting a matched bet?

Carefully look into this before placing your bets. You want to avoid unmatched bets at all costs.

Also, try not to place your bets too close to the time of when the event starts.

If the event is just about to start, then you are greatly decreasing your chances of getting a matched bet.

It can be difficult to get matched in a market that moves fast. Be aware of this before you jump in.

Partial matches happen all the time in matched betting.

Typically, it won’t take long for the rest of the bet to get matched.

But what if it doesn’t?

In this case, you should go ahead and place a lay bet for whatever price is the closest and most available.

We can’t stress how important it is to keep your head in the game here.

Would you rather take a tiny loss or possibly take less profit?

Or would you rather lose all of the money in the back stake?

The obvious answer is that you should try to minimize your losses as much as possible.

Matched Betting: Easy Money if Done Correctly

Matched betting is a very successful field, and this is backed-up by mathematics.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to get caught up in many of the mistakes that beginners make when first starting out.

We want you to avoid these mistakes and start making money immediately.

First and foremost, you’ll want to avoid lacking the proper commitment to matched betting. Money isn’t going to just fall from the sky.

You’ll have to do your research and make sure you pay attention to your every move.

It’s important to stay committed to tracking your money as well.

You’ll want to know where your money is going.

We recommend using Oddsmonkey, but you can pull off proper tracking with a simple spreadsheet as well. You can use anything with a table format.

You’ll want to make sure that your betting calculator is on the right setting.

You’ll find yourself losing loads of potential profit if you don’t pay attention to your settings.

Be sure that you always place your back bet first. Order is of the utmost importance.

Pay strong attention to your lay bet liability. And try your best to avoid unmatched bets.

So, what did you think? Do you feel confident in your abilities to make some tax-free money with matched betting?

It really is simple, as long as you dedicate time and effort to what you’re doing.

We’ve already made our fair share of mistakes. We hope you learn from us, and avoid them at all costs.

We hope you’re successful in your money-making endeavors.

You don’t need to complete every promotional offer.

It’s perfectly fine to look at an offer I post and leave it alone! I post all offers which I have found that are +EV, meaning profitable. However, they aren’t all Risk Free, especially with offers where the refunds aren’t guaranteed, bets like Double Delight/Hat Trick Heaven, where you have to take around a 10-20% qualifying loss, with no hat trick guaranteed. Another example would be a slots promotion, say spin £50 worth and get 50 spins. If you cannot afford a potential £50 loss, simply don’t start it. Also, If you don’t think it’s personally good value, leave it!

There are also other contributing factors other than not being able to afford the swing of a potential loss. It’s very easy to see a promotion that’s worth (e.g) £4 and think it’s not worth your time. Or, It’s too much hassle to deposit money into a bookmaker just for a couple of quid! Fair Enough!

I cannot force you to place these bets, it’s ultimately your decision.

I only post promotions that are mathematically profitable, but they aren’t always risk free. 

You will lose some of your accounts

Losing accounts is unfortunately part of Matched Betting.

There are many ‘theories’ about how to keep your accounts open, but nothing is guaranteed to work.

My first promotion restriction hit me quite hard, I actually tried to place bets like a Punter over a 6 month period, to regain access to promotions, but it didn’t work. It doesn’t matter how well you look after your accounts, or how much money you’ve lost from your bookmaker accounts, or even how many mug bets you have placed, it will happen.

Bookmakers don’t want Matched Betting customers, as we take all of the value from the bets and promotions.

Using a Paid for Subscription is worth it

There are some great services out there such as Oddsmonkey, which will help you in your quest for profits. They lay your days objectives out for you, which saves you lots of time looking for offers. 

Use our Forums to learn from the Matched Betting Experts

The Forum is the best place to be at, you can gain knowledge from all of the seasoned pro’s. Not only this, but they also share offers they have found, best ways to approach offers & they also let you know what profit they have made! Nothing like a bit of healthy competition!

Access the forum here

As you can see, having to fully complete the wagering can affect the profits, it’s always more profitable to lose bets and win lays!

Tick the ‘punter’ boxes for the bookmakers.

This isn’t a physical box to tick, I wish it was that easy! Also, this kind of contradicts the above point about gubbings.

Although you can lose access to bookmaker promotions, I also believe you can increase the longevity of your accounts by following a ‘Punter guideline’.

The most popular types of bets are:

  • Football Bets in the European Leagues. (Mainly England, Spain, Italy, France, Germany)
  • High Profile Markets. Match Winner, BTTS, Correct Score etc.
  • In-Play bets.
  • Accumulators

Horse Racing seems to cause the most issues, as Matched Betting promotions mean we are often taking a price far higher than the Starting Price, meaning the bookmaker isn’t making any money! Bookmakers aren’t happy if they aren’t making money!

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