The Best Matched Betting Sites – Our Favourite Picks

Which Matched Betting site is best?

We offer an in-depth and comprehensive comparison of the matched betting websites. This is the most detailed analysis of betting sites that you can ever find on the internet.

Although other sites seem to compete with these top betting sites, they lack unique features and products that would qualify them in this list. Therefore, our list constitutes the top matched betting sites.

If you think there is a better alternative that has been left out, please suggest it in the comments. We shall analyze every suggested site and determine whether it meets our criteria.

Read on to know these websites including those that are best paid.

The article explains the two categories of best matched betting sites, including paid and free sites.

The paid sites are where people pay a low monthly subscription while the profit margin is higher than that of the free sites.

Oddsmonkey Matched Betting

Oddsmonkey is the leading betting site.

It is very friendly for beginners due to its easy and clear tutorial videos and guides.

Oddsmonkey is a fan favorite because it has a wide variety of tools that help those betting to make money easily.

They have a tool for every game, including tennis games, horse refunds, football matches, and accumulators.

Research shows that you can recover your subscription fees in five minutes due to the help you get by using their forum and tools.

Another huge benefit of Oddsmonkey is that there are no extra costs when using this site and that their services are truly phenomenal.

Profit Accumulator

This site is the greatest competitor of odds monkey.

It also takes advantage of sports offers.

Members will admit that Oddsmonkey run a more profitable service, although some other members will state that Profit Accumulator has a much better Community ‘vibe.

We’ve done a look back into the history & found that Profit Accumulator used to pay Oddsmonkey a rental fee, accessing their tools.

It offers a similar range of tools like those offered by Oddsmonkey.

Therefore, both sites cover comparable offers. They are believed to be the two giants in the matched betting industry.

In the Matched Betting community, members rate Profit Accumulator as a close second to oddsmonkey.

Profit Maximiser

One of the aspects that qualify Profit Maximiser is the list of the top matched betting sites is their great daily offers.

Profit Maximiser is third on the list, due to the emphasis on Casino Offers.

Casino Offers aren’t beginner friendly, but you can make lots of money from them!

If you prefer to make money by trying high-risk yet lucrative offers, then Profit Maximiser is a perfect match for your preference.

The site is a great choice for people who use social media regularly because it runs its forums through Facebook.

By checking on them regularly on Facebook, you will not only stay informed about their offers but also discuss related strategies.

If you want to access their product throughout the year, you need to pay for £99 plus VAT. Otherwise, you can try them for a fortnight, which goes for £1.

A downside of Profit Maximiser is that their website can easily be mistaken for a scam because it’s a little messy. But, if your priority is to make money and you don’t mind the appearance of a site, then Profit Maximiser will work best for you. They have several other products that improve the capabilities of making a profit from different sources. However, you will need to pay for these products.

Profit Squad

Currently, Profit Squad monthly subscription is at £15.

They are outstanding due to the use of their own features that enable people to track their bets.

If you choose to bet through this site, you will not require a spreadsheet for you to track the bets you have made.

The whole process is automated to calculate your profits and also monitor open bets that you may be waiting on.

 This site has a unique strategy that allows its customers to make more profit.

This site has downloaded calculators that allow you to make a profit on the given offers all the time, including the time when there is no free bet.

This site is fine for individuals who wish to do things differently.

If you are one of them, this is the right choice for you. This company has begun to spread deeper into high-risk casinos.

Those who like getting offers with high risks can choose this site. 

The goal of MatchedBets is to offer customers with individualized services at a friendly price. This site is mainly intended for beginners.

Its £15-per-month subscription fee makes it the cheapest site in the list. Each of their offers has concise and clear tutorials with lots of video guides that explain every offer. MatchedBets offers one-on-one assistance through a live chat.

This service is available from 8 am to 8.30 pm. This is very helpful to beginners, and any of the competitors do not offer the services.

Their forum is also somewhat unique in comparison to other paid betting sites.

This is because anyone can join and experience their community right away.

Thus, starters can discuss their first offers with other beginners. Premium users have an added advantage because they get to discuss offers that are only accessible to paying customers.

Their tools are responsive such that they work well on desktops as well as mobile devices.

The unified calculator as well as the odds matcher update fluidity and odds on exchanges in real-time.

This is accompanied by alerts that enable customers to apply changes with a single click.

This feature helps people to save time and avoid weeklong frustrations.

Manually Matched Betting (For Free)

Free Matched betting websites are not recommended because they have high chances of getting you gubbed.

As the Forums are in the public domain, it would be a little easier for anybody to look into your profile. 

I know that sounds a little bit like I’m wearing a Tin hat, but there’s proof that bookmakers monitor matched betting channels.

Their profits are low as well and hard to achieve. Many people make the same bets; hence their accounts end up being grouped with many bonus hunters.

For the sake of the Article, I have found the best free resources and listed them below.

Matched Betting Blog

This is the most commonly used unpaid matched site.

They offer a few basic training guides for beginners.

They are also known for posting daily offers regularly.

 However, they aim to complete every low-risk offer, and this can make your betting account restricted.

It is not healthy for your account to continually exploit offers and not giving the bookmakers any value.

You need to incorporate Mug Betting to be successful.

Money Saving Expert Forums

This is a great money saving website, but they really don’t have the expertise required for Matched Betting.

By the time an offer is posted up in this group, you can guarantee it’s already been bled dry on every Subscription based website.

This can lead you to missing out on profits.


Using Free Matched Betting websites will help you earn an income from between £50 and £150 a month.

The truth is, if you need to earn more, you’ll need to invest. 

The most popular picks for 2020 have been Oddsmonkey & Profit Maximiser. 

Paid matched betting site enables one to make more profits than the free ones.

They offer tools which aren’t available anywhere for free.

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