Outplayed Review: Is Matched Betting Profitable in 2023?

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Outplayed is the Home of Matched Betting, the most popular site in the UK. They are known for teaching Matched Betting.

We reviewed Oddsmonkey, but noticed there was huge demand for Profit Accumulator.

After searching Google and a few forums, we found that although there were tonnes of reviews, they all seemed a bit hard to read. It took a good five minutes before I could actually tell what Profit Accumulator was about.

The problem with reviews is also that; you don’t know who’s being rewarded with incentives for writing positive articles.

If you want an honest opinion, from an experienced matched bettor, you’ve arrived at the right place.

We are going to completely dissect this Profit Accumulator Review, explaining everything about the site.

The Biggest question asked in Matched Betting is;

Should I join Oddsmonkey or Profit Accumulator?

The most asked question in Matched Betting history…

Today, you might just find the answer that you’re looking for. Personally, I use Oddsmonkey, but you can grab the Profit Accumulator Trial here and start making money with them, just as easily.

As I try with all of my guides, I aim to make this post the most in-depth article available. 

Remember, we are real Matched Bettors, that haven’t been paid to write the following article.

Edit; Since writing this article, Profit Accumulator have created a Free Trial, which new customers can gain access to here.

What is Profit Accumulator?

If you are new to Matched Betting, you might be on the lookout for the best matched betting service.

You’ve started off strongly, by researching Profit Accumulator.

Why? It’s the membership site with the largest amount of active members in the community.

Although there are many people out there looking for ways to make money online, I’m keen to remind you that Matched Betting isn’t a con

Profit Accumulator is a matched betting service, which provides tutorial guides but most importantly, they provide the Matched Betting offers which you can complete for a profit.

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Learn more about Profit Accumulator

Sam Stoffel started Profit Accumulator in early 2014. 

He wanted to revolutionize matched betting, making it easily accessible to all, for a low monthly fee.

He didn’t re-write the rule book, nor did he create Matched Betting. It’s been around for a long time. However, he did grow Profit Accumulator, offering it to the masses, allowing many to earn a side-income, completely risk free.

I’m not as active on the forums, as I’ve been banned by most, but I know of three people that went beyond making Profit Accumulator a side-earner. They earn on average £4,000 per month.

I couldn’t quite reach those figures.

Profit Accumulator experienced huge growth in 2016, where they were recognised as the largest matched betting service provider.

A monthly subscription to their services would cost you £17.99. 

This has been recently reduced, previously costing £22.99 for the base package, with an additional £16 charge to access the matched betting software and tools.

Amidst their price rise, competitors dropped their prices & Profit Accumulator decided to ditch the previous pricing structure. 

The new membership woul cost £17.99 monthly, containing full membership.

The longer that you’re a member of Profit Accumulator for, the cheaper your subscription will also be. It’s a bit of a loyalty bonus, I suppose.

There has been controversy about the Profit Accumulator software in the past, which we will be discussing in this post. I promised you the best & most genuine review, so that’s what you’re going to read!

The question that omst people ask is:

Can Profit Accumulator compete with Oddsmonkey?

It can’t be answered with a simple yes or no, so let’s get into the Profit Accumulator Review.

What’s Included with the Profit Accumulator Free Trial?

The Free Trial of Profit Accumulator is actually very beneficial. With the free trial, you’ll receive access to 6 tutorials, the Matched Betting Calculator and the Matched Betting Auto Matcher.

You will be restricted to just two bookmakers on the trial, but this is still sufficient enough to let you earn £45 from the trial.

Profit Accumulator give you a trial period, so you can see that matched betting isn’t a scam, but also to help you pay for a few months worth of membership.

The guides are very useful. In addition to helpful videos, they also post an informative guide which you can read. I prefer reading the guides, as I can do this at my own pace.

Profit Accumulator Review Training Guides

The Matched Betting calculator is available on the free trial, meaning that if you decide not to stick with Profit Accumulator, you can still use their calculator free of charge.

This is the same with the Oddsmatching tool. It’s completely free to access, but limited to BetFred & Coral for the trial.

You won’t be given any access to the Reload Offers, which are the way to earn the consistent profits I have mentioned above.

Sign up for the free trial, read the guides and watch the videos.

What’s the worst that can happen? You’ll make £45!

What’s Included with the Profit Accumulator Platinum Membership?

Profit Accumulator have one tier of membership, called the Platinum membership.

With the platinum membership, you’ll recieve access for everything that the site offers. It’s a huge list, but I’m going to explain everything.

Profit Accumulator suits everyone. If you’re new to Matched Betting, their guides and assistance will enable you to start earning money online.

If you’re an experience matched bettor, you’ll be able to increase your monthly profits with their specialist software.

Let’s take a further look into all of the products that Profit Accumulator offer.

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The Oddsmatcher is half of the reason why you would be looking to sign up to a premium service for Matched Betting. 

This is the tool which will provide you many benefits when matching your bets. 

If you aren’t sure what the oddsmatcher is, think of it as a personal database which consistently checks odds that bookmakers offer, comparing them to the betting exchange.

Profit Accumulator have evolved their matcher over the last 18 months, which now includes a Calculator embedded into the Matcher. In addition to this, you can inegrate your betting exchange accounts, which will automatically place the lay bets for you.

  • Save you time, as you won’t need to manually spend time finding a bet, then comparing the odds with the exchange, then finally entering the odds into the calculator.
  • It will also save you money, as it looks at the closest matches first. If you were to manually find the odds, you wouldn’t be able to find closer odds as quickly.

The New Oddsmatcher which Profit Acca have made is very fast. It monitors the odds changes and updates the table efficiently. It’s competing with Oddsmonkeys software, and I don’t say that lightly. There’s lots of sports which you can filter; Football, Horse Racing, Tennis, NFL, Rugby, Basketball, Cricket, Darts, Golf and even E-Sports! The Oddsmatcher looks just like a table, with columns. At first, it may seem like lots of information, but you don’t need to notice most of it.Profit Accumulator Oddsmatcher The columns just advise you what event the bets for, what the bet is, what market you will find this in… and so on. The key things to take from the Oddsmatcher are:

  • The Calculator Icon on the very left. Clicking this will show you what figures to lay.
  • The Bet type, because you need to know what to bet on!
  • The Rating Column, this shows how much profit you’ll make from the bets.

You can also use the oddsmatcher to find arbitrage bets, which are guaranteed profit opportunities. As you can see, the rating on the bets I’ve attached are 114%, meaning that you’d get 14% profit from your stake. £100 bet, returns £14 profit, guaranteed!

This Oddsmatcher tool is really fast, I actually believe it’s more efficient than it’s competitors. The In-built calculator is also fantastic, it removes any reliance on me using my maths skills! (Or lack of!).

Matched Betting Calculator

I’ve briefly mentioned the Matched betting calculator above. You can actually use this tool without a platinum membership with Profit Accumulator, which is a nice touch. 

I’ll admit, Maths isn’t my strongest point. Even if it was, I still think I’d prefer a tool which does it for me. The Matched betting calculator removes any potential human error.

When I asked my friends if they’d want to sign up and earn some beer tokens, they didn’t want the stress of having to work out how much they’d need to bet on each outcome. Honestly, they must think I’m doing some mad equations, sat at home.

It’s not the case at all, this Calculator does everything. It’s so easy to use.

If you aren’t using it as part of the integration with the Oddsmatcher, you can still open it up and enter the odds manually. You just need to fill in the back and lay odds, including the commission.

The calculator will then instantly give you a figure to lay, but it will also tell you exactly how much profit you’re going to make.

If you thought that was great, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the latest upgrade. In addition to knowing your exact profit, it will now advise you of all of the potential outcomes, so you can see where your money could end up.

Profit Accumulator review Matched betting calculator

Looking at the example above, it shows us that if the Bookmaker back bet wins, we will lose £66 from our betting exchange, but win £80 into the bookmaker site.

Alternatively, we could lose £100 from our bookmaker bet, but win £114 into the betting exchange lay bet.

Regardless of the outcome of the match, we are guaranteed £14.

The calculator can be used as a stand-alone, but as I mentioned it’s also integrated into the Oddsmatching tool. You can’t do matched betting without a Matched Betting calculator.

There are also additional calculators which you can use, which I will be explaining a little later in this review.

Match Catcher

The Match Catcher is another Oddsmatcher tool, but working independently to find Horse Racing matches. It’s been given it’s own tool, so that it can refresh faster, giving users better experience. It will also allow you to maximise your profits, as you’ll be getting the best odds.

It doesn’t just bring up any random Horse Race either, it’s programmed only to find Horse Racing events with special promotions attached.

It’s a great tool as it means you won’t have to waste any time checking if there’s an event on. If it’s showing on the Match Catcher tool, there’s a promo.

During festivals, or other huge Horse Racing events such as the Grand National, the Match Catcher is the tool for the job.

Profit Accumulator Review Match Catcher

It looks very similar to the Oddsmatcher tool, which means it will only take a little bit of getting used to.

Just like the matching tool, you have the embedded calculator which will quickly work out your lay stakes.

It’s a really useful tool. It’s probably not worth signing up for just to use this, but as part of the whole Platinum membership, it offers exceptional value.

What I most like about this tool, is that once you’ve completed an offer for a certain race, for example if you’ve already placed all of your bets for the 14:15 at Cheltenham, you can remove all horses for that race with 1 simple click.

This will save you lots of scrolling time, as you will only see offers which are ready for you to complete, and make money from.

Earn £40+ from the Free Trial

Acca Catcher

We’ve all been sold this dream before, make a profit from every bet that you place. However, this time, the Acca Catcher is serious.

Accumulator Refund offers are an advanced technique for Matched Betting, definitely not something that I would advise a beginner to do. If you are a beginner, don’t feel disheartened… in many ways I wish I was a beginner as those Sign Up offers are great!

You have 4 options when laying an accumulator with the Acca Matcher. I must note here, that this is the latest Acca Catcher review, there are other reviews stating that there’s only 2 methods. I always keep my Matched Betting Reviews updated.

The methods are; Qualifier, Refund Lock in, Free Bet or Lay All.

Profit Accumulator came up with multiple options to profit from these accumulators, depending on your personal risk level, or tolerance.

There are a few requirements, some have minimum odds etc, but the Acca Catcher knows this, only creating profitable accumulator options.

Profit Accumulator Review Acca Catcher Bet

I don’t want to go into too much depth here, as the Profit Accumulator guides are fantastic for this.

It’s a very profitable tool, and there are competitors on the internet which charge over £100 per year, just for access to a tool like this.

You’ll notice from the screenshot that the EV is £11.02, meaning that long term you will profit from these accumulators.

The option to lock in the refund is one of the most popular choices my matched bettors, but with Acca Catcher, and placing accumulators, time management is key.

We highly advise that you complete all of the sign up offers before the Accumulator Refund Offers.

Matched Betting Forum

A service is only as good as it’s community, especially when it’s a Matched Betting community.

Profit Accumulator boast the largest Matched Betting community of all, which isn’t actually surprising as they are the Matched betting service which turned Matched Betting mainstream.

They consistently advertise etc, so are able to bring in the masses.

On their forums, you’ll receive help from other members. It could be simple tricks such as the best way to approach an offer, or maybe even the best slot machine.

However, there’s others that will speak with you via direct message, helping you if needed.

I really like the community spirit, it’s definitely a case of Matched Bettors United!

Profit Accumulator Review Forum

Moderators and staff are also active, helping and assisting where possible. There’s also a new forum post made for every offer, so it’s really easy to see what you need to see.

You can feel at ease when you register. At first, I was hesitant, all those years ago. However, the forums mostly full of club banter, jokes and general chat. 

I haven’t been active in the last 12 months, but my closest friends are still on the forums. They’ve advised me that it’s more active than ever. 

Yes, there will always be a user which has the potential to be a troll, or gloat about making a bigger profit than anyone else, but moderators help tone this down, keeping it a fantastic place to be a new matched bettor.

At the end of the day, we are all there for the same reason, to take money from the bookmakers.

Extensive Training Resources

If you’re new to Matched Betting, but want to learn how to earn a side income, you’ll be a huge fan of these training guides and videos.

Profit Accumulator training

Within 20 minutes, you will have moved from a beginner to having placed a few bets and earnt around £50. When you work out the hourly wage, that’s not bad at all!

If you aren’t a beginner, there’s also plenty of guides for those that wish to increase their earning potential. There’s always something new to read, a new technique to learn.

Earn £40+ from the Free Trial

Profit Tracker

When you start out Matched Betting, if you aren’t organised it can be pretty easy to lose track of where your money is. 

For example, if you place 10 bets, and 6 of these win into the bookmakers, which bookmakers did they win into, exactly?

Previously, you would have had to manually input this, either on an Ultimatcher spreadsheet, or manually writing things down. A long, tiring procedure. This is something I was very used to, but it really dampened my feeling about Matched Betting.

I weren’t here for admin, I was here to make huge profits!

Profit Accumulator saw the requirement, matched bettors needed a way that they could track their bets, and their profits.

They created the Profit Tracker tool. For all of your matched betting needs.

Profit Accumulator Profit Tracker

In addition to just tracking your profits, the Profit Tracker has many other values.

It contains a Balance Sheet, which allows you to keep track of your account balance in every bookmaker account. 

This is absolutely fantastic, as it means there’s no more money going missing here and there. I used to do this myself, although I’d end up finding it in the end. The Profit Tracker means no more balance mistakes.

There has also been an update to the Profit Tracker, which allows your bets to be incorporated into this, which will bring a ‘store’ button into your calculator. 

The software then works together, providing you an exact balance in your bookmakers and exchange accounts.

User Dashboard

You’ll struggle to get bored of the User Dashboard. It’s a completely white layout, which means it’s quite fresh on the eyes.

The Dashboard is your entry gate to Profit Accumulator, containing all of your potential Matched betting needs.

You can see a breakdown of your total profit so far this month, which offers you have in progress & handy quick links to your favourite tools, such as the Oddsmatcher.

Profit Accumulator Dashboard

There’s been an update to the Dashboard area, where you can now customise all of the features. If you don’t want to see the offer calendar, you can replace this with the Acca Catcher, or the Match Catcher. You can even incorporate a list of your gubbed bookmakers, so you know immediately which bookies to avoid.

Types of Matched Betting Offers

There’s a lot of people which only perform matched betting to complete the sign up offers. Some are under the impression that once the sign up offers are finished, matched betting is dead. 

This isn’t the case, in fact you’ll be able to make more from existing customer offers than you’d get from the sign ups!

Promotional offers which are sent out to existing customers are called Reload Offers, and we love receiving the free bets.

It’s the reload offers that offer us a consistent monthly profit, although the sign ups are easier, reload offers bring us more profitability.

When you first click the Profit Accumulator link, you’ll notice that they make a pretty big claim;

They state are the matched betting site with the most offers on, also adding that they employ the most amount of staff which will be finding the offers for us. 

Reload offers aren’t the only thing to do, you can also hit the Bingo and Casino offers, which offer great opportunities for profit.

£1000 a month thread profit accumulator

One of our favourite threads which is extremely useful is the ‘How to make £1000 a month from Matched Betting’. 

The admins sort offers out on a daily basis, showing you how to earn the £1,000 a month target. As you can see, 18th June currently has £54 you can earn. Note, there’s more offers than this available, but they just pick enough offers which can be completed fast, taking you over that £1,000 barrier.

You can continue and complete more offers from the Offer Calendar, which could see you past £1,500 profit per month. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure what the Daily Offer Calendar is, that little piece of kit is up next!

Earn £40+ from the Free Trial

Matched Betting Daily Offer Calendar

To ensure that we remain focused and organised, Profit Accumulator developed a daily offer calendar. 

This is just like having a personal asssistant, which will proceed to line up the offers for you to complete each day. 

It’s completely automated, so it will only show you which offers you can complete on a specific day. 

Profit Accumulator Review Offer Calendar

Once you’ve completed an offer, you can mark this as completed and it will be hidden on your calendar. This ensures that you can still battle through the offers, without wasting time scrolling past ones you’ve already completed. 

The calendar was upgraded to show you a difficulty level, meaning that if you only have a short amount of time, you can target the easier ones. 

You’ll also see a few labels such as Sports or Casino, so you can filter out if you only want to see a specific type of offer.

We really like the expected value or guaranteed profit figure, as it means we can set our sights on the higher figures. You’ll also see a star rating, which is Profit Accumulators review of the offer overall.

If it’s an easy offer, such as the £50 In-play by Bet365, that’ll get the full 5 stars. However, a Casino offer with high wagering would probably just be a 1 star offer, if it’s posted at all.

Dutching Software

The Dutching Matcher is a great tool, but it’s not loved by all. This tool allows you to find Dutch bets, which is an alternative form of Matched Betting. Instead of placing a back bet, and a lay bet, you will instead be placing multiple bets across bookmakers, with no lay bets.

When you’re Dutching, it can be really easy to make a profit. However, be careful not to Arb too much, as this could lead to a stake restriction with the bookmakers.

Luckily, to help you stay amongst the punters, Profit Accumulator have updated the Dutching tool with an option to ’round stakes’. This means that, instead of having to place a £59.21 bet, it would round this up to £60, because placing bets with figures like I first mentioned would make you stand out, by a mile.

The usual stakes punters stick to are £1, £2, £5, £10, £20 or £50. 

Profit Accumulator Dutching Tool Review

When you open the Dutching tool and select a bet, it will automatically populate the figures that you need to bet. Included in this is quick links to the bookmaker, so you can get your bets on in record time.

The dutching tool is really useful if you have three bookmakers running offers, as it means you can just Dutch a single game, instead of backing and laying three separate ones.

Each Way Catcher

Listening to it’s member feedback, PA created the Each Way Catcher.

This is designed specifically for Horse Racing, and it will help your profits to soar. It’s an advanced matched betting tool, so I would ensure that you’ve sweeped up all of the sign ups before starting here.

Profit Accumulator Each Way Catcher

It’s main function is to help users find each way bets, with minimal qualifying losses. 

Extra Place Catcher

The Extra place catcher is another advanced matched betting tool, but this ones focused purely on Extra Place offers. 

This tool will help you to find bets in an instant, with minimal qualifying losses. It only shows the races which contains Extra Places, so there’s no time wasted looking through ineligible events.

The stakes are automatically calculated, so it’s really easy to get your bets placed. The hardest thing, will be getting your horse to finish in one of the Extra Places. That’s purely down to luck.

This tool would only be used in a situation where the bookmaker is offering extra places paid, usually between 1 and 3 places more than the betting exchange.

Profit Accumulator Extra Place Catcher

We take advantage of this by placing low risk bets, but we need our horse to finish in one of the extra places, to extract profit from this offer.

Advanced Matched Betting Calculators

The Standard Matched Betting Calculator isn’t all that you receive with your Platinum membership. You’ll also receive the following calculator tools (but I hope this list doesn’t bore you… it’s quite long:

  • Fixabet –
  • Bonus Lock In –
  • Refund ‘IF’
  • Early Pay Out
  • Each Way
  • Racing Refund
  • Enhanced Offers
  • Dutching
  • Estimated Value (EV)
  • Odds Converter & Probability
  • Blackjack Tool
  • Rule 4
  • Dutching Early Payout
  • Acca Calculator
  • Sporting Index Reload
  • Sporting Index Tool
  • Spreadex Supremacy
  • Double Delight, Hat Trick Heaven
  • Exchange Bonus Lock-In
  • Matchbook Calculator

There’s quite a few calculators there. Some of them may not make sense right now, but you’ll be whizzing through them all, in no time at all.

Exchange Integration

Profit Accumulator consistently listen to their members, reinvesting into their software extensively.

One of the latest integrations is the Exchange Integration. What does this mean?

Instead of having to log into a betting exchange and place the lay bets, you can now actually just link your exchange with Profit Accumulator & lay your bets with a simple click!

We love this feature, it makes things easier for beginners… and faster for those more experienced.

Customer Support

The moderators and paid staff at Profit Accumulator know their stuff. They are always at hand, offering assistance to their members.

You can contact them on email, or speak to them using their contact number. ProfitAccumulator will offer you a refund if you don’t think Matched betting is for you, but I’d advise you complete the trial to check this first.

I would probably opt for the monthly package if I was starting with a lower budget, as it gives you more of a bankroll to complete offers with.

They’re regularly listening to their members needs, which is why we can’t fault their service.

They’ve even recently got a TrustPilot score of 4.7 on their Profit Accumulator Review platform, which is exceedingly good.

Comparisons against other Services

When a company such as Profit Accumulator is created & makes a huge success, it’s natural for competitors to pop up. 

Profit Accumulator didn’t make Matched Betting afterall.

However, they were the first to take it mainstream, which is why they’re one of the most popular matched betting sites.

We aren’t going to hold back and state that Profit Accumulator are the best matched betting site out there. That’s completely your decision. 

We provide other reviews for matched betting services, but this one does focus on the Profit Accumulator review.

We are transparent and review all services equally.

However, once you have tested the Profit Accumulator free trial, we won’t be surprised to see you swear your allegiance to them.

For £17.99, you get a fantastic amount of software, support and tools.

For £17.99, you’ll be earning hundreds, risk free, every single month.

Success Stories

You can find many Profit Accumulator success stories. Each review online is a success story, as it’s another user showing exactly how good Profit Accumulator is.

On the forums, they also have specific threads which help others increase their motiviation, to succeed further.

These come in the shape of “Milestone” threads. When you hit your first £1,000 profit, you’re encouraged to post in the £1,000 profit club.

This continues all the way up to the £250,000 club. There’s actually people that are in this, too.

To think that you can earn this sort of money from Matched betting is ludicrous, but it’s also very possible.

Another thread which we find very motivating, is the ‘Matched Betting Purchases’. It’s all good making money and saving it, but you get a great feeling when your profits can help you make an extravagant purchase.

Profit Accumulator Review: My Conclusion

Profit Accumulator is a great site for your Matched Betting needs. 

I’ve been Matched Betting for a long time, but the support at Profit Accumulator has always been consistent. I’ll admit, I haven’t actually had to contact them for the last 18 months. However, their consistent growth shows that they’re doing it right.

Profit Accumulator are innovative. They re-invest their subscription fees, creating new software and updates to make their products better. 

We give them full marks, but you can use the Free Trial and make your own conclusion here.Shortcode

Join Profit Accumulator Today

Matched Betting Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re new to Matched Betting, it’s very normal to have more questions which need answering. I’ve tried to include the main Matched Betting questions, but if you need further advice, ask the questions in the comments.

Is Matched Betting Risk Free?

Matched Betting is 100% risk free when performed correctly.

You need to back and lay bets, to cover all outcomes. Mistake can happen though, but that’s where Profit Accumulator have you covered with their tools.

When you’re signed up to a service, it’s incredibly hard to make mistakes, as they spoon-feed you the information. They’ve recently updated their oddsmatcher to place lay bets automatically, so this reduced the mistake potential even further.

How much can I make from Matched Betting?

Ultimately, we can’t say. It will depend on the amount of time you can put in, how much money you start with & how many offers you hit every week.

However, what I can say, is that if you start with £200, 3-4 hours per week dedicated to Matched betting, you should easily clear £250 every single month.

Does Matched Betting affect my Credit Rating?

Bookmakers will request your identity on some occasions, to comply with regulations. However, these checks do not affect your credit rating.

What if I already have bookmaker accounts?

In many ways, you might be in a better position. Yes, you won’t be able to make money from the sign up offer… however, you will have built up a solid reputation as a punter, because you were one!

Long term, you’ll still be able to make huge profits from your bookmaker accounts.

Is Matched Betting Legal

Matched Betting is 100% legal. It’s a legitimate way to make money online & has been endorsed on specialist money saving websites.

It’s also featured in the Huffington Post, and many other newspapers.

Should I open a new bank account for Matched Betting?

We would advise for you to open a new bank account. I used Halifax for my Matched betting, as their app is easy to use and they transfer money quickly.

A new bank account will enable you to separate your money, from your business (Matched Betting) profits.

Do I need betting experience? or Sports knowledge?

You don’t even need to like sports. Profit Accumulator has had all walks of life, including people who have no knowledge of Sports at all.

You’re only following guides that ProfitAccumulator provide, there’s no requirement to know the double jeapordy rule in football!

Beyond Sports knowledge, you don’t actually have to be clever at all. You don’t need a Maths degree, as the calculator deals with that.

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