Profit Maximiser Review:
Does it work in 2020?

Updated December 4th 2019
Profit Maximiser Review
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What is Profit Maximiser?

Profit Maximiser provides you with all of the information required to Lock in a profit from Bookmaker Sign Up Offers, Casino Deposit Bonuses & Free Bet Offers.

It’s a perfect setup for beginners, as the Step by Step guides and video tutorials ensure that you can’t physically make a mistake.

The great thing, is that once the Sign Up Offers are completed, you move onto the next round of offers.

Bookmakers and Casinos provide many Existing Customer Promotions, which you will complete on a daily basis moving forward.

With Profit Maximiser, you will be force-fed offers and be able to make a profit every single day

Profit Maximiser has one of the best communities when compared with it’s competitors.

Their knowledge is beyond expert!

How does Profit Maximiser work?

Profit Maximiser is a very effective service, operating from their website.

They work around the clock, searching for bookmaker offers and promotions which could work out profitable.

When they have worked out that the promotion is profitable, it gets posted onto the website.
You would be able to view these offers on your Betting Hub.

The types of offers available are; Deposit Bonuses, Risk Free Bets, Price Boosts, Refund if you lose and more.

Instead of just being told what the offer is, Profit Maximiser include a full guide for you to follow. They also include Video Assistance, where each step of the process is talked through.

What Am I paying for?

The Community Forum

The Profit Maximiser Community group is run from Facebook, meaning you can look through this at your leisure. 

The great benefit of using Facebook is that it’s a super-speed server, meaning you’ll always get the push notifications faster. 

These push notifications are very useful when Loopholes are found. I’ve done a few loopholes whilst Matched Betting, but they’ve all been found on Profit Maximiser. 

With loopholes, it’s vital that you get the information and complete the exploit, before the whole world knows about it.

One member took £18,000 from Sky Casino, the money was in his account before other Websites even knew the exploit existed.

Their group is fantastic, full of knowledge and assistance. It’s probably the best group for hunting bonuses. 

If Casino is your thing, you need to join Profit Maximiser. 


The Home of Casino Offers

Profit Maximiser is king of Casino offer exploiting. 

This is mainly due to their knowledgeable staff & community, who work very hard calculating the value of every single offer. It’s not something I would like to do!

Casino offers aren’t always Risk Free, whereas Matched Betting tends to be. 

Profit Maximiser will only promote Casino Offers which have Positive Expected Value. This is referred to as +EV in most places. 

If an offer is +EV, it means that you aren’t guaranteed to profit from the offer every single time, but if you complete enough +EV promotions, you will be in profit long term.

As you’re playing Casino games, there’s also the potential that you’ll win big.

I’ve been lucky to win £3,600 on Avalon slot machine, but some of the wins that are posted online truly amaze me.

Profit Maximiser Review

£597,000. To me, £3000 was life changing, I can’t comprehend the feeling of a £600 THOUSAND POUND WIN. There’s plenty more of these I could show, but I can’t promise that you’ll register and land jackpot,they aren’t typical results. They are possible. The fact it was from a 20p spin is just crazy.

Sports Betting Offers

Although Casino Offers are fantastic on Profit Maximiser, they don’t neglect the Sportsbook promotions.

Most Sportbook offers can be exploited for profit, in one way or another. They provide all the information required to make the profit on them.


The Oddsmatcher Software

This is a tool which will help you find close matches between a bookmaker and the betting exchange. 

It’s another time saving tool, but also a money saving tool. 

How? If you look manually for a bet, you will most likely get fed up of finding close odds and take a worse match than you would’ve got instantly by using the Oddsmatcher.

Profit Maximiser Review Oddsmatcher

Matched Betting can’t get much easier. 

The Staff at Profit Maximiser will advise us what offers to complete, whilst the Oddsmatcher will tell you what to bet on.

It goes one step further also, as it automatically calculates the values based on the offer you’re completing.

Premium & Unrestricted access

After the £1 trial, Profit Maximiser is £97 plus VAT.

After completing the Free Trial, you will understand why it’s this price & I’m also sure that you will have earnt far more than this!

Daily Offer Calendar

In addition to receiving a daily email from Mike himself, you will also gain access to the Daily Offer Calendar. 

Profit Maximiser Review Daily Offer Calendar

This includes every single offer that’s able to be exploited that day. This includes Sportsbook, Casino & Bingo!

The E-mail is a great summary of the daily strategy, but the Daily Offer Calendar helps you keep organised. 

What if I need help on Profit Maximiser?

There’s always a time when you need a second-opinion on a promotion, or you need advice if your strategy is the most profitable.

Mike employs a full team to deal with support queries & they typically reply to my queries within 2 hours.

I’m not sure what time his team work until, but they must be on shifts as the Customer Service is more or less all day!

The other members in the community are always happy to help too. The chances are, what you are asking now has been asked before!

We think that Profit Maximiser have fantastic customer service levels & it’s a huge factor in their success as a Matched Betting Service Provider.

Using Profit Maximiser


Mike offers lots of products, however the £97 fee is for Profit Maximiser and it doesn’t include any of the bolt-on products. 

Whilst there are Matched Betting websites out there now (such as Oddsmonkey) which offer full packages, Mike Cruickshank built the Betting Mastermind which combines all of his products.

Profit Maximiser Review – Conclusion

To keep this as short as possible, I really like Profit Maximiser.

Whilst Mike does have Bonus Bagging as a more complete package, Profit Maximiser is a fantastic profit.

You can give it a go for a quid, which is much less than you’ll pay for that latte later!

Give it a go! If you need any assistance please let me know in the comments.

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