Football Betting Systems that Work: The Good, The Bad, and The Beautiful Game.

Football Betting Systems that Work: The Good, The Bad & The Non Profitable

Football betting systems

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Football, it’s a beautiful game that so many of us will feel deeply passionate about. I personally have been supporting my team ever since I was a child, and even to this day, I still love watching their matches.

Football is great way to unite a community, it brings people from all different classes, backgrounds, and parts of a city together.

When you get older, you might decide that start placing your bets on which teams you think are going to win.

For some of us, betting is part of the fun of going to a match, and for others, it’s just a bit of a social event.

The fun of betting is often in the excitement of not knowing.

Yes, you could away being richer than you were when you first walked into the bookies, but on the other hand, you could also walk away with having less money than you did at first.

Should you win, it can be something for you to brag about after the game, in the pub with your mates.

Even if you do lose a little bit of money, at least you got a bit of entertainment, with the chance of winning.

Betting can also be a wonderful way to show your loyalty your the team that you love.

I think it’s important for me to write this paragraph, because whilst most of you will probably be reading this for a bit of fun, and maybe a few pieces of helpful advice, there will likely be a few of you who plan on quitting your job, and taking on gambling full time.

If that’s you, then I’m afraid this article isn’t for you. 

This article is not going to be a “How-To guide” on making a living as a professional gambler. All will be is a simple guide on how to increase your chances slightly of being on the winning side of a bet!

Since this is an article about gambling, I feel a moral duty to talk just a little bit about the downsides of gambling, and of course the biggest one is gambling addiction.

As with all other kinds of addictions, having a gambling addiction can have dramatic consequences on many aspects of somebodies life, including their finances, relationships and mental health.

If you, or someone you know, has (or could have) a gambling addiction, then I strongly urge you to seek the help that is available. Remember, our sole focus on Matched Betting Forums is to exploit the offers for a profit, we aren’t gamblers.

Since gambling addiction is such a huge problem, and some people who lurk behind computers will do anything they can to exploit such problems, I would also urge anyone to take any advice with a pinch of salt (including this one).

Make sure you read as many articles as you can, and don’t just believe something simply because somebody on the internet has told it to you.

In this guide, we will be analysing the best betting systems for Football, to give you more ideas for a potential strategy.

Profitable Betting Systems

You visited this post because you want to find a new strategy for betting online.You want to increase your chances of winning, using a well-researched strategy.

In this guide today, I will be showing you betting systems that work, but also showing you some that you must avoid.

Remember, even a good strategy can still lose, apart from Matched Betting as that’s risk free. 

Matched Betting

If you want a completely fool proof strategy, Matched Betting is the perfect way for you to profit. 

It sounds crazy, but when Matched Betting you even win, when your bet loses.

The only way that you will ever lose money when Matched Betting is by making a physical mistake. However, a membership at Oddsmonkey or similar would entitle you to receive all of the guides, software and information. 

With the Matched Betting strategy, you need to place a bet for a team to win, but then also place a bet with the Betting Exchange for them NOT to win, which covers all outcomes.

It’s a way to turn free bets into withdrawable cash, and it’s very easy.

You are guaranteed to Profit from Matched Betting offers. I’m not matched betting anymore, but I made well over £65,000 from Matched betting.

Betfair Trading Strategy

The second type of betting is BetFair Trading. This works in a similar method to how the stock market works.

So if you’re into stock markets, and forex trading, then this could be a great type of betting for you. Even if you’re not, using football can help you to learn about it.

The Betting exchanges tend to be a little more difficult to understand than a bookmaker, as there’s multiple prices on offer.

Betfair Exchange isn’t a bookmaker site, which is why it looks and feels different.

You will always get better odds from a betting exchange, aswell as being able to back or lay in real time, without a delay.

You can trade pre match, or in-play, but you’re able to make trading profits from them.

You do have to pay a small commission on bets, but this is minimal in comparison to the profits that you will make.

The Worst Betting Systems

The worst betting system that we’ve ever heard of is the Martingale Method. 

Martingale Method

This needs to be avoided at all costs. In short, it’s a system which looks fantastic on the outside, but it’s honestly the way to completely bankrupt yourself. 

You’re definitely wondering what this is now, so let me explain.

The martingale method relies on a punter doubling their stakes, on any evens money bet they lose. 

On paper, with an unlimited bank, it’s a great theory. Practically, it’s heavily flawed.

A poor run of luck, with a few losing bets, could easily wipe out your whole betting balance. It multiplies so quickly, to the point where you can’t afford to place the next bet.

Let’s say you started with a simple £20 bet, at odds of evens. 

If this loses, you’ll need to place a second bet at £40. If your luck isn’t in yet, your next bet would have to be £80. Your bet after this would cost you £160.

If the £160 bet loses, it means that you’re currently down £300. Your next bet? £320.

The problem here is that it’s definitely possible you could lose 5 bets in a row. My worst ever losing run was 9 bets, but I was testing this using a dummy balance.

Using the above staking process, I would have lost £5,120. I would then need over £10,000 just to place my next bet. 

Even if you had hundreds of thousands to throw at these type of bets, at bet 10 you’d be struggling to get your bet placed. Bookmakers don’t accept 5 figure bets, especially when you started out with £20 stakes.

It’s not always performed using odds of evens, some people actually use the Roulette board, staking on black, red, odd or even.

The only real scenario where the Martingale method works, is where you have unlimited money. If you had unlimited money, you wouldn’t be looking for a method to try and make more!

Please don’t waste your money

The internet has lots of theories, conspiracies and many tales. However, please don’t fall into the trap for all of the betting systems you may read about. 

Theories such as the martingale, or the fibonacci method do not work.

You’ll never beat the casino, unless you adopt a bonus exploitation mentality, which isn’t really a theory.

Matched Betting is the best that we advise, as it’s the lowest form of risk (zero risk) and it can help you make monthly profits.

Should you adopt a Betting System?

In life, it’s completely natural to want the winning edge. Especially when you’re up against the bookmaker, as betting is all about beating them.

There are risks aligned with betting systems, with an additional touch upon variance and luck.

Your best option is to try out the various betting systems for yourself, then decide which one you find more profitable… or suits you best.

You will need to adopt a solid bankroll management tactic though, in addition to riding through the rough losses in order to overcome variance.

Doing this, might just give you the advantage required to beat the bookies.

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