Matched Betting Casino Offers: Exploited for Profit

Casino Offers & How Matched Betting

Can help you Exploit them

Matched Betting Casino Offers

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When you’re matched betting, you may think that you can only exploit sportsbook offers, but that isn’t the case. Matched Betting Casino offers are the next step in the process, for you to profit from.

This article has the potential to change your perception of Casino offers, as we reveal the truth about the profitability of Slot & Roulette offers. 

It’s a very sensitive subject, as the Casino is where many gamblers have lost fortunes. However, there is a way that you can fight back. The house doesn’t always win, when you exploit them for profit.

What is a Casino Offer?

There’s isn’t one type of Casino Offer, they have many variants. 

You’ll initially be given Sign up bonuses, which are offers you receive purely for signing up to their website.  You will also be given deposit match offers, aswell as sometimes receiving reload offers with no deposit required.

If you aren’t too sure what a reload offer is; it’s an offer which is sent to a customer to encourage them to deposit again. They’re often pretty good value, which is fantastic for matched bettors.

We’ve seen offers as low as 5% Cashback, all the way up to 1000% deposit bonuses, meaning a £10 deposit would give you a £100 account balance.

However, it’s not as simple as standard matched betting, we have nowhere to lay these bets off.

This is because the majority of Casino Offers will have wagering requirements. You can’t just bet the £100 bonus once and withdraw.

You have to hit a rollover target, before you can withdraw that balance as profit. The rollover limits range from around 15x bonus, all the way to around 35x deposit & bonus amount.

If those numbers don’t make much sense, here’s an example.

If you received a 100% deposit match with 20x wagering & deposited £50, you’d receive a £50 bonus and need to wager that £50 total 20x.

This means that you’d be required to complete £1,000 worth of spins on slot machines, before any of the money is yours to withdraw.

Some of these offers can be very profitable, but them of them must be avoided. 

The Truth about Casino Offers

If you’re looking for a routine to exploit Casino Offers, you’ve visited the right place. 

If you search this on Google, you’ll most likely just find a bunch of Affiliate links, but Casino affiliates are the worst. 

Do you want to know how they actually make money? It’s something called Revenue Sharing, where they get between 10-25% of your losses. 

Whilst I admit that I do have affiliate links for Matched Betting services, like Oddsmonkey, I feel that this is an acceptable affiliate scheme.

I want you to join them & remain in there, but you’re only going to do that if you’re making money too! It’s a win win, unlike these greedy affiliate schemes.

It goes for the whole site, you’ll never see an affiliate link. Instead, you’ll see advice from a seasoned Matched Bettor, who’s here to help you earn, or learn.

Now we are going to completely re-write the rules here for Casino offers. For too long, they’ve been a money vacuum for punters. 

Infact, they’re still going to be a money vacuum for punters. The only way that you can profit long term, from casino offers, is by wanting to separate yourself from the punter. 

If you’ve done matched betting before, you’ve already separated yourself, as you know how to exploit bookies for fun… and profit.

The truth about Casino Bonuses?

They are designed to make you lose money, both short and long term.

Casinos are very clever about this though, and in most cases will try and gain your custom by offering you a free £5 bonus with no wagering, or 10 free spins with a cash reward. 

The truth is; the 10 free spins are worth £0.01 each, but you will have signed up to their newsletter, with a high chance that you’ll deposit on their next promotion.

So although that the Casino has wasted £3 to £5 securing your custom, there’s a very high chance (85%+) that on the next promotion, you deposit and lose £25. 

The casinos can afford to offer you free money, because they only have to secure one gambler from every ten, and they’ll still be able to profit. 

This is why they are able to offer such persuasive promotions, such as a 500% casino bonus. 

However, they don’t like people who exploit their offers, because money is their main motivator… and they’re not here to share it with you.

So, let’s reveal the secret about Casinos; how to make a profit from them long term.

Checking the EV of a Casino Offer

Before a Casino offer can be completed, you’ll need to start checking that it’s got a positive Estimated Value. 

You will find many estimated value, or EV Calculators online, but you need to be wary of them. 

Unless they have a built-in simulator. The simulator is going to be your prized asset whilst completing offers. 

However, due to the nature of the technology, you may require a membership at Profit Accumulator. It costs to become a member, but there are many other benefits in addition to the EV Simulator.

The reason why the basic calculators aren’t going to be sufficient, is that they don’t take variance into consideration. It gives you a brief figure, but ignores the fact that you aren’t guaranteed to hit a big win, or a Casino bonus round.

Before you deposit for a casino offer, you can load up the simulator and let the system run through the Bonus offer as many times as you like. I would suggest that 30 times is a good number, but I’ve known people push 100 simulations.

This will give you a larger pool of results, so you can expect to find the most realistic results… but more importantly work out if the promotion is profitable or not.

Variance on Casino Offers

In the above, I mentioned variance. However, it needs it’s own section so that we can discuss in depth.

When you’re exploiting casino offers, you aren’t going to make a profit from every single deposit you make. You will have swings of variance, where you may win 5 in a row but then lose 3.

Where this differs from Matched Betting is the risk element. Matched betting offers are no risk, but also pretty low yield. You’ll only ever turn a £20 bet into about £14 profit. 

With Casino offers, they aren’t risk free, but you always have the chance to win a big jackpot. 

Instead of being on a lineal path to profit like Matched Betting, you’ll have some swings, dips & surges on your profit chart. However, long term it’s still very profitable.

Variance is also mistaken to some as luck, but due to the nature of only taking +EV offers, you will make profit long term.

How Risky are Casino Offers?

Most Casino offers will carry a small element of risk. This is because we can’t lay off our slot spins etc, so we have to rely on Maths and variance to make a profit.

When taking advantage of them for a profit, you will make money long term, providing you follow the guides. 

If you are looking at taking advantage of Casino offers, ensure that you stick to a strict bankroll strategy, never risking more than 1% of your entire bankroll.

This will enable you to build slowly, but it will be consistent. You’ll also be able to afford losing runs, which is vital for you to continue long term.

How to Find Casino Offers

Finding a Casino offer independently isn’t going to be an easy task. At this point, I would advise you to look at a site like Oddsmonkey, who will be able to provide all these offers to you as part of a service.

If you decide to go it alone, it’s not going to be impossible, just a little more difficult.

You will be required to scan the main casino website multiple times per day, checking if they have any promotions to take advantage of.

However, once you find one, you shouldn’t jump right in and deposit. Check the terms and conditions, to see if the wagering is something that you’re comfortable with. You need to make sure the offer is +EV, or long term, it’s a losing offer.

You should also monitor your emails, but I’ll warn you, lots of Casino promos are sent to your Spam!

Finding Casino offers to profit from is the hardest part, as spinning the slots is fairly simple. I really do advise signing up to a matched betting service, as they will perform all of the hard work… leaving you to the profit.


Can I Exploit without a Membership?

Yes, you can still take advantage of Casino offers, without paying a subscription to a website. 

However, as I mentioned above, it would be slightly more difficult and it’s your choice whether to pay a company like Oddsmonkey to do the hard work for you.

Conclusion: Matched Betting Casino Offers

There are elite groups of Matched Bettors which can earn thousands, every single month from Casino offers. 

This isn’t a guaranteed profit, as there’s no way we can guarantee profit from Matched Betting Casino offers. 

Although there’s an element of risk, they are also super profitable.

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