Is matched betting dead? Is It Still Worth it?

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You’re looking at signing up for a Matched Betting service, but not sure if you’ll actually make any money?

Don’t worry, I’m here today to advise you of the truth about Matched Betting. And I’ll be honest.

You aren’t going to make the £1,000 per week that every other review seems to mention. Unless you’re performing some ‘grey’ tactics. It’s simply not possible anymore.

However, you can still clear around £500 per month from Matched Betting. Which is still fantastic. Let me explain how.

The Rise in Popularity of Matched Betting

Since its inception, matched betting has rapidly grown in popularity. It was once a little-known secret, passed amongst savvy punters, but the advent of the internet turned it into a full-fledged phenomenon.

Websites started to appear offering services, such as Profit Accumulator and Oddsmonkey.

Suddenly, people from all walks of life, not just seasoned gamblers, were diving into this enticing world where the promise of a safe bet wasn’t an oxymoron.

But like any promising prospect, it’s essential to revisit and reassess its value periodically. The betting landscape isn’t static – it’s ever-evolving, and largely dependent on bookmaker regulations that the government enforce.

In 2023, the question begs to be asked – “Is matched betting still worth it?” That’s what we’ll unravel in this article, using a blend of market analysis, expert insight, and recent case studies. Buckle up as we dive into the world of matched betting to discover if it’s still a bet worth making.

The Evolution of Matched Betting

Matched Betting has been around for years. I’ve spoken on multiple occassions with senior members of the community who claim to have been earning over £1,000 per week from Matched Betting offers.

This was before the ‘online rush’ of bookmakers too, meaning they were doing this in-store. Let’s go back there for a moment.

A decade ago, the betting landscape was a radically different terrain than what we see today. The market changes have been significant, driven by a complex interplay of regulatory shifts, societal attitudes, and economic factors.

It probably doesn’t help that Matched Betting is so popular online either really. The bookies could probably afford a couple of hundred people exploiting this, but when you have 100,000 people making profit at their expense, it can become lostly.

Increasing competition also meant that bookmakers became more cautious, often introducing tougher requirements and restrictions that made extracting profits from free bets and bonuses more challenging.

If you go back to 2005, there was a few big players. Ladbrokes, William Hill, Betfred. Now you have Paddy Power, Sky Bet, Bet365 plus lots of smaller bookmakers that operate.

Opportunities & Challenges for Matched Betting in 2023

Despite an evolving betting landscape, several opportunities still beckon in 2023. The shift towards digital platforms has led to a wider array of markets and events for matched betting.

Increased competition among online bookmakers also means more promotional offers. Moreover, the booming eSports industry presents a fresh venue for matched betting.

Despite the potential of this, challenges persist. Bookmakers are becoming savvy to matched betting tactics, employing tracking technology to limit or ‘gub’ exploitative accounts.

Adapting to new betting regulations also presents a hurdle, with laws tightening to curb potential gambling-related harm. Finally, the time and effort needed to succeed in matched betting shouldn’t be underestimated.

The betting industry continues to innovate. Live, in-play betting and the integration of AI for personalized betting experiences are two massive trends.

These developments could potentially impact matched betting, offering new avenues for profit but also adding layers of complexity.

Is Matched Betting still Worth it?

If you haven’t started Matched Betting just yet, don’t let this article scare you away. There’s still plenty of money to be made from the sign up offers and your initial reload offers.

You won’t make as much money as if you started in 2015, but you’ll still be able to earn a solid side income.

However, there’s no denying the risk factors. Account restrictions, shifting regulations, and the potential for human error can pose significant challenges. It’s essential to balance the potential gains against these risks when considering matched betting as a viable income stream.


Ultimately, bookmakers aren’t as generous as they used to be. This is down to a range of factors. They now have more members to give bets to, but they are also limited quite heavily by the government. It’s not ‘GambleAware’ to offer Free Bets consistently.

For anyone considering matched betting in 2023, it’s crucial to enter with a realistic mindset. Understand that it’s not a quick path to riches, and it requires careful strategy and commitment. If you can manage this, you’ll still be able to make a few hundred pounds every month.

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