High Risk Casino Offer Guide: Worth the Reward?

High Risk Casino Offer Guide:

Worth the Risk?

High Risk Casino Offer matched betting

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The narrative is often the same with Matched Betting. You’ve been making a steady income for around 12 months, but now it’s time to put your skills to the test. 

You may be paying for a service like Oddsmonkey or Profit Accumulator, but not actively using their specialist tools (which you’re paying for).

This is where you decide that it’s time to take that all important leap; Introducing High Risk Casino Offers.

Typically, high risk offers aren’t recommended, as they require a high level of bankroll management. Realistically, you might not be making a profit on these if you just jump right in. That’s why we’ve created the ultimate high risk casino guide, so you can fully understand what you’re doing.

If you haven’t looked at No Risk, or even Low Risk Casino offers, I advise you start on them firstly. They will help you get in the right mindframe, as Casino is completely different to Sportsbook.

Hopefully, it’ll help you increase your bankroll too, so you can make the leap to High Risk Casino offers with a little extra.

What is a High Risk Casino Offer?

High Risk Casino offers are very popular with betting sites. They are often deployed as Deposit Bonuses with Huge wagering requirements, which must be completed before you’re able to withdraw any winnings.

An Example of a High Risk Casino offer would be a 100% Deposit Bonus, with a maximum bonus of £50. The offer sounds fantastic, but attached to this is a 35x wagering requirement.

If you deposit £50, the Casino will also give you £50. However, until you can withdraw this, you need to wager 35x the deposit plus bonus.

In this instance, that would be £3,500. That’s a lot of spins.

This would be labelled as high risk, as there’s a high bust rate. Although it’s actually profitable long term, you’d need to be prepared to go on a heavy losing run. 

I don’t mean to put you off these offers, as they’re actually very profitable. It’s super important that you have a bankroll which could accept the £50 loss, without affecting your emotions.

Nobody likes losing money, but it’s definitely advisable not to lose money that you physically can’t afford to.

In many forums, the ‘rule’ is to have at least 100 buy-ins for an offer. In this instance, the minimum would be £5,000. This figure is definitely achievable.

How do High Risk Casino Offers work?

The most important factor about High Risk Casino offers is that you must be aware that you won’t be cashing out of every bonus with a profit.

They are High Risk because you might not win every single offer, but when you win, the chance of a large profit is high.

However, the deposit restrictions and wagering requirements are completely different to Matched Betting. Let’s look at some Offer examples. The most typical thing you’ll see is deposit bonuses, free spins etc. 

888 are offering a 100% Deposit bonus upto £200, plus free spins.

It sounds good so far, but we need to check the wagering requirements out on the T&C’s area. 

I’ve checked this, and it’s showing as 30x wagering.

If we deposited £50, we would receive a bonus of £50 in addition to 25 free spins.


888 high risk casino offer

Completing an High Risk Offer

The wagering requirements are 30x deposit & bonus amount, which was £100. 

It’s £100, because £50 deposit & £50 Bonus.

This means that we have to spin through £3,000 worth of wagering before you can withdraw any of the money as cash.

Until then, it would be in your 888 Account, unwithdrawable.

There’s a higher chance of you busting out, without spinning through the full £3,000, which would mean you had lost on this attempt.

However, mathematics behind this offer still rule it as profitable long term, so it was a worthwhile sign up. 

It probably wouldn’t feel like that, if you’d just lost the £50 though.

Finding a High Risk Casino Offer

I found the above answer by literally Googling Best Casino Offers. 

There’s an absolute barrel-load of competition, stealing each others Google Position with ad space etc. It’s paved an easy way for us to find Casino Offers, if you aren’t using Oddsmonkey yet!

Not every offer will offer you a profitable scenario. There’s lots of casino offers out there, which we don’t recommend. Some crazy sites have 99x wagering, or maximum wins of £200.

I’d also avoid using any affiliate websites for these offers, as they tend to promote the Offer which is hardest to profit from. In the meantime, they’d also profit from you losing!

In addition to checking that the Deposit Bonuses & Wagering Requirements are profitable, there’s another usefull metric called ‘EV’. 

EV is expected value & an EV Calculator would be something to help you increase your chances of winning. 

We don’t know of any free ones available yet, but there are some available at:

This tool takes the Maths one step further, as the tool can advise you exactly how you should be performing using a specific slot machine.

They even have a simulator, so you can see what profit you should have if you completed the offer.

Finding High Risk Casino offers is a real admin task, which is why I have stated that the websites I recommend, are well worth the money.

From my personal experience, it’s good to start with Oddsmonkey, to combine Matched Betting & High Risk Casino offers.

It’s important to have all of the tools at the ready, when completing high risk casino offers.

My Issues with High Risk Casino Offers

No Profit Guarantee

If you’ve been Matched Betting for years, locking in guaranteed profits from every event, we can see how High Risk Casino deals may be scary.

This is because we can’t lock in a profit, right at the very start.

You’re probably used to securing a profit from absolutely every scenario possible, so switching to a method where your money is at risk, could stop you from starting these high risk offers in the first place.

It might stop you from doing the High Risk Casinos offers completely. That’s understandable.

High Risk isn’t for everyone. It’s not 100% something for me, but I take advantage of the offers that are ‘easier’, instead of the highest risk ones.

Expected Value is Expected

Wouldn’t it be great if Expected Value was Guaranteed Value.

Unfortunately, Casino Offers have variance. It’s that ‘luck’ factor. 

Although an offer could be profitable, there’s a greater chance that you could be stung by variance, not making money. 

Yes, it might have been classed as profitable on the Expected Value chart, but that’s not a given.

I’ve had some downswings, or swings in luck, completing Casino offers myself. 

The Variance really can eat you up. Losing runs are very real, and not very nice to experience.

High Bankroll Management

In 2020, Casino offers are one of the main ways to make money. I had to write a guide on it, but I don’t want people feeling like they have to take the jump into Casino offers, without having a bankroll which can manage the losses.

I only advise that you start doing Casino offers once you’ve done the Sportsbook sign ups, as this will help you to build a healthy pot.

You need a high bankroll to cover any losing runs, so I advise my followers to enter Casino offers using no more than 1% of your bank balance. 

0.5% is my perfect range, as it allows me to spin without worrying about my earnings taking a bashing.

1% is also a good level, but more for those who are higher risk players.

Remember, just because an offer says upto £200 free when depositing, it’s still perfectly acceptable to deposit just £50.

Complete Offers Simultaneously

To even out the variance when playing high risk, it’s advisable to complete as many offers as you can. 

I don’t mean open up your computer and spin 10 casinos at once, but set yourself a target.

Give yourself a month, to complete around 90 casino offers.

This is where the bankroll management needs to be perfected. 

At 0.5% staking, 90 casino offers has the potential to wipe out half of your bankroll.

You’ll probably hit a downswing at some point, blaming it on bad luck. 

However, remember it’s just variance, and the way that you click on the Bonus Rounds don’t actually effect anything.

It’s all pre-determined.

Completing offers in this way should offer you a significant return. Whilst you might hit a dry spell, with no bonus rounds, completing so many offers in a short space of time will give you the chance to see Bonus Rounds & hopefully, profit.


How much Profit from High Risk?

High Risk Casino Offers will provide an expected value of around £18.

This isn’t the figure that you’re guaranteed from this offer. 

If you add up all of the casino offers out there, this is how much you’re expected to make on average, per offer.

For example, if you Lose out on 3 offers, but make £100 in the final offer, you’d have a £25 Estimated Value. 

That’s a very brief way of explaining the Expected Value.

Long term, you profits should increase on a steady scale.

You’re not going to win everytime, but you’re going to reach a high paying Bonus round at some point also.

You have to take the ups with the downs, but providing you follow the guides, it’s profitable long term.

I’ve personally won £3,350 from a bonus offer, but In comparison, I also recall losing 6 x £50 Bonuses in a row. 

I always try to write my guides with the best possible insight. I do like Casino Bonuses, but I can’t handle them all of the time. It’s quite boring, sitting up all evening spinning on an arcade slot machine.

However, at the same point, you can’t take your eyes off the screen… as you’re waiting for your turn in a Bonus round.

Whilst I am ‘on the fence’ with Casino High Risk Offers, I must admit they’re the next step for Matched Bettors who have run out of bookmakers. 

Just ensure that you’re able to manage your bankroll, and you’ll be just fine.

But I do highly advise that you join a service which will offer you the tools required.

In addition to this, they’ll be finding the offers for you.

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