Accumulator Generator Review

Is it Possible to make a Profit from every accumulator you place... regardless of the result?
Accumulator Generator Review

If you have landed on this page, you have either been searching for Mike Cruikshanks latest product, or searched through the reviews on my website. This is the most informative Accumulator Generator Review available.

Either way, this is great news as it means that you are taking actions in order to increase your finances.
I am a heavy user & big fan of Mike’s products, he hosts a range of products which will help increase your monthly profits.
All of these products are Risk Free tactics, so be comforted all of your profits are guaranteed, No gambling involved.

I have used Accumulator Generator for just over 10 Months, having earnt £4600 after placing 440 accumulators.
Breaking these stats down, that’s an average of £10.45 per accumulator & just 40 accumulators per month.
Bare in mind this is completely risk free, I believe these results are impressive. Very impressive.

Add the profit from this to the monthly matched betting offers, I can easily turn over £2,000 per month.

How Does Accumulator Generator work?

Accumulator Generator involves taking advantage of ‘Accumulator Refund’ offers posted by bookmakers.

Bookmakers offer Accumulator promotions to tempt their punters into placing bets with them, as they rarely win! The great thing is, with this software, we make Guaranteed Profit regardless of the Accumulator result.

Over 25 bookmakers are currently offering Accumulator Insurance, meaning we have plenty of opportunities to make great profits. What Accumulator Generator does, is maximises our profits and minimises our time spent doing so. Win win.

A subscription to Accumulator Generator provides you with all the tools required to make an estimated £7-£12 Per accumulator.

Below is a snapshot of what the main screen looks like, so you can familiarise yourself with this page before becoming a member yourself.

  • Your EV column is the area with the red boxes, this is the expected profit from each individual accumulator.
  • The Date Range shows the life of the accumulator
  • The Teams column shows each match that should be in the acca
  • You also get info such as the bookmaker & Total Back & Lay Odds.

Once you pick your accumulator to bet on, you get to see the next screen

This calculator works out the maths for you and is auto populated. It’s fantastic and so easy to use. It tells you exactly what to back and lay.

What are the Accumulator Refund methods?

There are multiple types of ‘refund strategies’ to pursue. If you don’t understand these right now, not to worry as the training with this product is phenomenal.

  • Lock In Profit – This is my preferred method, as it’s guaranteed. I’ve been matched betting for a good 5 years now so I have ensured to make profit where it’s guaranteed.
  • Back and Lay Standard – This is where you hope that one team loses so you get your refund. If More than one team loses, or no teams lose, you make a small loss. However, If you do hit the refund trigger, profits are higher, around £40-45!
  • Advantage Play / No Lay – This is gambling in my eyes but is positive EV so long term you will make profit. The basics of this is that you are betting without laying. If all teams win, mega profit. If one team loses, refund. However if more than one team loses, you make a loss.
  • Mug Bet Acca / Free Bet Acca – Using an accumulator as a mug bet is a great idea, really helping the longevity of your account. Using it as a Free Bet also enables you to get the maximum from your free bet stake.

What are the Negatives to Accumulator Generator?

Guaranteed, Consistent Profits. Can there be a drawback to this?

Having extensively tested this, the only disadvantage I can think of to this system is TIME. 

Using the Software is easy, but some days you will have to make sure to visit it frequently, as if you use a specific method you may have to lay each game off one by one.

For me, this is hard on a weekend as it’s my time off!

It’s not time consuming to place the bets, as all the figures and information you need is available. It’s just being free to do so.

Bookmakers love it when a punter places an accumulator, they often offer very little value (to the average punter!) but we have the edge with the available insurance triggers.

However, if you are seen to be over-doing the Insurance offers, you may find you get limited or restricted from these promotions. I have plenty of bookmaker accounts, so stretch out 3 a day with ease. If you do 10 £50 accumulators with a single bookmaker in a day, this would stick out.

Is Accumulator Generator Profitable?

Without a doubt. I make around £7 to £8 per accumulator consistently.

I can get around 2-3 accumulators on per day, which equates to around £700 per month. This hasn’t been a one off either, having been placing these for 10 months.

How much profit can I expect to make?

I have no doubts you could replicate my successes, potentially make even more profit than I have.

I don’t have a great deal of time to place accumulators currently, and have still been able to make close to £700 a month.

What does Accumulator Generator include?

Accumulator Matcher. This searches through thousands of potential accas & lists them in order of most profitable downwards. This is great as it shows you the best matches first, meaning you only see the best ones initially.

  • Bet Finder feature. This searches and finds you the best results across all bookmakers. This comes in handy for redeeming free bets & placing ‘mug’ accas.
  • Comprehensive Training. This training guide is fantastic & makes Accumulators simple for all, so even if you haven’t placed A bet before you will feel confident & prepared.
  • Reminds & Alerts – This area tracks all of your bets so you know exactly what to do next
  • The Basics of Betting – Everything you need to know about accumulator bets – EVEN FIRST TIME BETTERS can view this training and be up and betting within the hour!
  • Step-By-Step Video Tutorials – I’ll show you EXACTLY how to use EACH function of the software – leaving nothing to the imagination.You’ll know exactly how to use the Accumulator Generator to manifest maximum results in no time…,,RISK-FREE Checklist – Get profits EVERY SINGLE TIME. This FAIL-PROOF checklist ensures that no mistakes are made, so you bank risk-free profits EVERY TIME!,,Training on 3 Betting Systems – we give you not just ONE, but THREE built-in betting systems to choose from, based on your betting experience.,,Advanced Betting tutorials – discussing advanced accumulator strategies for making even greater profits.

Accumulator Generator Review: My Summary

The training you receive with Accumulator Generator is simply fantastic. I have helped members go from not having placed a bet before, to earning £500 a month part time!

Gold Standard Software

Accumulator Software is really advanced, yet it’s so simple to use! This software has been developed to make people serious money, it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Consistent Profits

Most times of the day there will be over 25 pages of accumulators to place, meaning you can never get bored!

I recommend you definitely give this a go, with the extensive training options available, you’ll be placing your Accumulator bets in no time.

There is a promotion running for Accumulator Generator, they are giving you a £1 access trial for reading.

I Promise, it will be the best £1 you can spend!

Accumulator Generator helped me! I hope that this Accumulator Generator Review can also assist you in making a decision on the product.

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