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Accumulator Generator Time?

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Meet Mike Cruickshank, a mastermind in the betting world. He’s behind the popular tool called Accumulator Generator that’s shaking up the world of matched betting.

Let’s dive into what makes this tool a game-changer. Ready to explore?

What is Accumulator Generator?

Accumulator Generator is a genius tool from Mike Cruickshank. It makes matched betting simpler, even if you’re just starting out or if you’ve been betting for years. This tool uses special offers from bookies, called ‘accumulator insurance’, to help you make a profit.

Imagine a wise friend who guides you smoothly through all your bets—that’s what this tool does.

This tool has been generated specifically for Accumulator Bets. You won’t receive any other promotions, just Acca insurance ones.

Features of Accumulator Generator

Accumulator Generator is your secret weapon in the world of matched betting, loaded with helpful features that could turn anyone into a betting pro. Members of Accumulator Generator get:

  • Access to the Acca Matcher Tool
  • Accumulator Lay Calculator
  • Access to the Bet Finder Tool
  • Reminders for Upcoming Events
  • Offers & Promotions
  • Training Area
  • Frequently Asked Questions

There’s too much involved for me to simply list them. Let me explain in depth.

Accumulator Generator Software

It’s easy to understand where this product got it’s name. It’s main job? Finding and then generating accumulator bets for members to profit from.

This software is great. It refreshes really fast and the layout is nice and simple. This is called the Acca Matcher.

On the Matcher software, you’ll be able to filter this for specific bookies, if there’s a certain offer you want to complete. You can also filter the results by EV or Profit. The Matcher software also shows you all of the included bets that you will need to place.

Accumulator Generator Software

In this tutorial, I’ll be looking at the bet at the top of the list. EV of £8.44. This has back odds of just over 4/1 and is using Ladbrokes. The fixtures are:

Molde v Sandefjord
Manchester City v Manchester Utd
PSG v Clermont Foot
Napoli v Sampdoria
Atalanta v Monza

Once you have found your bet, select the Calculator button within the ‘Actions’ Tab.

Accumulator Lay Calculator

Without this calculator, it would be incredibly hard to lay accumulator bets. Infact, I don’t think it would be possible at all. Unless you’re just laying the last leg, hence laying a single bet.

Inside the Lay Calculator, you’ll be able to select your specific options such as Back Stake, whether it’s a Qualifying Bet or a Free Bet and the Multiple Type. This will automatically populate to match the bookmaker offer.

Accumulator Generator Completing an Offer

It also populates the Back Odds and Lay Odds directly from the bookmaker and the exchange too. This saves so much time for having to check around, but I do still check before placing the bets anyway.

The next, and probably the most important thing is the Stake Ideal & Actual Lay Stake boxes. The Stake Ideal is the amount that the software advises you to place, but there are techniques you can utilise to adjust this, and you’d enter that amount in the ‘Actual Lay Stake’ area.

It has recently had another update too, where you can save the acca to your account. This essentially logs the bet, but it also reminds you when it’s time to lay another bet. This is a great feature.


The Training Dashboard is very detailed, and covers all aspects of Accumulators. This means that even if you don’t know anything about betting, you’ll be able to follow the guides and make money.

Accumulator Generator Training Dashboard

You’ll be able to follow each interactive video, from learning what an accumulator is, to learning how to complete each Refund method.

Accumulator Refund Methods

There are multiple types of ‘refund strategies’ to pursue. If you don’t understand these right now, not to worry as the training with this product is phenomenal.

  • Lock In Profit – This is my preferred method, as it’s guaranteed. I’ve been matched betting for a good 5 years now so I have ensured to make profit where it’s guaranteed.
  • Back and Lay Standard – This is where you hope that one team loses so you get your refund. If More than one team loses, or no teams lose, you make a small loss. However, If you do hit the refund trigger, profits are higher, around £40-45!
  • Advantage Play / No Lay – This is gambling in my eyes but is positive EV so long term you will make profit. The basics of this is that you are betting without laying. If all teams win, mega profit. If one team loses, refund. However if more than one team loses, you make a loss.
  • Mug Bet Acca / Free Bet Acca – Using an accumulator as a mug bet is a great idea, really helping the longevity of your account. Using it as a Free Bet also enables you to get the maximum from your free bet stake.

My Results from Accumulator Generator

I’ve been using Accumulator Generator now for just over 15 months. I have this product through Betting Mastermind, which is a complete suite of all products. These results are Accumulator only, with Matched Betting & Casino offers separate. My results are as following:

Accumulator Bets Placed (In Total):440
Total Profit:£4,645
Guaranteed Profit per Accumulator:£10.55
Final Review Rating9/10
My Results from 15 months of Accumulator Generator membership

Pros and Cons


  1. User-Friendly: The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. This makes it friendly for beginners, yet robust enough for experienced betters.
  2. Time-Saving: The bet finding feature does the hard work for you. It quickly scans through numerous opportunities, directing you to the most profitable bets.
  3. Educational: The training program is a gem, providing clear and straightforward instructions that simplify the complex world of accumulator betting.
  4. Profit-Boosting: The bet calculation feature takes the guesswork out of betting, suggesting the optimal betting amounts for maximum returns.


The biggest issue with Accumulator Bets, in my opinion, is Time. You need to dedicate quite a lot of time to placing these bets. Not only this, you need to remember to lay each event and this can start to become a bit tiring!

Comparisons & Alternate Tools

It’s quite hard to compare this tool with other tools on the market, because this is the only tool that specialises solely on Accumulator bets.

  1. OddsMonkey: A well-rounded betting tool offering a variety of services, including an odds matcher, a dutching tool, and a racing matcher. It’s user-friendly but lacks the specialized focus on accumulator betting.
  2. Oddsmonkey (Formerly Profit Accumulator🙂 A popular tool known for its matched betting service. While it provides a range of features, it doesn’t have a specific tool aimed at exploiting accumulator insurance offers.
  3. Matched Bets: This tool offers comprehensive guides and software to help users earn from free bets and betting promotions. However, it doesn’t have the unique accumulator betting focus of Accumulator Generator.

Conclusion: Is it worth it?

The training you receive with Accumulator Generator is simply fantastic. You’ll be given access to the entire Acca Suite of tools, where you can learn specific methods for laying bets.

Accumulator Software is really advanced, yet it’s so simple to use! This software has been developed to make people serious money, it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Most times of the day there will be over 25 pages of accumulators to place, meaning you’ll struggle to run out of bets to place. I recommend you definitely give this a go, with the extensive training options available, you’ll be placing your Accumulator bets in no time.

Although Accumulator Promotions have changed in the last 3 months, they are still profitable. I’d recommend you get signed up to Accumulator Generator and start earning some extra profit from these bets.

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