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Arbitrage betting

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Arbitrage Betting is a way to guarantee profit from Sporting events, without the need for Bookmaker Offers or Promotions.

They’re also known as Arbs, Sure bets or sure wins.

The great news about Arbitrage betting is that it’s incredibly easy to make money.

Stick with me on this though, as there are problems with arbing. Big Problems.

We will teach you absolutely everything that there is to know regarding Arbing.

What Is Arbitrage Betting?

An Arbitrage bet is where you place a Back Bet with bookmakers, at higher odds than the lay odds.

Arb Betting is a possibility when odds move quickly, leaving a discrepancy between odds. 

It’s usually when bookmakers traders disagree on the odds, or move too slowly when pricing a market bet.

Betting Exchanges have created a market for Arbing, allowing anybody to bet against outcomes happening.

To briefly conclude, Arbing occurs when the LAY ODDS are larger than the back odds.

Your profit is locked in before the event begins, completely risk free.

Arb Bet

As your profit is locked in 100% guaranteed, they’re often referred to as Sure bets.

Sure betting is a more advanced tactic, but it’s easy to learn. It would be beneficial to complete the bookmaker sign up offers before hitting the sure bet market.

If the concept is new to you, don’t worry. 

I am going to run through some examples to help you understand Arbitrage Betting. Examples always make things easier. 


Why do Bookmakers Restrict members?

It’s very simple. Accounts get flagged which are beating the bookmakers over a long period. 

When I say beating, I don’t mean that you’ve turned £1 into £500 over 10 bets. 

You’re taking the best odds on their site, leaving them with a very small margin. You’re essentially costing them, long term, to have you as a customer.

When Matched Betting, the main reason for your account getting flagged, is that you’re only doing the offers. 

You only sign in when they’re running a free bet offer. You deposit the maximum they’ll allow for the offer, then you withdraw once the offer is completed.

From their side, the offer is wasted on your custom. They wanted you to deposit more, come and take a look at the slot machines, maybe have a game of Poker. 

Bookmakers actually lose a fair bit of money from promotions that they run, although a lot of this money is recovered from their loyal fanbase, who bet weekend after weekend.

If they can cut their losses further, by getting rid of the people which aren’t interested in placing regular bets, they will. 

Another reason why you can get restricted is the fact that you’re betting patterns don’t make sense. 

This is the one thing I had a disagreement with Profit Accumulator about, when their own tutorials mentioned to place a qualifier with low odds, then use the free bet at maximum odds (to make a higher profit).

I don’t think this is good practice, as the bookmakers will wise up to this trick when a site is telling 50,000 of it’s members to do the same thing.

Arbing is also going to bring up red flags immediately. Like I mentioned earlier about getting consistent close matches, imagine if you were actually beating the bookies software, getting better odds than they should be offering.

The benefits of this; it can bring you a profit, guaranteed, without even requiring an offer.

The problems with Arbing? If you survive anymore than 3-5 decent sized bets, I’ll honestly be shocked.

My ultimate horror story I saw on the forums was an unfortunate individual sharing his Mug Betting spreadsheet with us. I thought you know what, he’s switched on with his mug betting.

It weren’t until another user actually looked at the transactions, advising him that he was infact arbing Bet365, a matched betting favourite.

It’s safe to say; His account was soon stake restricted.

What is an Arb?

An Arb is the abbreviated term for Abitrage. 

If you’ve placed an Arbitrage Bet, you’d tell you’re friends that you’ve just placed an Arb.

It’s a very difficult discussion when mentioning Arbitrage Betting with Matched Betting.

Personally, I don’t start arbitrage until I have been gubbed from the bookmakers.

If you haven’t built up a profile and start arbing, you will most likely end up gubbed. Ensure you do a bit of Mug Betting!

Is Arbitrage Betting Legal?

Arbing is completely legal.

Would bookies love for it to be illegal? Yes, but it never will be.

When you place an Arb Bet, the bookmakers are losing money. This is the reason that bookmakers absolutely hate any users that are taking value.

They can be the only ones to profit.

Continuous arbitrage betting will conclude with your bookmaker accounts having severe restrictions, maybe even banned.

The reason? You’re beating the bookmaker traders at their own game.

The good news is that it’s not easy for a bookmaker to find out who’s arbing. 

As technology advances, bookmakers are deploying more advanced monitoring systems which are capable of monitoring accounts even closer. 

A bookmaker won’t hesitate to limit your stakes, so it’s probably safer to Arb bet with bookmakers that you wouldn’t miss too much.

I think that’s a fair warning; Expect to lose accounts.

How much Profit can you make from Arbing?

Arbitrage Betting can bring you a stable income.

However, you never really know where you stand with a bookmaker.

They can Gub you at any point, ending your chances of Arbing.

Also, you won’t get rich after placing 3 or 4 arb bets. 

You’ll actually only make between 3% and 6% on every bet you place, so the profit that you can make will depend on your stake levels.

You should be considering arbing once you’ve completed all of the sign up offers and a few reload offers, so I would expect you to have around £750 to play with.

With £750, you should be able to hit around £150 a month profit from Arbitrage betting alone.

You will have to be prepared though, as you’ll be spreading your money over multiple bookmakers every single day. 

So dust off that notebook and start tracking your money!

How can I find an Arbitrage Bet opportunity?

There are hundreds of Arbitrage Bet opportunities every single day.

If you’re manually looking for these, you should definitely find a good few, at least.

I must admit, manually finding arbs alongside manual Matched Betting is quite hard work.

Most people that are arbing are using software.

Buying an Arb Service Subscription

Oddsmonkey are a fantastic overall service. 

Their Arb Software is actually included in their complete package, which is available for less than £15 per month.

It’s the best complete package overall & we will be using their software below to find our Arb Bet.

Is A Price Boost an Arbitrage Bet?

Price Boosts are pretty similar to an arbitrage bet. 

However, as bookmakers offer the Price Boosts to encourage betting on a specific market, you can get away with placing these bets without the fear of being banned.

Obviously, if you’re only interested in the Price Boosts, the bookmakers will stop offering these to you.

When you are placing Arbitrage Bets, you are actively beating the bookmakers trading team at their own game, essentially creating your own mini price boosts.

Price Boosts shouldn’t harm your accounts too much, providing you mix them in with ‘normal’ Mug betting.

With Arbitrage, your accounts won’t last as long.

Placing an Arbitrage Bet to Guarantee Profit

To place our Arb bet, I have found odds on Man Utd on the Oddsmatcher. Here’s the key info:

  • Man Utd are 1.6 with PaddyPower to WIN
  • Man Utd are 1.51 with Smarkets to LAY.
  • We are placing a £100 bet.

Using the Arbitrage Bet Calculator

To place an arb bet, we need to keep the calculator setting as normal mode, as we would for qualifying bets.

We are using Oddsmonkeys Arbitrage Calculator, to work out how much we need to lay.

When you have Oddsmonkey Premium Subscription you can automatically populate the odds into the calculator.

However, We need to manually enter the odds into the calculator so I can help non-members.

Arb Bet Calculator

Once we have populated the calculator with the required info, we can see the results tab.

On this example, we would make a £5.96 guaranteed profit.

How easy! 

This was completed using a low odds example, but if you manage to find a higher odds arbitrage bet you’ll make even more money.

Can A Bookmaker prove I’m Arbing?

A bookmaker will be able to tell that you’re arbing, but it will take a few bets for them to realise.

When you place your first arb bet, providing it’s not on a completely obscure league, they won’t be able to tell that you’re arbing. You may have just been in the right place, at the right time to place the bet.

However, as your betting patterns continue, beating them at the odds they give, they will be able to find out.

They don’t need to prove it as such. Instead, your accounts would be limited so that you can’t place high stakes bets. 

You’ll most likely also be advised that you aren’t allowed any of their special offers or promotions.

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