Betting Strategies

What is Mug Betting? A Comprehensive Guide

Mug betting is a term used in the world of betting, and it refers to a strategy that some punters use to blend in with regular, non-profitable bettors. It’s super important, too. The goal of mug betting is to avoid being flagged as a matched bettor or someone who only takes advantage of bookmaker offers. … Read more

What is Arbitrage BEtting? The Complete Guide

Arbitrage betting is a popular betting strategy that involves taking advantage of discrepancies in odds offered by different bookmakers. Essentially, it involves placing bets on all possible outcomes of a sporting event in order to guarantee a profit, regardless of the result. This technique is often used by professional gamblers and is considered to be … Read more

Qualifying Bets in Matched Betting: Explained

Qualifying bets are a crucial element of matched betting. They are the bets that players must place in order to unlock free bets or bonuses from bookmakers. You can expect to make a tiny loss on these, but they will unlock your free bets. Understanding what qualifying bets are and how they work is essential … Read more


How to Block IESnare: The Bookmakers Gubbing Tool

How to Block IESnare: The Bookmaker Secret Gubbing Tool Table of Contents Bookmakers have found a way to identify matched bettors… before they even place a bet.  This is undoubtedly worrying for the future of Matched Betting, as it seems the bookmakers are finally trying to work out how to combat huge sites such as … Read more

Lay the Draw Trading Technique

Lay The Draw Trading Technique: How to Do It

Lay The Draw Trading Technique: How to Do It Table of Contents Laying the Draw is one of the most popular trading techniques which betfair traders use.  You can pretty much guarantee that all Betfair Traders have used this technique at some point on their trading journey. In this guide, I will be explaining what … Read more

Matched Betting For a Living

Matched Betting Full Time: Still Possible as a Job?

Matched Betting for a Living: Full Time Bookie Bashing Table of Contents Matched Betting is becoming increasingly popular, with a number of people looking at Matched Betting for a living.  Whilst many people look at Matched Betting as a great way to earn an extra income, there’s an increasing amount of people that are starting to … Read more

Kwiff Supercharge

How to Profit from Kwiff Odds Boosts

How to Profit from Kwiff Odds Boosts& Supercharged Bets Table of Contents If you’ve been watching televised sports recently, you’ll have most likely seen an advertisement for Kwiff. It’s the latest betting app, offering you a new way to place bets. While we admit, they don’t sound like a traditional bookie, they’re pretty unique in … Read more

Finding Matched Betting Offers manually

Finding Matched Betting Offers Manually

Finding Matched Betting Offers Manually Table of Contents Finding Matched Betting Offers You may be in a position where you don’t want to pay a monthly fee, to receive promotional offers to complete. We fully understand this, even myself at first scoffed and said “Well I can just look through bookmakers myself, there’s only a … Read more

Sky Bet Club Offer Completion Guide

SkyBet Bet Club Offer Guide

Sky Bet Club Matched Betting Offer Table of Contents SkyBet offer a weekly bet club, where they reward their loyal users with a £5 free bet every week.  All you have to do is place over £25 worth of bets during the week, at odds of 2.0 or above. This is one of the easiest … Read more

Arbitrage Betting Matched Betting

How to Profit from Arbitrage Betting

The Ultimate Arbitrage Betting Guide Table of Contents Arbitrage Betting is a way to guarantee profit from Sporting events, without the need for Bookmaker Offers or Promotions. They’re also known as Arbs, Sure bets or sure wins. The great news about Arbitrage betting is that it’s incredibly easy to make money. Stick with me on … Read more

Underlay And Overlay Betting: Which is best?

Underlay and Overlay Betting: Which is best? Table of Contents If you’ve recently started Matched betting, or have had a play around with the Advanced section of the Matched Betting Calculator, there’s a good chance you’ve seen the terms Underlay and Overlay. If you haven’t tried underlay or overlay betting yet; we are here today … Read more